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OPHR BarleyBaron 15:18

It's a great summer CH. In at 38.40 this morning. A wee punt. Timed it right, i hope. Must dash. Baron.

GKP ValueSeeker8 15:04

A Must Read for Everyone . . Designated Market Makers & Market Makers MiFID II regime has been in force for over 6 months. Hardman & Co has published an interesting document regarding the impact of this new regime on the liquidity and valuation of stocks traded on the LSE. MiFID II Monitor - Assessing the impact so far Best regards @ValueSeeker8

GKP pipmilo 15:01

Funds and institutions I’m not sure what’s worse… a. being a regularly-banned multiple-identity fraudulent failed-washing-machine-salesman and pump-monkey of GKP for the last 7 years, or b. the disciple of one You decide…

LLOY Kaka 14:58

Brexit Wars Yes, LJ a good way to put it…

GKP MikeyAdmin 14:22

Well Well Well . . Trade high 268.5p PEEL is still @ 261.5------269 and the 50,000 @ 266p Blocker, he IMO placed there, has lost 3,667 to two buyers @ 13:16:37 and the Spread bounced downward off the remaining 46,333 The 19,924 @ 263.5p on the Bid and the 20,546 @ 268 on the Ask, IMO belong to someone’s Algo Bot and are not blockers, and they changed size then disappeared. Spread 262------263 PEEL @ 261.5 buying the Sells that hit his BLO’s 2018-08-16_1412 Shared from

HUR Alibi_8 14:20

The Run Up To First Oil ( Cont) Not 100% sure, but I think I worked as a fairly junior resident engineer on the land reclamation project that eventually became Nigg Energy park. Creation of a rock bund and then dredged sand/silt/gravel pumped ashore so that it settled out within the bund to form an area of flat land.

HUR ash6666 14:17

The Run Up To First Oil ( Cont) I love Ireland. I had a couple of fishing trips there in the 80s/90s and everyone was so friendly, even driving around in a GB car when the IRA was still prominent . The only downside was the size of the spiders in the caravan, easily more than 6" across.

KIE stutes 14:02

Share price Current share price is very concerning - is the market pricing in dividend cut and/or Brexit no-deal fallout or what?

LLOY regardless 14:01

Lloyds in the 5X's this week? Never used a stop loss, as you say free Markets are now systematically against all private investors but honestly in nearly 10 years of investing in my favourite share, I have sat on paper loses for years , and just merrily topping up from 2010 to 2013, in them days its was the story ‘’ Lloyds is about to be Nationalised by HMG’’ posted 24/7 now traders are posting about scary Brexit BUT I never lost a penny in real cash here with Lloyds like now I wait for one better day…

APF reevesfamily4224 13:51

Purchase of a 4.25% shareholding in Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corp Hi Buzz, fully agree with you excellent analysis. Safe territory, good mine and product, good income, and reduces reliance on Kestral. Also very good being fully paid off by year end. There cannot be many companies in this position and one hopes that the stock market and investors will eventually wake up to this. Some other bigger names carry incredible levels of debt. Not APF. In looking at your challenge it looks as though both copper and zinc have fallen back a little from their highs if I have read the right information. I am going to say copper…but it could be zinc. No. going with copper. S

HUR Tarkers17 13:45

The Run Up To First Oil ( Cont) Ash6666, I’m heading to Southern Ireland (Lahinch in County Clare) to meet up with my wife and baby girl who have been sheltering there from the oppressive heat and dust over the last 6 weeks. Cant wait! Fresh Sea Air, rain(!) and as much bacon, pork sausage and irish white pudding as I can fit both into one sitting and in between two slices of decent bread (cant get that here for love or money!) and hugs with my little two year old and missus of course! I’ll keep my eye in here, and will continue the reports on my return at the end of August if AM is still here. GLA Tarkers

LLOY oilovlam 13:42

Brexit Wars jackdawsson: Allow me to spell out some truths: you appear to have voted Brexit completely ignorant of some well publicised economic uncertainty if Brexit won & a generally anticipated likely initial downturn. Now that some desperate Remainers are trying their best to present a picture of utter economic gloom as being wholly inevitable & you sense that, hang on, Brexit may hurt your pocket, you’ve switched sides completely. What does that tell us about your credibility? jackdawsson: you appear to have voted Brexit completely ignorant of some well publicised economic uncertainty if Brexit won & a generally anticipated likely initial downturn. JD, but that was ‘Project Fear’…or it was described as that by the very people who seem to have a large say in the Brexit negotiating process (JRM & his ERG). So we are being asked to listen to the likes of JRM one minute (because they ‘understand’ how Brexit will unfold) but also to ignore them when they told us that a Brexit downturn was fear mongering. Don’t you think that’s being slightly selective? Didn’t mean to troll you…I use ‘?!?’ and ‘!?!’ quite a lot when I think a standard ‘?’ or ‘!’ doesn’t quite fit the bill. I always think you are a thoughtful contributor on these boards…even on the tricky subject of Brexit. Some of your recent posts have made me think you’ve had a bit of a rethink on the Brexit subject. Perhaps you now think it wont be that bad and could even prove profitable for savvy individuals (no harm in that). Doesn’t mean that we have to ignore that there are dangers for the economy at large though…especially for banks like LLOY. I must admit that I don’t like people who post ‘fake’ news (obviously fake) and then try to justify it. Much as I didn’t like Tony Blair taking us to war with a fairly obviously dodgy dossier. But I still quite Tony Blair…how weird is that

GKP claws67 13:40

Funds and institutions The mouthpiece of Sauron has spoken…

LLOY broadmoor1 13:34

Brexit Wars @jackdawsson Your better than this Jack…Don’t get drawn into the trolling.

LLOY jackdawsson 13:30

Brexit Wars Sir_Buns-Up_Knealing: But let us take the man of the moment Mogg. His devout Catholicism has been wielded against any liberal motion in Parliament that has come up. It really is a surprise that with his high - falutin values that he backs Johnson who is utterly immoral in so many ways. Most reprehensible in my opinion is his take on abortion. This he opposes, on religious grounds, in ALL cases. So his and his religiosity is not a personal abstract it affects the lives of real people in that he is a lawmaker or would if he had his way. SBK, I don’t disagree with that, but I prefer to keep things in perspective. In the context of this thread, this seems yet another point-scoring exercise. Rees-Mogg & everyone else knows that neither the Tory Party, nor any other UK Party that stands a remote chance of being in government, would ever embrace his more extreme uncompromising Catholicism on any of these issues. That doesn’t preclude him from one day being an effective PM, regardless of my or anyone else’s disagreements with him on said personal religious convictions & a few other issues. - Regards.