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09:41 14/11/2014

In auction now going up - you really couldn't make all this up!!

14:47 30/10/2014

And in auction now. I've been dealing shares for over 25 years and I'm still rubbish at it!!

14:46 30/10/2014

100,000 buy at 82p. Hope that will halt the drop!

14:23 30/10/2014

Down 10.48% now. Looks like I topped up too soon (again!) How low is this going??

16:46 09/10/2014

Daz is on the LSE Forum Everton - he can't see this so don't expect a reply!

12:43 02/10/2014

so excited that I typed it wrong!! auction

12:43 02/10/2014

Long time in ayction

13:05 26/09/2014

On Monday I took a 5K loss on Range Resources to buy more Qunidell. Now Range is up 17% today and QPP has gone down every day. I'm so bad at this!! I know that practically nobody can see this but I just had to tell somebody - I certainly can't tell the wife!!!

09:18 28/08/2014

£124,000 buy. What do they know that we don't??

10:56 21/08/2014

You've got a lot to learn NewsQPP. If you think that by not selling our few thousand shares that we can make the share price go up in the face of the power of the MMs and the Hedge Funds then you really are fooling yourself. I first bought at 42p in old money - 630p now. I didn't sell then and still have those shares. More fool me!