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VOG Totally Wired 22 Apr 2018

In fact VOG will probably release the Q1 Operations Update this week so we will see more details regarding the CNG 'fast-track'. Regarding ENEO and the temporary Logbaba and Bassa power plants that VOG/GDC supplied gas to then it's now time to either say these temporary plants have been terminated a year or two before expected and now concentrate on how negotiations are going with Bekoko, Yassa and Dibamba as combined completely outshine Logbaba and Bassa!

VOG Totally Wired 22 Apr 2018

Re: UK Investor Show mad_chick--"Although the presentation still says that they're hoping for a resolution with ENEO, it doesn't really emphasise (perhaps understandably) that this year's revenue will now be substantially less than last year."Yes it does:• In 2017 gas sold to ENEO represented an estimated 53% of GDC’s revenue• 1 January 2018 ENEO suspended gas consumption at both power stations due to matters outside of GDC’s control[link] of this year's goals is to fast-track CNG but they don't really say anything about it. Frustrating!" Not in the slides but who knows what was said at the event and if it is 'fast-tracked' then we should be getting an update very soon! "No mention of LA108 really - but I guess that would have to come through an RNS and is irrelevant just now."Well there was:'Recently completed drilling programmeensures continuous gas supply available to meet increased demand'"Two new wells in 2017 to increase reserves and production"and more"During 2017 GDC secured gas supply through La-107 and La-108 drill programme with additional potentialonshore resource base to support long term growth of the business beyond 2030""They are still talking about Bomono so it seems it isn't a dead duck from their side? BLVn and VOG should really get their act together!"---After BLVN trying to make deals that they were not entitled to make with VOG it's quite possible that BLVN will be taken out of the equation, they are still waiting for Provisional Exploitation Authorisation by the Cameroon authorities I believe?You are quite correct in that any major news would be released first via an RNS but a lot can be inferred from the actual live presentation rather than the slideshow alone!It will be interesting to see the video of the presentation (if released) it took weeks last year if I remember correct!

VOD II Editor 22 Apr 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 23/04/2018 " FTSE FUTURE (FTSE:UKX) We always try and find ridiculous analogies to weave some of our local Argyll stories in with market movements. But this weekend, watching a pod of Killer Whales 'playing' with the local, lazy, fat, seal population is ..."[link]

LLOY critterman 22 Apr 2018

'Bed & ISA' process Don't really understand the advantages of this to be honest. Taking Lloyd's as an example, why not sell say at around the 69p mark, or when you believe they are likely to have peaked for a while, transfer £20K into your ISA (or into your bank and then fund your ISA)and wait to buy back when the price drops enough to cover the tax and maybe make a little profit as well. In today's market I can't see that being too much risk. Or have I missed the point completely!I'm not too sure what to expect on Wednesday but I'm not holding my breath for anything significantly positive that will improve the price but hey what do I know.---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -Just remember that the secret of longevity is to keep breathing.

PVR nigerian delight 22 Apr 2018

Re: Barry roe Jurassic Aqua, Old Red would travel only from the Chateau to have his ring kissed!!!

LLOY frog in a tree 22 Apr 2018

Re: Brexit related.. Customs Union... TemujiinYou continue to make sweeping statements such as the ability to make free trade agreements was "one of the advantages that Brexiteers voted for". There is quite a bit of polling evidence that suggests the opposite. For example:[link] the 2016 GE did not demonstrate any like a majority of voters were thirsting for a hardBrexit, quite the opposite. It is true that there are some polls that say the opposite but the GE result was a poll of actual voters not one published by the Telegraph, The Sun or, indeed, The Guardian. The only way we will know for sure is if the proposed deal is put to a second referendum where the ability of the government and the pro and anti campaigns are tightly controlled to prevent the manipulations and racist campaigning we saw last time. As I said earlier today, a Brexit which retains membership of the customs union may be able to squeek majority support.Cheers,F

PVR aquason 22 Apr 2018

Re: Barry roe Jurassic I don’t like the sidetrack idea. The one-eyed, Albanian goat-herd has been sidetracked for years and one would hope that he might remain focused for long enough to buy back just one of the buttons on the shirt I have lost.I see Old Red was back in Old Belvedere the other day having left his Chateau to tell kids how important it is to fail once in a while. It’s failure Tony, but not as we know it ... I am sincerely glad that his health seems to have improved.

