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FUM fx2452 21:03

Thoughts on Future Market Cap If the results are good or excellent, MED, in the right hands (excuse the pun) will be a new ED blockbuster in waiting. If that’s the case, there really is no need to fret about being bought out. The question will more likely be “how high?” as there’d likely be several suitors vying for it. The data will write the script… It’s surprised me how there’s a negative tinge at the moment (especially with such a crazily low market cap). But then, it’s very clear from people’s posts that there’s a lot of worry about further fundraising (after the last raise took us down to 6p a share). As already mentioned, I cannot imagine that anyone would be interested in helping to fundraise prior to the 3a results- it would essentially mean that management don’t like the early “scent” of the results. Therefore, if fundraising pops up after good or excellent results, it’s a complete different ball game. MED will be within sniffing distance of the blockbuster finish line. Who wouldn’t want a piece of the action? Looking forward to seeing what unfolds… GLA

FRR Mick1909 20:54

As on LSE So leaves around 8 billion granted not all pi’s are in FOF so say another 2 billion so does leave around 6 billion in unknown hands who hands are they in?? Political over the pond perhaps so have a big incentive to see FFR survive any thoughts people?

FRR Englishman 20:41

As on LSE I believe it was about 4.5 billion, so ~7.5 between’ us’

VOD jackdawsson 19:39

Slight surprise that no comments on price collapse here? skiking37: Any thoughts on the run up to the 1/2 yr results in November? The SP has been struggling to break out of the 162p ceiling but appears to have done. I personally can’t think of any reason why this will go higher in the short term. @skiking37 You’re right to be cautious, but results are always a very hard call. Any significant beat of market forecasts will see it rally. Vice versa if well below forecasts. I’m no longer involved in VOD, without any regrets. But I note the ceiling is intact, but it’s at 163. VOD closed above 162 a few times in recent weeks. For eg. 162.82 on 10th October, 162.86 on 26th September. Today’s 162.74 close is merely in keeping with those recent highs. It really needs to close above 163 with strong volume to signal a potential breakout. If it breaks past 163, the next major resistance level will be 169+. You may recall that in December 2018 it rallied to highs of 168+, before falling away again to closing lows of 123+ this May. Best of luck whatever you decide!

FUM Aberdeen_investor 19:01

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Spot on

FUM smashing1 18:53

Thoughts on Future Market Cap I agree, I think JB will do the best he can for his / his family / his kids’ holdings etc.

FUM Lastemporer 18:46

Thoughts on Future Market Cap I guess there is truth in that , come December we will be 5-7p or way over 45p. The main thing that keeps me going is Barder + his families position, surely he won’t want to balls that up! RA Lamb 4.68% WT Lamb Investments Limited 4.49%

FUM smashing1 18:24

Thoughts on Future Market Cap For light relief I dare you to look at the LSE and ADVFN BBs. One poster remains “100% confident” lol makes me laugh just typing this. So he’s sold everything to buy shares in FUM?! Another has us destined for 7p again, or lower. Long may ii remain the sanest board lol

SDX Small_Holding 18:04

SDX - South Disouq Predicted Timetable I am getting more and more frustrated with SDX The news flow is non existent, it is almost contempt for private investors. So bad is the news flow that I was worried that SDX would not announce the spudding of each well during the 12 well drilling campaign in Morocco. To that end I wrote to Mark Atelme on the 15/10/2019 "SDX are starting a 12 well drilling campaign in Morocco in Q4 2019. During previous drilling campaigns SDX have released an RNS announcing that each successive well has spud. Can you confirm that SDX will again announce by RNS as each well is spud? I only ask because SDX have gone painfully quiet since Mr Welch left and the latest presentation did show drilling beginning Q4 2019." I didn’t realise I was asking such a difficult question but obviously I was. Havng tried that avenue this Monday I copied my email to the SDX website email address I explained that Mark hadn’t replied and could they help At the time of typing the SDX investor team have not replied to either of my emails, not even an acknowledgement. Are these the actions of a company that wants to encourage new investors? You would think SDX pay Celicourt, why?

FUM ZeroV 17:53

Thoughts on Future Market Cap What will disappoint me the most, more then dilution, is if we don’t get bought out or very good deal after positive phase 3 read out. Given, in this scenario, the massively de risked position regardless of whether 3b needed or not, why, at this stage would you not secure this product if that’s the market you are in. If 3b needed, then presumably still a degree of risk and therefore cheaper then waiting for full results (plus risk of losing to the competition). If there is no deal announced / buy out, my faith in management will be at the same levels as Tony and I will be extremely concerned. So that’s what goes round my head, and I can’t think of a good reason, other than management incompetence (or potentially valuing the product higher than buyers willing to pay) why this will not play out as such. Surely James barder has retirement in mind… yes, I’m prepared to be disappointed!

FUM smashing1 17:42

Thoughts on Future Market Cap It’s in the detail of the Interim’s RNS 11 Sep.

FUM Lastemporer 17:37

Thoughts on Future Market Cap Thanks for the quote Smashing, that does tame some of my nerves for now. Where was that quote exactly from? I think if there was going to be one it would of been announced or done at the interim’s.

LLOY regardless 17:29

LLOYDS is going to FLY I take that and take a long Holiday Sex, Drugs and Rolling Roll …

CEY Jargon_Buster 16:57

A target of wishful thinking What can one say. How do we make sense of today’s response. The only thing I can come up with is some smoke and mirrors and a recently depleted share price. We have taken quite a SP hit, perhaps in anticipation of a dire report. Maybe the report isn’t as dire as folk thought it might be. It has been reported as being bullish. My ears pricked up at the statement “A new, significant, 10km long gold-mineralised anomaly at the Doropo Project, the Kilosegui deposit located within 20km of the main resource area.” If I read the analysis correctly that should generate 120,000 oz. Hardly 'significant. So perhaps today’s rise was just a rebound from recent falls and just happened to coincide with today’s report. Still waiting on the sidelines. JB

HUR ash6666 16:55

Drilling Rig Thanks for sharing johnnie