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16:49 21/08/2015

New News! Oriental Energy appears to have made a claim on the Ebok Field. It looks like the entire Nigerian operation could be handed over to Oriental energy and by the end of this month! That is almost probably more than 80% of Afren's current production. What is in question now, is what will happen to EAX and the Kurdistan assets. remember that Lion Trust still has a claim on EAx which is based in Madagascar which could mean that it may be possible that EAX is handed over to them? In compensation for the $10m claim that are trying to make on EAX. I am not sure what Kurdistan could be worth? Any other asset which Afren have is just Exploration rights and probably not hold much value.

13:40 19/08/2015

Why Has it taken AFR 2 years to finally decide all of a sudden that Kurdistan is not drillable having had it back in 2013?

13:38 19/08/2015

Maybe a Deal has been reached with Gunvor? If they decided not to sell they would probably have said it straight away, so they must definetly be discussing something?

13:37 19/08/2015

Sorry considering selling ...

13:37 19/08/2015

It appears AFR were considering Kurdistan assets way back in Feb 13!

13:36 19/08/2015
08:01 18/08/2015

Still cannot see AFR chat on LSE even by the goodle search method. Can someone please post the email link /address/contract details for the Afren legal group. Many thanks

08:18 12/08/2015

You can recoup your losses if Oxus Gold wins the court case. high risk, but possible very high reward.

15:59 10/08/2015

wonder if AFR can reverse any left over assets into into FHN

15:51 10/08/2015

If Afren were to be liquidated creditors could lay claim on the shares own4d by Afr on FHN.