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10:37 31/12/2015

Money isn't in my AJ Bell account. Typical!

09:19 22/12/2015

Can't sell through AJ Bell either. Ridiculous. Missed out on that early rise.

14:30 14/12/2015

up 5.6% now - bizarre!

15:42 15/09/2015

Two massive buys and still the sp goes down. What is going on?

13:40 15/09/2015

3000000 sale. That's not helped. I wonder who that was?

09:56 13/07/2015

In auction. Lots of 10000 buys have been going through. Something's happening.

10:03 14/04/2015

Over 4 million just been sold!! That's not a good sign.

11:27 18/03/2015

Just got in at 399. Surely that's the bottom?

11:19 18/03/2015

Long auction!

16:34 29/01/2015

It's a very strange day when my Quindell shares fall more than my Afren shares. That's not happened for a while. Think I'm cr*p at this!!