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09:33 16/12/2015

Down down down she goes!

08:18 11/12/2015

0.5% Cu at +900m is not economic fellas

00:04 08/12/2015

Will Solgold get left behind? Ecuador and Chile announce today mining partnership in Ecuador. See [link]

08:03 26/11/2015

Morning Solgers

12:07 24/11/2015

Still lots of holes to drill and so how can a resource be guaranteed?

10:09 23/11/2015

Hello Solgers

15:37 16/11/2015

Meant to type will not for reelection. If the next president rams through a mining program, Solgold will rise if the opposite occurs, Solgold is finished.

15:34 16/11/2015

Ecuador President Correa announced yesterday that he will it run for reelection. This will either spell the utter rise or fall of Solgold next year.

12:56 13/11/2015

Why can't the price go to. 1.5 before 5?

12:52 13/11/2015

Hi Native, are u a shareholder?