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13:06 19/02/2018

Spot on guys...... Like our dear friend Donald said beware the African sh1ole!

08:17 18/02/2018

And more corrupt than SA which is presently one of the most corrupt places on the planet.........rather unsettling, beware LC and CB.

06:16 17/02/2018

Unless management change their addiction to the continued issue of new shares as their only means of implementing so called "progress," the market will continue to punish the SP and 1.3p is surely a reality. Throw into the mix the dismal PR machine and well all that "jam tomorrow" is looking less and less likely to materialise. Only hope is change the current business model, consolodate what we do best until we start to show a real profit and bring in some new blood. JPL has world class technology on paper, the implementation is dismal.

16:34 16/02/2018

Another dismal week goes by as a JPL shareholder. Was tempted to add more at these levels but can't bring myself to do it whilst the BMR debacle plays out. With my positive head on it could be an opportunity for JPL but then again it might not. I'll keep taking the patient pills and watch on in anticipation.

13:07 16/02/2018

DDD spot on..... Sure Kabwe could be profitable to Jbl, who knows when? Have we gone from a company leading the way in tailings processing to one of getting involved in suspect deals involving other African governments...... Treading on thin ice. As for "cleaning up Africa" both literally and figuratively.......best of luck with that concept!

12:44 16/02/2018

Captain Kirk invited to such a meeting...not a chance in a million.

11:26 16/02/2018

.... And to think that they diluted our shares to buy into this!

19:49 15/02/2018

If there is no positive news from QFI tomorrow I expect the SP to head towards 7p.

15:28 15/02/2018

TOT..your clutching at straws again on the Bed and ISA.

14:19 15/02/2018

Another delay on the way no doubt.