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08:32 19/10/2018

A solid and very positive RNS this week. If they do everything they say they are doing the financials will eventually come good. May be 2019-2020. I'd love to see this come good as we all would, patience is continually being tested but the building blocks are all in place and this company is in a far better place than it was 3-4 years back. Frustration is understandable but I feel positive for the future of this company. it was never going to be an overnight turnaround project. All the best idg69

15:44 18/10/2018

@TopTradersADVFN #psl is the new contracts coming by rns m8 [link]

13:05 17/10/2018


11:43 17/10/2018

SP Angel reaffirms its accumulate investment rating on Pantheon Resources PLC (LONANR) and set its price target at 52p. [link]

23:44 16/10/2018

This one is still trading but does not come up on ii ( rise today lol ) the risk grade is 638 .. WLFE was 527 on last day....Anything over 300 " more than normal " Vast 287..

22:26 14/10/2018

At least the stubbornness on this one only risked £60 at the death Wolfe lost over £1220 this had a P/E of - 0.04 Wolfe P/E was - 0.2, VAST is P/E - 4.62 .

22:16 14/10/2018


22:03 14/10/2018

In hindsight this did have a negative P/E which is a warning of risk of bankruptcy.

14:11 13/10/2018

Exxon Mobil to take 50pc stake at Iola prospect, Jimmy would you comment on the significance of this from a PVR standpoint, will this help get a farmout on Newgrange completed before end of year, thanks.

14:08 13/10/2018