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Train spills oil into US river Hi Mikeclayton2, I am afraid that’s not the way it works. Trump will keep his big gob tightly shut and no one will be suing anyone for any real money. BNSF dumps oil pollution in rivers and lakes all over America on a regular basis, US EPA – 15 Apr 16 BNSF Railway agrees to resolve oil spill incidents and improve prevention and... Company to pay $600K for alleged violations associated with spills and inadequate prevention and response plans at rail yard facilities The reason it can act this way is that the owner of BNSF can include entities such as Golman Sachs as vassal corporations, indeed he controls the financial well being of most of the American political infra structure. You might find the following treatise illuminating [link] GLA BF

PXS wheelds 02:00

Air Pollution Reducing the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory illness in an air polluted environment. Lets hope the chinese company By-Health in partnership with Provexis and DSM starts producing Fruitflow products in China at a lower costs and helps the world from this growing serious health problem:- “An international patent application has been filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system, with the Company seeking to secure patent protection in all major global territories.” “The World Health Organization (‘WHO’) estimates¹ that:” ·" In 2012 around 1 in 9 deaths were attributed to exposure to air pollution, making it the largest environmental risk factor for ill health;"

PMO Mikeclayton2 00:35

Train spills oil into US river Just watched a video on the BBC website showing a train crashing into a river in the US. Presumably this was being shipped in this way due to the lack of pipeline capacity, Trump will blame OPEC and the US public for miles around will sue for contamination like they did with BP. The accident can’t harm the march in the oil price, looking forward to Monday’s opening.

HUR carliol 23 Jun 2018

The World Cup Hello Happy to Learn, Comparing football as it is now to when we played is like comparing chalk with cheese. Today’s snowflakes wouldn’t last five minutes with a leather ball and a leather lace. I recall playing in a match in the Lake District. It had been snowing. There was a slight thaw and the pitch was in between a quagmire and a lake. It started snowing heavily at half time but we played the full 90 mins. We came off the pitch absolutely exhausted and we were soaked to the skin. There were no changing rooms and our cloths were wet wet wet. We then got the bus home and we were still wet through. It took about an hour and when we got back to town we still had to walk about a mile to get home. No parents cars waiting for us in those days. What happened when I got home? I was told off for being late and not winning the match. If young snowflake players now had to play in these conditions, the coaches and parents would have a serious problem because I’m sure they would get a visit from the authorities. That’s what it was like in the 1950s. We were tough and resilient and survived. The tough life we had has young kids served us well over the years and did us no harm whatsoever. Carliol

LLOY Bowman 23 Jun 2018

Lloyds trade series. Please ignore this if you already have the method to message the Moderators. I have been unable to find a similar method for the Administrators. Click on the 3-bar icon at the top right of the page., then Click on “Groups”, which brings up a page showing two Groups, Founders and Moderators. Click on Moderators and the list of three moderators appears. There is a blue “Message” icon at the top right of the page, which when clicked brings up a message input box.

LLOY desertjoe 23 Jun 2018

What a mess! oilovlam = “DJ, you are someone who I think may or may not be an American”. Be assured, good buddy. that I am indeed Amurrrrrcan. For what it’s worth my greater ancestry goes back to Leeds and Londonderry (via Liverpool!). Clearly what goes around comes around since my daughter married and moved to Liverpool. However my "exes"were from Chichester and Bahrain respectively ( the latter definitely wouldn’t have married a Lewinsky! lmao). My current spouse was made in Detroit - as is my car (lol) and both give far less trouble than the models they replaced (lol) Other than that, the only “finger” that I have noted recently was the response from my Mexican hotel’s bell hop when I asked if he was going to contribute to Trumpo’s Wall.

LLOY oilovlam 23 Jun 2018

Lloyds trade series. FIAT, I was thinking of doing the same thing meself…great minds think alike…OK, perhaps not. Although I expect they are getting so much ‘feedback’ that they probably feel under siege (good, I hear everyone say…for they deserve it). Have you figured out how to contact the message board administrators directly?

