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12:39 19/08/2014

Just sold Friends Life to buy even more Quindell. Goes against all my own rules but just couldn't help myself. Convinced that this will fly this week given how many shorts need to close before the results.

11:49 22/07/2014

so glad that I topped up this morning at 1.89. Should finish the day over 2p. It's not often I get it right!!

09:41 22/07/2014

Price seems to have stabilised so I've just topped up. Looking forward to steady rise back over 2p

09:26 24/06/2014

In auction. I'm losing a fortune on this share and don't understand why!

12:01 28/05/2014

Looks like I bought too soon this morning. Wish I had some cash left!

11:10 28/05/2014

I'm referring to my spelling mistake about Blinkx - sorry for any confusion!

11:09 28/05/2014

sorry - the shorts are all closed NOW!

11:08 28/05/2014

Ian H - it should drive the share price up in theory but it's often not strongly - Blinkx suffered the same type of shorting attack as QPP has. In November Blinkx shares were £2.30. They dropped to a low of, I think, about 58p. The shorts are all closed not but the share price is only back unto 79p. Great if you bought at 59p but not very good if you bought over £1 as I did!

09:18 28/05/2014

Finally got some more at 19.49. Happy days!

09:00 28/05/2014

Each time the price drops back I try to buy but can't get a price. This happened yesterday as well. It's so bloody annoying!!