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HSBA frog_in_a_tree 18:36

Brexit Wars 3 I invite our Brexiter friends @john.a.reeves, @GreyCarpet, @HuwJarse, @Trisco and others to mount a justification for the Tory majority rejecting the Dubs amendment as part of the withdrawal agreement. Will they dare? Cheers, Frog in a tree

BARC White_Rose 16:45

BARC Comp - S17 W16 - Closes 9PM SUNDAY Your guess for next FRIDAYS UT closing price in numerical order. LOWEST at the top, please. All new entrants welcome! - Usual deadline for Comp entries, about 9.00 PM on SUNDAY. Thanks & GLA! 166.25 Whiterose 168.99 mcn2000 173.45 donnydaws 178.80 lol88

HSBA petethenovice 16:28

Brexit Wars 3 frog_in_a_tree: Hi Pete, It actually says “hamster” not “master”. Its a spoof. Yes Its me let the spellchecker overrule

HSBA frog_in_a_tree 16:17

Brexit Wars 3 Hi Pete, It actually says “hamster” not “master”. Looks like a spoof. Frog

HSBA petethenovice 16:11

Brexit Wars 3 Always said Brexit was Monty Python, seen this today apparently published by the EXPRESS… New Blue Passport vrs RED however they used a Monty Python Blue version with YOU MOTHER WAS A MASTER on text as we were not a a big enough laughing stock

CARD NewBill1703 15:16

86.9p TX2: It’s all about the £170 million or so net debt… an accident waiting to happen as I pointed several times over recent years. It is a decent business… doing quite well in a very difficult market;but is running on the spot to maintain business which is probably a better performance than many other retailers can manage but it is going to have to pay back its loans;which means a big chunk of its profits are going to lower debt which leaves little for dividends. The answer, Games, is it’s a good buy… for anyone with any kind of medium to long term perspective. IMHO of course, etc, etc. In terms of balance sheet, still only c.2x net debt / EBITDA, even on reduced profit expectations - and it remains a very cash generative business model. Sure, special dividends are off the agenda for now - but they were only ever temporary, the clue is in the “special” bit. And that debt can be paid down steadily, even with a reasonable level of ordinary dividend and investing in the existing estate plus new stores. It’s on c.6-7x P/E, maybe 6x EV/EBITDA, on lowered profits which can still grow decently medium-term - don’t forget, while some of their issues are structural, quite a few are cyclical and/or transitory in nature. Most compellingly, the FCF yield is above 20% on historic figures, and still probably c.15% on current profitability - there is your signal for very good returns, even on flattish near-term earnings and cash flow levels. This could double in the next year or so from here and it still wouldn’t look expensive - 10-11x P/E, high single digit FCF yield, supporting a sustainable divi yield of at least 5% and growing from there. For a (still) high margin, high cash flow proposition - buy it now before the Private Equity guys start sniffing around, as I suspect they will do.

BARC lol88 15:16

BARC Comp - S17 W16 - Closes 9PM SUNDAY Your guess for next FRIDAYS UT closing price in numerical order. LOWEST at the top, please. All new entrants welcome! - Usual deadline for Comp entries, about 9.00 PM on SUNDAY. Thanks & GLA! 168.99 mcn2000 173.45 donnydaws 178.80 lol88

MWG Ripley94 14:57

Twittering MWG… XXXXX Not good news down 60% early Friday…placing @ 0.5p … Modern Water To Raise GBP1.9 Million, Picks Integumen CEO As Chair from Alliance News | 24th January 2020 10:22 (Alliance News) - Modern Water PLC said Friday it intends to raise GBP1.9 million through a placing, which will go towards working capital purposes, and the repayment of debts. Should the placing go through, Modern Water will appoint Gerard Brandon as non-executive chair, and Nigel Burton as non-executive director. Brandon is currently chief executive officer at AIM-listed heatlh care company Integumen PLC, and has been for two years since 2018. The London-based wastewater services firm will issue 370.0 million shares at a price of 0.5 pence per share, reflecting a 60% discount to Modern Water’s closing price on Thursday at 1.25p. Shares in Modern Water were 42% lower at 0.72 pence on Friday in London. The company said the placing will be oversubscribed, due to the introduction of new cornerstone investors by broker Turner Pope Investments Ltd. As well as debt repayments, proceeds will also go towards supporting the development of Modern Water’s patented Membrane and Monitoring products. The placing is subject to shareholder approval at a general meeting on February 14. “We are delighted to receive substantial support from a number of new and existing investors introduced by TPI. The net funds from the Placing will allow us to address all of our outstanding liabilities, provide working capital to alter the business model to drive increased revenues by collaborations and revenue sharing opportunities that build and extend our existing sales, marketing and distribution channels,” said Chief Executive Officer Simon Humphrey. By Dayo Laniyan; Copyright 2020 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved. corporate actionsexecutive changesignificantAIMcompaniesstock & bond transactions

FRR chilternsmtb 14:10

Legal Developments in the US The cavalry are here…in the shape of the US political muscle

BARC donnydaws 13:43

BARC Comp - S17 W16 - Closes 9PM SUNDAY 168,99 mcn2000 173.45 donnydaws

HSBA J_Westlock 13:01

Brexit Wars 3 frog_in_a_tree: Are you trying to minimise the slaught of the holocaust? I am equating it to the horrors that people like you inflict on other species every day.

HSBA frog_in_a_tree 12:59

Brexit Wars 3 JW, Are you trying to minimise the slaught of the holocaust? Regarding Leonardo, I do belive that he expended much of his energy on the invention of weapons of war. Frog

BRBY stutes 12:55

Coronavirus Hong Kong Leader is reported to have issued a coronavirus emergency, extending school closure and cancelled official visits to the mainland. How does this affect B’s shops in Hong Kong?

HSBA J_Westlock 12:51

Brexit Wars 3 We kill more animals in a single day, than Jews (or others murdered by the Nazis) were killed during the entire war. Most suffer tortuous deaths. “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.” … Leonardo da Vinci

HSBA petethenovice 12:23

Brexit Wars 3 Reminder from 2017 They should have 40 cut n paste of the EU deals agreed by next week ?? They will need to work as late as HJ Business Insider Liam Fox promises to sign 40 free trade deals the 'second after' Brexit The UK Trade Secretary made the claim during a speech to Conservative members at party's conference in Manchester on Sunday night.