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VOD devonplay 20 Oct 2018

Correction? Not quite the same @PrefInvestor1 but yes they are a debt recovery buisiness. They buy debt and recover the outstanding loans. That’s actually an interesting sector at the momemt. I suspect Banks are desperate to get difficult debt off their books and that presents an opportunity if it can be recovered. There are several similar business around and they all use debt instruments, certainly all the larger European players do anyway from what I can tell. It’s a sector that can do well in a difficult environment. If they can buy debt cheaply enough and recover a high enough percentage it. I guess part of the interest for me is that access to their debt would have historically required an investment of at least a couple of 00’s of thousands. I bought a few hundred quid of it. The potential to build a portfolio of that stuff interested me, especially if it’s yielding 7.8% if held to maturity. Even better if I can do it in small incremental purchases from the income generated from my p2p loans. I extract any excess capital once a week and keep them, p2p loans, pretty much to a set overall figure in my portfolio. I get your concerns about p2p. I guess I’m not overly concerned as it represents about 12% of my cash position. I guess that’s the way I think of it, understanding that’s it’s not as liquid as cash, but it does provide me with weekly income. I haven’t done this excercise, but I’d expect my overall exposure to any single loan would be less than 0.5% It’s significantly less of my overall portfolio. I also agree with you about B2L I had a little look round last year and the exercise cost me a couple of grand in expenses, but in the end that planned purchase fell through. The yield was dismal, unlike my existing properties that provide me with around 13% on the purchase price and have considerable capital gains. I wasn’t disappointed when it fell through if I’m honest. Although if the price I was going to buy it at hadn’t fallen through I’d have been up £30k on paper by now. You can understand the potential of start-up and the risk associated with it, but I guess the tax relief interests me. It’s where a chunk of my property income goes. Once I’ve taken some out to pay my living expenses. Saying that the start-up have provided me with an internal IRR’s of nearly 30% annually when you take the tax relief into consideration. So that leaves the equity portfolio. As I mentioned I haven’t added any new cash for sometime time. I guess almost 2 years. So all my top ups are being funded by the existing dividend stream. Nearly all my portfolio is tax sheltered so that’s a real advantage. I guess at the moment it’s all working OK, I take a little out to finance my life, fund my pension and the rest gets reinvested. I kind of like the circular nature of that: Equity dividend income going from my growth stocks into higher yielding holdings. Although I also think there could be some real positive outcome for REITs if we get a good Brexit, if not I’m happy to hold them for the long term anyway. My p2p going into arguably lower risk vehicles. If anything in the sector is lower risk. I mitigate that a bit with my holding VSL and having shareholding’s in a number of the platforms. Of course you could argue that just adds to the risk! But exposure to the loans, balance sheets and equity doesn’t feel like a bad plan. Especially if it’s measure exposure. My property going into high growth tax efficient gambles! I’ve got a couple of years till I’m 55 and I’m hoping them my pension and a little part time job will cover my living expenses. It really should do. Then I can let the whole investment portfolio keep funding itself and hopefully compounding at a decent rate above inflation.

FRR duknweev 20 Oct 2018

Whinging frith - pure desperation How do you know I posted it twice Fillpot?

VOD PrefInvestor1 20 Oct 2018

Correction? Oh wow @devonplay, just googled Cabot and sounds like these guys are debt collectors ?. Looked at reviews by employees talking about their jobs and from customers on trustpilot. Sorry but it sounds to me to be a company similar to Provident Financial ?. Hope I’m wrong !. Pref

VOD PrefInvestor1 20 Oct 2018

Correction? Hi Again @devonplay, Well thanks for trying to explain it to me, but I confess i personally would have concerns with some elements of your strategy. Comments below:- P2P - personally I wouldn’t go near this with a 100 ft barge pole. Surely it can’t really be considered near cash unless you can demand your money back at a moments notice ?. Have you always got your money back from these schemes ?. Or dont you know yet ? Startups - personally wouldn’t go there either. OK if the business takes off and is successful. But if not there must be a big risk of losses ?. BTLs - were a good idea but not sure they are anymore ?. Certainly not buying new properties to let now. Chancellor had gone after this sector in a big way. Never mind the risk of getting dodgy renters. FI - I think I understand this sector reasonably well. You mention 7% and I see that some of those Cabot bonds you posted have coupon of 7.5%, but of course unless you get to buy them at par (most unlikely) then your real return will be a fraction of that. Those bonds also have pretty short maturities and this can dramatically affect the pricing as they move towards par on maturity. And there are real risks in directly buying bonds if the entity issuing the bond goes bust !. No idea who Cabot are, haven’t attempted to research them. Diversity - yes I can’t argue with that. But some of your investment areas are most certainly things that I would never do based on my personal risk appetite. I wish you all the best with your strategy. Thanks for sharing !. ATB Pref

HSBA J_Westlock 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2 Fair enough @arsanias. If that if really the case, it suggests something is seriously wrong (either corruption or high inefficiency) with Greek spending on medication (drugs, antibiotics etc). Small wonder that the place needed top to bottom reform.

