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09:18 07/03/2014

In auction. Where is this going?? Bought at 61 yesterday thinking that I had done well! Big mistake!!

08:58 26/02/2014

Just bought another 9k at 32.4985. Hope I did the right thing! Really have too much tied up in this share! Just seemed such a bargain that was too good to resist. These prices movements are mad!

08:51 21/02/2014

In auction

09:47 20/02/2014

At least somebody has faith - 150000 bought at 93.5. Ta

09:41 17/02/2014

450000 just sold at 39.25 in three trades!

09:08 07/02/2014

You Invest do do Bed and ISA - I've just done it but it has to be by phone. £9.95 for the sale but no cost for the purchase.