FRR bearbull 22 Apr 2018

May AGM I feel like the management will probable propose another round of cash raising at the AGM. They wont have spare operating capital in June. Take the spike in price ahead of the AGM to sell before coming at lower price.

ACA tornadotony 22 Apr 2018

Time for things to be resolved here. Acacia Mining has become a lose and lose outcome for all parties. It had a great CEO doing a wonderful turn around job back in 2016 and early 2017 and Acacia and Tanzania lost somebody that was winning for both them. The company had every chance of building more wealth for Tanzania through private and commercial investment and building relations and new business with Kenya to the north.Since then politics has followed the Trump philosophy of I can get a better deal than those who achieved before me accept here no deal has been done at all. Lost in all of this is a strong socialist view point that the state is totally wonderful and industry is bad as it tries to create more wealth and make a bigger pie. Furthermore international investment was considered to be a charity and having no right for a return on capital and investors outside of Tanzania seen as exploiters when in reality they could put money to work anywhere in the world. As a consequence Acacia Mining that was an average and sometimes poor company that advanced to good has now been severely damaged and has lost international investment confidence. As a new era of higher interest rates begins to unfold, governments everywhere will find it more difficult to attract investor funding especially those having risks for their bonds but also for their commercial private sector. Tanzania has to decide whether it is a socialist/communist like state and everyone is happy with that model or whether they want talent getting rewards and accelerated innovation outcomes and see that as a more probable efficient outcome. Overall the company is doing everything it can to stay afloat and delivering good results under awful circumstances. In the meantime it stills remains a share for private investors to avoid in my opinion. I just wish it was not the case.

CHAR jacktrax 22 Apr 2018

Oil rig moves,then it doesn’t .... The suspense is killing me ....

BARC vtecgrin 22 Apr 2018

Re: � la prochaine Hi Indy. There's always barcplus

AFE penhome 22 Apr 2018

Re: IQE trades SoiWell done with your IQE trades!To make this 1-2p per trade gains worthwhile, you must be putting on quite a large point size per trade. To cover margins on this, your trading account must be quite large.Is my thinking here right?My account is very small, so I can’t really contemplate this sort of trade at the moment. I’ve promised myself that I am not going to add more funds to my account until I have built it up by trading successfully.Pen

IQE seadoc 22 Apr 2018

Re: Is this coming close to true value? Hi MM,TET, AVON, BBOX, ACSO, TSTL and VOF (In that order) make up 52% of my portfolio . Make of that what you will. I listened to Matt Earl on Saturday, very affable, good speaker and seems quite bright. He feels hated by the many but stands by his assessment of the accounts. He noted that IQE claims to be "almost unique". The accounts of the Singapore JV are not yet in the public domain but he has looked carefully at accounts of IQE, Cardiff University and the joint venture and continues to see "circularity". It was a fairly technical explanation but as I understood it if I sell something to you and you then sell it back to me we both have sales. If we can move the cost of those sales to the balance sheet then we both have profits but clearly neither of us has a net cash flow. Hopefully an erudite accountant can explainRegards,Seadoc

HUR bobsson 22 Apr 2018

Re: ROPEC strategy Floss, We have discussed at regular intervals on this bb over the last three years regarding the slump in oil prices leading to a massive cut back in investment from private and some state oil companies. We know billions of dollars has been cut from exploration budgets, yet every year 4% of world production is lost through exhaustion of producing reservoirs. A lot of potential production got shut in as being uneconomic at a low PoO.ROPEC gaining the whip hand again, even US shale cannot make up the difference. The worlds non state private oilcos will respond but it will take another two to three years to significantly increase supply. The majors will want off the shelf discovered mega reserves to boost their reserve ratios, and I think I know an oilco that will prove to have 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 billion barrels of reserves. Yes I don`t think that HURs timing could have been much better.

ACTA penhome 22 Apr 2018

Re: Sold K3C So on Thursday at 11.50am you post that "this share is a buy"[link] evening you post that you sold all of K3C mid day on Friday 24 hours after you told everyone that K3C was a 'buy'This isn't investing. This isn't even trading. This is just trading with the benefit of hindsight. You always win, you always bank your profits and you are always right.Easy with hindsight.Pen