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11:27 18/05/2021

Hi has anyone been successful in contacting enoc, wasn't offered a payout in 2015 possibly due to change of address, can you atill claim the worth of your shares? Thanks...es

11:30 04/05/2021

I was looking for some mining stocks to invest in asx so I found a company which is Australian based minerals exploration and development company, Renegade Exploration Limited (ASX:RNX) has flagship Yandal East Gold Project and Yukon Base Metal Project.

11:44 20/03/2021

I bought 20m shares over the last few months in BZT. Excellent news potential. Mr B sure knows what he is doing.

BZT, will it be another 25 bagger? Check it out [link]

11:25 16/03/2021

update: just had a call back from ireland re checking the dragon oil shares - sadly already paid out anyway, I called them on 0333 300 1580 and asked them to look into it, left a few days and they called back to confirm that the shares had been paid out in 2015 and in Sept 2015 there was a share consolidation which reduced the number of shares by about 4 and was then paid out at £8/share. As this was done automatically this could be why still had some of the original dragon oil share certificates. So sadly, nothing outstanding

13:43 15/03/2021

re Dragon Oil shares - I've just had an update from LinkGroup - Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) successfully took over Dragon Oil plc in August 2015. Dragon Oil plc shareholders were entitled to receive a consideration payment of £8.00 per Dragon Oil plc share held. Dragon Oil plc delisted from the Dublin and London stock exchanges on 7 September 2015, with the last day of trading being 4 September 2015. --- So does this mean the shares were cashed in or they may still have some value?

10:16 02/03/2021

Did you have any luck? I’ve also found a Dragon Oil certificate.

10:16 02/03/2021

Did you have any luck? I’ve also found a certificate.

DOE Crude Forecast is -5190
DOE Gasoline is -3062
API Actual Crude is 1026
API Actual Gasoline is 0066
Will therefor use a forecast of = -2500 for Crude oil
Will therefor use a forecast of = -1500 for Gasoline
Remember that OIL is a commodity, so more oil is bad for the market price and vice versa. A positive deviation means a SELL on OIL and a negative deviation means a BUY on oil! So we must reverse the triggers!! Check out the great move that API private report created last night here! Nice spike and continuation!
See charts here....
Last weeks DOE report didn't trigger for us but was very close!
See charts here....
Trade plan..
For non-slip platforms will use a timeout of 100ms
For platforms with slippage will use a timeout of 500msT1 = 3900 dev, with max conflict of 1500 on Gasoline
T2 = 4900 dev, with max conflict of 2500 on Gasoline
T3 = 6000 dev, with max conflict of 3500 on Gasoline
Additionally, I can set up another T1 trigger of +-5000 on Gasoline if Oil deviates by at least +-1750
On platforms that allow slippage control, I can run the same setup but allow GAS conflicts up to 5000 on all triggers.

21:18 19/02/2021

Re: live