BARC lol88 20 Oct 2018

BARC Comp - S15 W2 OPEN - Closes about 9pm Sunday Your Guess for next FRIDAYS UT closing price in numerical order. LOWEST at the top, please. All new entrants welcome! - Usual deadline for Comp entries, about 9.00 PM on Sunday. Thanks & GLA! 161.00 Uncle Doug 163.00 Gold or Silver 165.38 mcn2000 165.69 soi 168.00 Mikimouse 170.5. lol88 173.60 jackdawsson

FUM Pharmatom 20 Oct 2018

Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management! Sorry, I don’t gamble…give FUM 15 months and I will prove you wrong…

HSBA arsanias 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2 fynne: The Spanish princess you speak of supposedly said … Marie-Thérèse, the Spanish princess who married King Louis XIV in 1660. Brexiteers and facts, a life long complication. The following is wrong in your short statement: o it was not Marie-Thérèse, it was her daughter Marie-Antoinette. Marie-Thérèse was the one who faught against Friedrich II or Prussia o she was not spanish. She was austrain o Marie-Antoinett was not even born in 1660 o She didn’t say “cake”. She said “Brioche”, was a kind of bread of the time. It’s a popular misunderstanding to translate that to “cake”. And while “we’re” not nit picking? arsanias I also clearly said “top 3 contributor” not by percentage nor per capita nor gdp etc etc Shouldn’t a contribution somehow be measured be the potential of the contributor? At least that’s how the EU sets the fees - except for UK, which is more equal than others.

FUM IAmShareCrazy 20 Oct 2018

Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management! Go and buy a lottery ticket as you have the same chance of success.

HSBA fynne 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2 sorry couldn’t help myself …

HSBA fynne 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2

FUM Pharmatom 20 Oct 2018

Still strong confidence in Futura’s Management! Dear Tom Many thanks for your email. This fundraise will allow us to complete topline data which is essential for us to drive value and further reduce risk with the product. We fully appreciate that it is disappointing for existing shareholders to raise investment at this price but we had to raise it to provide certainty to the market that we could complete the Phase 3 programme otherwise we may have seen further share price erosion making the fundraising near impossible especially with turbulent market conditions and without it we could not proceed confidently with the phase 3 programme. This is the most de-risked our products have ever been in terms of development and we are focussed and determined to ensure that the share price starts to reflect this. We remain fully committed to MED2002 and our pain relief portfolio and the commercial potential we believe exists with those products and now that we are funded we will ensure that we do everything we can to build value and restore confidence once again. Thank you for your support and patience Kind regards Angela

HSBA fynne 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2 And as an aside while you’re all busy quoting stats on foreign nationals… any one consider just haw may US troops were based in the uk in previous years?? Wow …

HSBA red_rose_wizz 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2 Minority march ignoring the result of the people’s vote

HSBA fynne 20 Oct 2018

Brexit Wars 2 petethenovice: braindead fynne Apologies arrse hole … (as we’re trading insults?) obviously what’s going on in Greece has absolutely nothing to do with the eu ? How narrow minded is that? So I’ve deleted as many posts as possible… just for you? I’ll “leave” you all to your board of …? My obsession with DC? (confused) thought he was on the remain side so surely you are championing his “eu” speeches?? Must read that speech again as clearly I must have been mistaken by what he said ?? Marie-Antoinette was always accredited with saying “let them eat cake” but seems it may have been part of a writers imagination. The Spanish princess you speak supposedly said … Marie-Thérèse, the Spanish princess who married King Louis XIV in 1660. She allegedly suggested that the French people eat “la croûte de pâté“ either way she … (Marie) lost her head as clearly the proletariat we’re having none of the usual excuses? And while “we’re” not nit picking? arsanias I clearly said “top 3 contributor” not by percentage nor per capita nor gdp etc etc But hey you guys have fun