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18:04 24/11/2017

Evening Breezy, I'm staying disciplined with JLP and holding for the long term. They have made incredible progress this year but the financials won't come through until next year. This business has turned itself around very well over the last 2 years and is only at the start of a new growth period. It is now on a solid and stable footing to move forward over the coming years. Get quick rich merchants and day traders aren't going to be impressed by JLP but long term holders will benefit if they remain patient and just keep buying on the dips. Have a good weekend. Cheers idg69

15:40 24/11/2017

Hi idhg69 Its been a good year for jlp as they have made good progess but for some reason the share price as not moved. My 7p prediction for christmas is way off the mark.I think 2018 will be the year shareholders patience will be finally be rewarded as the next set of results should show jlp are making serious money.

13:15 24/11/2017

At the current rate we are declining we will finish the year lower than where we started at 3.6p. Logic doesn't apply to this stock - considering the progress made both operationally and financially this stock should have stayed above the 6p line after the Tjate news in March. Sentiment on the BB is very low with too much petty squabbling for my liking. Whilst I'm disappointed it's going backwards, I'm comfortable holding for another 2-3 years.

10:21 23/11/2017

CH....spot on! all the rest is just bla, bla, bla.........."jam tomorrow" as our good friend Jonmor would say.....but all we ever seem to get tomorrow are more placings

11:54 22/11/2017

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

10:22 22/11/2017

Why is Tesco going up today?

19:15 21/11/2017

A better question would be - how much actual cash do we have taking away the money tied up in bank guarntees ?

19:13 21/11/2017

Yep C Trader has just won the dumbest question of the year prize - Dear Larry are you breaking the law ? - Wow thats doozy CT

13:33 21/11/2017

BassCadet: a big stumbling block to Hydrogen as with other "green" technologies is that it takes a lot of energy to provide them. By virtue of the fact that H2 is a good fuel - i.e. gives off lots of energy in its exothermic reaction with O2 also means that it takes energy to isolate it - 2nd law of thermodynamics etc so no free lunch - it's not found floating around in nature too much as it likes to combine with other substances but where does the energy come from to isolate it or reform it from other compounds? Fossil fuels, so how is that conundrum to be solved?

13:36 20/11/2017

Looks like the penny has dropped amongst a few rampers at last - spouting rubbish over and over has done nothing but render their post as laughable - so how about the balance-sheet some would have you believe is overflowing with cash but dig deeper the last figures are from June and given the G&A could well be around US $18M then take of the untouchable bank guarentees of US $7.6M then you have a real figure not US $21M but circa US $12M - I'm wondering if that much talked about fund-raise is about to happen..