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17:19 20/08/2019

Yes, share price has doubled recently. Shorts still seem to be the same. Not sure what bad news they could be expecting; recent RNS confirms debt is coming down. Construction Enquirer shows Kier as the top firm for winning contracts: [link] I'm seeing an interesting debate on ADVFN, pointing out that the rights issue and cancelled dividend has put over £300m into Kier's bank account. That's presumably why debt is falling. So far, all the metrics that I can find look good. Let's see what the actual profit is when they publish the end of year report in September. But since this doesn't seem to be another Carillion, it looks like the share price fall has been way overdone. I bought at 110p. Some big hedge funds involved so expecting price moves, but the recent broker note says £1.50 is a realistic target if it's not broke. There are loads of Kier jobs advertised too. Doesn't look like a bankrupt business!

11:06 20/08/2019

Hi Breezy, I not doing too bad thanks. Business is quiet and a little hand to mouth but I've got some cash reserves to tied me over into 2020. I'm please you got out of SXX, very good move and congrats on the UJO profits - don't forget to take them though. I wish I'd cashed out of JLP at 6p after the Tjate license news and not looked back. FUM 'could' be a game changer but with Brexit around the corner and a world recession looming it could put the brakes on things - who knows? I'm 50 at the end of the year and was hoping to be mortgage free. After 9 years of self investing I'm further away than I ever was before I started. This time next year though - we'll be millionaires! Where have I heard that before - aha ah. Wishing you well my friend, keep in touch. idg69

15:41 19/08/2019

Jonathon you are right the share price as been desroyed.

15:32 16/08/2019

I haven't received payment fo my KCOM shares, anyone else still waiting ?

08:15 15/08/2019

There'll be a contingency cost for 'dusruption' in the project's risk planning, so ultimately, the client pays. Kier has about 900 other projects too. No anti-prison campaigners on most of them.

23:40 13/08/2019

Kier went up 15% today btw. Closed at £1.34. Been climbing for 4 days now.

23:38 13/08/2019

I'm reposting this because of the spammer below filling this screen (jeromedo). Regarding Kier, shorts are closing and people are buying in. Volume is high today and yesterday. Share price represents about 1.5 year's earnings; way too low. Broker notes put 150p as near-term target. I'm invested and aiming for £4 before year-end. Debt is reducing, even without selling Kier Living, according to the numbers in the recent RNS. All seems good as far as I can see. Hedge-fund inspired hysteria through shorting, people comparing it to Carillion. Now returning to normal. Not like Carillion after all. Debt is under control, good contracts, seems to win new ones every other day.

15:32 13/08/2019

Colin Bird uses the word "soon". is this the same meaning as Leons "imminent". They are both a bunch a CONS.

13:23 13/08/2019

Colin the jubilee dividend bull s*****r