LLOY Qerberos 23 Jun 2018

What a mess! Yes it is difficult to follow a thread or find what you want on a screen full of other junk. I actually enter the ticker in the URL as I cannot navigate the junk. Then it appears I can only follow one sub-thread at a time. Awful. I logged in to see if it was any better; then it reads as not logged in so I do so again. It doesn’t flow at all.

PDL Ripley94 23 Jun 2018

Here we go PDL… XXXX Interesting advise from seer over on lse. Sell your new 40p rights shares for 75/80p and just keep original longer term . Be nice if you can do that… lol

PMO gk10 23 Jun 2018

OPEC unity and 1m barrels a day increrase fantastic news for Rockhopper and PMO Foggy dog, Yes I have. Have you?

GKP theseus 23 Jun 2018

Follow the real money Fill yer boots Gkp borrowed a total of $575m to develop Shaikan With NO INCOME!!! It now has MASSIVE free cash INCOME GENERATION.BOND INVESTORS WILL TRAMPLE OVER EACH OTHER TO LEND THEM NEW CASH FOR GROWTH PLANS. Hence when they said in the annual report - at the SAME TIME AS FINALISING INVESTMENT PLANS THEY WILL, EVALUATE OPTIONS TO OPTIMISE CAPITAL STRUCTURE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE COMPANY AND SHAREHOLDERS!!! RESERVE BASED LENDING??? ISSUE OF LOW COUPON NOTES??? TO REFINANCE THE 100m at 10% outstanding plus anything else they may need. ??? Special divi? SHARE BUYBACK?? The latter IMO Nostrum Oil borrowed $400m at 7% earlier this year.$28m per annum to finance $400m SO JUST AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT THEY COULD DO: Gulf a far better lending covenant so lesser interest rate IMO! So why not borrow $600m at 6% raise $600m and BUYBACK HALF THE COMPANY AT SAY 115m shares @ £4 a share? Only cost them $36m a year from their $160 m EBITDA - next year that will be $200m EBITDA - THEY ARE A HUGELY CASH GENERATIVE MOOOOOOOO!!! COW!!! Expect the opposite of the massively dilutive destructure Expect an equity concentration CNBC We're not talking to anyone: Gulf Keystone Petroleum Todd Kozel, CEO of Gulf Keystone Petroleum, tells CNBC that they are not focussing on M&A yet. Then expect a takeover deal

GLEN Ripley94 23 Jun 2018

Request for Counsel GLEN… XXXX Have not looked here since Sept 17… I was considering changing tact and buying into rise rather then taking profit. I did neither, they were about 372p in Sept rising to a high in of 415p Jan 18 an increase of 10% but fell back below September level in the last 6 months, recently around September level . All the mining heavyweights had a good day yesterday Friday up 5% GlEN… up 5% to 387p … And its up about 5% since my September look . Maybe an opportunity to buy into rise now.

BARC earnacrust 23 Jun 2018

BARC COMP - S14 W11 Open Your guesstimate of Friday’s UT closing price in numerical order, with the ** LOWEST ** at the top. Open till SUNDAY 9pm. Please hit the refresh button before entering and check all is well afterwards. Thank you. 194.00 earnacrust 195.15 soi 195.75 mcn2000 196.24 Eadwig 197.00 Regardless 198.00 martone 199.85 jackdawsson 201.75 Sir Buns-up Knealing

HUR Happy_To_Learn 23 Jun 2018

The World Cup Hi Everyone, As it is the weekend, a bit of light relief. I presume that we have all been watching the World Cup matches. Just a quick observation. Why is it that something like 90% of distance shots on goal, are at least six feet over the bar. Are they filling the balls with helium these days? In my day if you headed a football, you generally ended up with concussion, lol. Bring back leather balls, pumped up with a bicycle pump. At least they will keep it on the ground. All the best. HTL

HUR Happy_To_Learn 23 Jun 2018

HUR - Shipwatching Hi wessexmario, Many thanks for that, as one of life’s eternal optimists…………, lol. Just a matter of time. All the best. HTL