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16:29 22/03/2020

COVID19 This must be the end of the line? with total isolation how can this company overcome an already serious timescale to production?

16:20 19/03/2020

Courtesy of Belroe on another site: I think it is time for the hedge funds shorting Kier to recognise that they are now betting against the public interest in this time of national emergency. Kier employs 18,000 people and is building the UK's infrastructure. The business has substantially changed its approach and has raised cash, sold, assets and cut costs in order to make itself financially sound. The hedge funds involved should accept that they've made their profit, and now withdraw gracefully before people like Vikram Kumar at Kuvari become widely known as people hoping for corporate disaster at this very difficult time for the UK economy and its people. The video in the attached link appears to me to show a suppressed smile from Kumar as he recounts how Carillion failed and he made money. We do not need that kind of chaos from avoidable corporate collapse today, and the 'art of shorting' which Kumar mentions, seems to be taken by some people to include dirty tricks like newspaper articles which aim to sow doubt through unsubstantiated rumours. It's time for all of the hedge funds shorting Kier to cash in their chips and perhaps support the UK's recovery. [link]

16:19 19/03/2020

Courtesy of Belroe (poster elsewhere).

11:44 10/03/2020

Corona virus must have got on here. Bit dead. Lol

15:01 05/03/2020

As predicted, a big rise for the Kier share price. This should continue into next week. Last high was around 150p when there was some excitement around HS2, but Kier hadn't released any results for six months. Now the numbers are known and it's clear that the business is not going to fail. We will possibly see 180p by Monday.

08:53 04/03/2020

Kier half year results are out tomorrow morning. Shares priced today at about a p/e of 1. If the business isn't terminal, that should be about 6. Will be a big day for the kier share price tomorrow.

08:58 02/03/2020

I'm hearing rumours that Aster Group UK have bought Kier Living and Aster's board advisor, Andrew Bridges has been made chief executive of the Kier Living business. That will be transformational for Kier's debt, and it's likely that KL was sold for more than the entire value of parent Kier's entire market capitalisation this morning. We should see a massive bull-run to £2 and beyond when the news gets out.

06:04 26/02/2020
05:23 26/02/2020

Those fed up with trolls on lse should post here. Spread the word. FOTH.

05:20 26/02/2020