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HSBA petethenovice 18 Dec 2018

Brexit Wars 3 frog_in_a_tree: “If Boris, Gove, and Gisela had not supported us and picked up the baseball bat marked ‘Turkey/NHS/£350 million’ with five weeks to go, then 650,000 votes might have been lost.” https// Cummings clearly admits using xenophobia to pump up support for the Leave campaign. Frog a campaign of lies cheating and incitement with no morals… Politicians and Brexiters on this board must be able to see it for what it was and yet do nothing but push ahead with this charade… It cant end well unless we get a peoples vote.

HSBA petethenovice 18 Dec 2018

Brexit Wars 3 Lets hope MAYS enquiry will give the SFO time to uncover the cheating in the UK now the Mueller is catching up with Broadmoors hero Trump Foundation agrees to dissolve under a judge’s supervision as New York state accuses family of running slush fund for Trump’s business interest and political plans Michael Flynn sentencing delayed after judge voices ‘disgust and disdain’ for Trump’s ex-national security advisor’s actions. President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen sentence to 3yrs and has given substantial help on how Russian nationals tried to affect the 2016 election, a legal memo has revealed.

SRES Ripley94 18 Dec 2018

MULTI BAGGER Topped up @ 0.1p

TLW tornadotony 18 Dec 2018

Saved by OPEC deal Still watching the SP on Tullow. Oil price in USD has took quite a beating behind the garden sheds today.

HSBA frog_in_a_tree 18 Dec 2018

Brexit Wars 3 This one is for PTN which validates his posts on the Turkish issue. Dominic Cummings said: “If Boris, Gove, and Gisela had not supported us and picked up the baseball bat marked ‘Turkey/NHS/£350 million’ with five weeks to go, then 650,000 votes might have been lost.” https// Cummings clearly admits using xenophobia to pump up support for the Leave campaign. Frog in a tree

PMO gk10 18 Dec 2018

This is relentless You have to ask yourselves how low this could go? Saudi cutting supplies to the States through December and January won’t help as they are not cutting production until January and the cuts are based, once again, on their ramped up levels to accommodate the void left by Iran. The world is still awash with oil. Could we see the 50’s here tomorrow? To coin a phrase, you couldn’t rule it out, evening Cocka, I must have another anniversary due soon sweet cheeks, lol. Hats off, once again, to AHL, a perfect trade.

HSBA oilovlam 18 Dec 2018

Brexit Wars 3 jackdawsson: …some flexibility in allowing the HoC to vote on various alternatives to Chequers. If so, it’s a step in the right direction. JD, I hope that this is positive news…but I cannot but think it’s an attempt at manipulation (by TM and her advisors). There needs to be a Parliamentary battle - to hopefully decide once and for all whether Parliament can actually decide on a Brexit roadmap. This should have happened 2 years ago. But we are now standing on the cliff edge with the ERG behind us telling us to jump. The boil needs to be lanced to save the patient…problem is that I’m not sure we have the stomach for it.

TSCO SaraRacano 18 Dec 2018

What´s going on with UK retail Wolf Street – 18 Dec 18 Retail Melts Down Before Christmas in the UK, Spreads to Continent After “the worst-on-record unbelievably bad” November, even e-commerce gets hit, not just brick & mortar, on fears Christmas sales could be terrible.

GKP nest_of_rampers 18 Dec 2018

China oil demand China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has signed strategic cooperation agreements for oil and gas exploration offshore China with nine international companies including oil majors Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Shell, Total, and Equinor. CNOOC and the nine companies—Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, Husky, KUFPEC, Roc Oil, Shell, SK Innovation, and Total—will share development opportunities in strategic cooperation areas located in the Pearl River Mouth Basin offshore China, CNOOC’s exploration and production company CNOOC Limited said in a statement on Tuesday. “The agreements will facilitate the establishment of a long term and stable cooperation and share the development opportunities to a certain extent in the Strategic Cooperation Areas, creating conditions for the final signing of contracts,” CNOOC said. Chinese companies are trying to tap more resources at home to replace dwindling production at mature oil and gas fields while China’s oil and gas demand continues to grow. Earlier this year, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) advanced a strategic partnership with Brazil’s Petrobras and agreed to cooperate with Norway’s Equinor in oil and gas projects, in a push to boost its global footprint and Chinese gas production. China’s biggest energy producers are tapping more tight oil and gas wells, aiming to increase domestic oil and natural gas production at the world’s largest crude oil importer and what will soon be the world’s top natural gas importer. As part of a government push to boost domestic energy supply, CNPC and Sinopec are raising investments to increase local oil and gas production and are accelerating drilling at tight oil and gas formations in western China. Domestic natural gas production has been rising in recent months, but the growth rate hasn’t been even close to meeting the booming demand due to the cleaner-fuel/cleaner-air government policies. Domestic oil production, on the other hand, has been falling due to the depletion of mature conventional oil fields. Desperate to meet this need, Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the state-held companies to boost domestic production of oil and gas, and firms are starting to follow the policy. By Tsvetana Paraskova for

LLOY BrownAdder 18 Dec 2018

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX Shorts definitely, now seems regardless of whatever FOMC decide If FED comes out hawkish - Markets falter with little breathing space knowing slowdown ahead. If FED comes out dovish - Markets will sell-off cause then FED expects even worse than what markets are calculating. Could short DJIA Friday For now cementing Gold trades

ENQ gk10 18 Dec 2018

Took the hit Hitman, Some you win some you lose. It’s looking like the right decision for now. Good luck and don’t dismiss the shale players who have had a fantastic opportunity to hedge their production.

LLOY macbonzo 18 Dec 2018

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX S&P dropped 0.91% between 3.55 and 4.15pm ET There is a lot of money to be made, because the British think everything is to do with Brexit. It’s not the story. The market is now facilitating shorts as opposed to longs

ENQ gk10 18 Dec 2018

Back in Elena, The 21p shares are now out of the money so in theory will have no influence until they are back in the money. I still believe the majority of those who planned to rinse them have already done so and this is all about the oil price which, as you say and has been demonstrated today, is highly volatile. What would today’s share price be without the additional shares recently added and those from the open offer? That, unfortunately, is the problem for long-term holders here. I will look to take another position at some point, let’s hope the 18p isn’t seen, or worse.

LLOY BrownAdder 18 Dec 2018

Commodities Crypto ETFs FX Indices. inc VIX everyone else is too shaken, too nervous to say it out loud, a mere mention of “bear” itself or any other negative “sentiment” will then create an even bigger sentimental flush. no matter how much a top player in any financial market claims to be Rational - overwhelming majority will be overwhelmed by sentiment. so, no, its best no one starts talking about it. but hey, who cares - commodities are looking excellent

PVR Jimmy23 18 Dec 2018

Irish parliament fail to pass law banning exploration The Irish Times Committee fails to move Bill banning oil and gas exploration off the coast Minister says legislation clashes with key aims of State’s energy policy – sustainability, security of supply and affordability Looks like common sense might prevail. Jimmy