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21:20 15/02/2019

Thank you for taking the time to meet with YJ Tot and Devex and for the update FSHG team; it's reassuring as well as much appreciated.

14:58 15/02/2019

loosy - many thanks will try later. just been given the week end jobs which are unachievable - as normal

13:53 15/02/2019

sorry fat fingers - sear =search and lint = link

13:51 15/02/2019

Dulwichman - LSE is still active, I did see one post that FRR had disappeared from their watchlist. But I think if you sear FRR then click on the chat lint it should work OK

13:14 15/02/2019

Just moved over from the LSE site which seems to have dumped us now. Don't expect any posts from me until we have hard news but will keep a watching brief. Some may recognise my handle!

16:20 10/02/2019

Yes reviewed this biggest ever loss in one share this was Madness £ 15200 .

23:19 09/02/2019

The warrant price appears to be 44 c ( forwardloop ) 31 August 2016... 36 months ( 3 years ) this August you could buy for less up until now . sell what i have and use to buy @ 44 if move higher after .

23:00 09/02/2019

Year on still suspended .

22:57 09/02/2019

Halo went bust lost the lot so much for woodford .

22:57 09/02/2019

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