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HUR Alibi_8 09:22

IRAN (again) Carliol, I had always read your posting name here as if it were pronounced phonetically. If you are 8 miles south of the border, would I be right in thinking that it’s intended to be pronounces as Carlisle?

HSBA Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing 09:07

Brexit Wars 3 I wonder how the Brexiteer groupies here can square the circle between what Dr Death Fox has been saying about GATT tariffs and the line Johnson has been spouting? It really is an important, in fact, crucial issue. There can only be one of three explanations for Johnson’s position on this: A. He doesn’t now what he talking about. B. He’s a liar. C. He’s a liar who doesn’t know what he is talking about. Expect no response defending Johnson’s claims - because they are indefensible. IMHO, SBK

NFX meijiman 09:05

Strategic Cannabinoid Agreement Don’t even know how I got here…but some fantastic posts albeit some are reposts elsewhere. I had largely given up on the pharma/bio space and more or less got into this on the back of the cannabis news. Anyone got any other pharma plays to look at.??? I sometimes wade through the stuff that say Edison write…its good stuff but picking out a winner from the 50 or so on offer would be like punting on a horse. I used to own Vernalis but gave up on it.

LLOY Eadwig 09:04

Everyday GreyCarpet: There is “absolutely no evidence” Russia influenced the Brexit result using Facebook, the company’s vice-president, Sir Nick Clegg, has said. This is very old news, FB cleared this up at least 2 years ago. What did happen was certain individuals were targeted by Brexit related bodies which sent fake news to FB users that appeared to them as general news, not propaganda specifically aimed at them in order to sway their vote.

AMC nuno.figueiroa 09:02

LME Nickel Stocks U.S. – 24 Jun 19 China scraps list of recommended auto battery suppliers: ministry China has scrapped its list of recommended battery suppliers, the industry minis...

HSBA Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing 09:00

Brexit Wars 3 On this 3rd anniversary of the shameful Referendum result we can now laugh at this: IMHO, SBK

NFX meijiman 08:58

Strategic Cannabinoid Agreement Think reason no replies is that no one uses this site anymore. Navigating on it is impossible and its uttterly counter intuitive. Still NFX goes from stregth to strength.

FRR jaytee41 08:52

California continued You’re all not getting my point. I don’t want to hear what’s going on or what’s been going in the courts. A simple tweet or something on their website stating something like “we’re still here” would suffice. The problem is, I fear they don’t have anyone in admin working for them anymore. It’s a bit much when the former registrars, YJ and shareholders are emailing them with no replies.

CEY Jargon_Buster 08:51

CEY Breakout price 113.4p That went totally over my head @tornadotony. Surely as I trade within a share ISA I don’t have to be concerned with tax issues? JB

BDEV malj1 08:50

Re: BAR / Woodford Sounds like Dover for the continent & Eastbourne for the incontinent. Ah the old jokes are the best … Not sure I count £230k property as ‘huge exposure.’ More importantly it’s made 6% cagr. before transaction costs, maintenance, wear & tear. Not my idea of a great return. If you repatriate the money into the EU, then the exchange rate flattens this & you’ll barely be keeping your nose above water. You’d have done far better investing in building co.s!!!

CEY tornadotony 08:48

CEY Breakout price 113.4p JB Your original 92.x buy would be referred to as a Section 104 holding. You need to provide a table of all disposal trades and how you manage the section 104. So disposal 1 is your buy back trade under notes listed as BB and disposal 2 on your table if your last trade action is closing section 104 under notes. Tony

FRR jaytee41 08:48

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! Well done Fozzer. I just decided to reduce my exposure as was in too much, so have spread my investments about more. Still got over 100k though

KIE stutes 08:47

K and threat of ban if it misses 95% target HMG payment target for major suppliers of 95% payments within 60 days and working to a 30 day target. Seems K is in the circa 80% level and could face a ban from securing new HMG contracts till the 95% target is hit. How Kier directors raked in 70pc pay rises - despite contractor’s slide into crisis (source: Telegraph). I suggest K recovers the 70% to reflect dividend suspension and fall in share price.

FRR thefozzer 08:38

Exxon+BH+Block Energy - comments! Nice rise on Block this morning, there’s rumors (Twitter) of an update this week. I’m after a 13.5-14p trade target. Hoping for a free carry for the long ride. Good luck if you’re in, my (Kalan inspired) trading method has worked out very well thus far.

CEY tornadotony 08:33

CEY Breakout price 113.4p JB Your sale of CEY at 109 ish will be within 30 days of buying the stock back at a higher price. So under Bed and breakfast income tax trade rules you record your future buy that you may make against your last sell and so you have a loss trade say between 109p to 112p. Your gain disappears but section pool is at the original 92p buy price. So if you sell later at 119p the gain is from your original buy but your net gain of course is to subtract the loss trade. You have to provide a table showing these kind of trades as part of the tax return.