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22:45 21/07/2017

No need for BROE - [link]

15:50 21/07/2017

Mining licence........surely this puts some value on the mining licence for the future [link]

15:28 21/07/2017

They could well be buying and holding in trust for ruling family

14:58 21/07/2017

Hi Breezy, 20p would be nice wouldn't it? It can be done and we just have to live in faith. SOLG did 4p to 45p within a 12 month period so these things do happen. I am a little stuck with AFC and RKH and unsure what to do. Bought AFC @ 12p and RKH @ 28p. Very little news is coming out of either at the moment and they are flat lining at current levels. AFC have had some pretty big rises over past years and could change quickly with a contract win, RKH is cheap and has performed badly over the past 5 years and can't see a big turnaround happening soon. I'm down on both, it's just whether I average down with a few top ups at these levels and sit it out. I'm more an investor (not a very good one) than a trader. When I tried to trade in the past it landed me in hot water and I'm not prepared to go there again. Have a good weekend and let's see what news comes through next week. idg69

12:26 21/07/2017

Hi idg69 I wil not be selling any of my shares until we hit 20p and i hope this will happen in the next 18 months. Are you still in AFC/ RKH they seem very cheap at the moment. I had a bit of luck with PMO i bought in a few days before the 33% rise and made £1200 so maybe my luck is changing. Have a great weekend and lets hope JLP give us some good news next week.

11:27 21/07/2017

Morning Breezy, no logic what so ever for the Lonmin rise, yes they may have posted better than expected results but they are saddled with massive debts, have diluted private investors to death (and probably will do again). It's frustrating that JLP have fallen back after the mining license rise but they are still a safer bet than Lonmin for the medium to long term. JLP need to up there game and present to the markets that they are credible, professional and most importantly that they are a profitable up and coming business. CB is involved with too many penny stock busineses and doesn't come across well to the markets. Even Rowan Karstel at BHR had more professionalism than CB when it came to fronting the business. I'm holding tight with JLP whilst looking to invest in other stocks at the same time. Wishing you well. idg69

11:02 21/07/2017

Jimmy sorry about that most though would regard you as the guru in all the pvr processes and exploration geology - so I am dtill amazed you have'nt purchased any shares or have you? Maybe you know something we don't good luck

10:56 21/07/2017

Jimmy most people would regard you as the Guru in all the pvr proces

09:40 21/07/2017

Goldman Sachs Group.... ups holding to 4.01% or 23,979,904 shares from an exisiting holding of 3.07% or 18,402,320 shares........a good sign? IMHO

07:34 21/07/2017

@ShareTips6 @TopTradersADVFN #QFI Massive guys expect more huge buying today 😉🔥💥 [link]