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12:33 03/12/2019

Low was 139 18th OCT 2019 .. matches June resistance .. now 160

12:31 03/12/2019

( SGL ) It is even higher now @ 3122 zar yesterday recent highs.. The USA ones ( SBGL ) $ 8.08

12:17 03/12/2019

Got a note below of March 5th 2019 as a recent high here 4815 yen .. I see reading below this takeover was just one year ago this month . Prices mentioned by Games 1.... 4240 ( its above that now ) 4675 to 4900 might want to consider if it hits that.

12:05 03/12/2019

Takeda.... Six month high 19 November 2019 @ 4566.. 5 year low 28 August 2019... 3429. Yen. ( difference 30% )

16:40 28/11/2019

I have finally given up on this share, I have been invested here since 2011 and have just had enough. The share had potential, but the corruption in both the company and country has seen my holding drop in value for £10k to £1k and I might as well take that out before I lose the lot. This was by far the worst performing share in my portfolio.

11:26 25/11/2019

News on share Prophets no board ii ...the same old fund raise thing again this time 12.5p . Rns confirming .. left post on LSE

16:42 22/11/2019

Requisition of General Meeting - The requisition proposes that shareholders be asked to consider ordinary resolutions to remove all the current directors from the Board (being Charles Tatnall, James Longley and Tim Cottier) and to appoint Nicholas Lee, David Horner and Dr Nigel Burton to the board of the Company.

09:53 20/11/2019

Sounds like this could be the beginning of the end for Plutus. What a complete cock-up the board have made of this.

11:29 19/11/2019

Yeah, but as you've said, Kier paid an exec's phone bill, so I think it's only a matter of time before the £4bn company collapses. Head for the hills.

20:24 18/11/2019

Hi idg69 Hope you are stil still in AFC as they have gone through the roof in the last two weeks and Fum as recovered well to.Its still not to late to buy in to JLP again as i think next year shareholders will be rewarded.All the best breezy.