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16:01 29/01/2015

down 10% Is this the end?

14:42 29/01/2015

That's 2 x 1000000 buys gone through and the sp drops. wtf!! How does that ever happen?? There's really something not right here!

12:52 16/01/2015

Now down 3.4%. If I hadn't seen this today I don't think that I would have believed it! Feel like a mug for having bought when it was up 14% and looking good!

14:39 14/01/2015

Nw down 11% yet the oil price has edged up. I really don't understand this!

15:48 12/01/2015

Brent Crude down 5.8% Just how low can this go? It's unbelievable.

09:27 19/12/2014

from being up 16% it's now only up 3%. wtf is going on with this share? It's killing me!!

12:30 17/12/2014

What just happened? It went from being down 3% to being down 10% in no time at all!!

09:36 12/12/2014


13:32 19/11/2014

I topped up (again - will I never learn!) on Friday at 68p. The sp now has to rise by 50% just to get me back to that. It's just unbelievable!

13:28 19/11/2014

Every day there are more buys than sells but every day this share goes down. Since it was £6 people have been blaming snorters, yet with Quindell there are 7% of the shares shorted and it just keeps going down, but with Sainsburys there are a staggering 12% shorted yet it has been steadily moving up over the last couple of weeks. What am I not understanding?