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20:51 19/09/2017

Results in 3 weeks..should be very interesting.

12:45 18/09/2017

One final thought. I do find it interesting that all of the shares that have been bought back over the last 24M are being kept in Treasury rather than cancelled. You would think the best way to close the discount to SOTP intrinsic value would be the former. The fact management are not suggests they want to retain firepower for new acquisitions. Now cards on table, THAL is a very small component of my overall portfolio and as I have previously stated there is significant value here based on SOTP, and why I remain a holder. However, management do owe it to be straight with shareholders. If the vision is to create a Berkshire Hathaway type vehicle lets please here it. Otherwise the founder should really do the decent thing and play out his vision in "private" having taken out minorities at a fair price

12:17 18/09/2017

Would just add that I always thought THAL's strategy here slightly bizarre. Personally I prefer if management (in any company) focuses on operations and returns surplus capital to shareholders to redeploy as they see fit. And its doubly so when management are buying minority positions in another plc which said investors can access. Our founding shareholder has clearly been reading too much Warren Buffet . I guess it's all part of the "charm" of the very unique investment that is THAL. But couldn't agree more that we need to understand the vision here once the deal on the table (hopefully) closes. If the vision is to create an investment vehicle with random stakes that needs to be spelled out. Personally I would prefer a wind down...

12:08 18/09/2017

Frankers70. The two RNS from September 2016 reveal that THAL spent £3.6m on 10.438m shares in LSR and £2.05m on another 6.225m shares in LSR. The first RNS indicates that an initial batch of 2.43m shares were acquired for an undisclosed amount. Assuming that these shares were acquired at a similar price to the 10.438m shares would imply a total spend of c. £6.5m or a blended in price of 34p per share. At today's LSE share price THAL are down roughly 10% on their investment. And no dividends have been received in the interim. However, like THAL, LSR is itself undervalued relative to NAV. According to the latter's H1 results NAV is 43p. So there is hope that as the wind down of LSR's portfolio continues this gap will close

15:30 15/09/2017

Hello Anovas, Management is talking for ages but no gain to shareholders, arent we bleeding with all the the lies. This company should be on market and take some decent before management milk us with leftovers. Tell me why there salaries are so high still, they arent eligible for any salary until they turn around havent they got lucrative options?

15:27 15/09/2017

Hello Anovas, Management is talking flr years but te

11:27 15/09/2017

Excellent post, wheelsofsteel. Gallium on toast sounds delicious. AIMVHO & DYOR etcetera etbloodycetera

15:28 14/09/2017

Tick tock JLP, keep on ticking up - just a little each day if you please.

11:06 14/09/2017

TOTAL need to pay about 7million soon after P&A notice within 3 business days, no news on this front. Can TOTAL decide not to pay this money as the well is duster any info?

20:08 13/09/2017

So what's the latest here? Coking Coal has hit the roof again! Where's our money from the trains, etc.? is it RSM administrators now?