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13:19 21/05/2014

down now - this is torture!

10:41 20/05/2014

Now what's happening???

09:24 20/05/2014

Never thought that we would see the 19s again! Just bought some more at 19.75. Just couldn't stop myself, but I really do have too many QPP in my portfolio. Just seems too good an opportunity!

08:03 13/05/2014

Can't believe we've opened down!

09:38 09/05/2014

now up 8.4%. what is going on with this??

09:37 09/05/2014

out of auction. up 11%

15:04 28/04/2014

misspelling scandals - just love it!!

15:03 28/04/2014

Sorry - entered too soon. Should beLloyds Banking Group was the most traded share in the first quarter of 2014 and divides opinion sharply. The bank faces regulatory pressures after a series of misspelling scandals but it is also well placed to gain from the UK's economic recovery. Lloyds is expected to restart paying a dividend this year but some analysts say the prospective payouts are already reflected in the price. Questor said investors should sell because the shares' recent strong run already reflects progress made in the core business.

15:03 28/04/2014

Apologies if this has been posted before but I have just found it and thought that it was so funny:

09:22 28/04/2014

this is a very long auction - is that a good thing?