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22:12 22/04/2018

I feel like the management will probable propose another round of cash raising at the AGM. They wont have spare operating capital in June. Take the spike in price ahead of the AGM to sell before coming at lower price.

10:16 20/04/2018

Just a touch concerned about the jams shelf life

10:00 20/04/2018

Kalan, a superb post, probably my favourite of all time

09:56 20/04/2018

ATA, actually all the other BS is annoying. Perhaps if we repeat your message enough, the powers that be will finally get it

16:23 19/04/2018

Stuee123, wouldn't open the champers quite yet, you have just inherited the CB factor which has a track record of wrecking shareholders dreams.

12:24 19/04/2018

bit dead around here

12:24 19/04/2018

Hopefully small trades are start of fomo

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10:24 18/04/2018

Sounds like same old JLP tactics. Finally give us some good news and then on closer inspection, a likely placing. Sorry, time invested in this company creates a cynic.

06:57 18/04/2018

For information and clarification, there haven’t been guards on Thameslink trains since the middle 1980s. Whatever can be laid at Mr O’Toole’s door, it isn’t this.