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15:13 04/01/2018


15:12 04/01/2018

is 2018 going to be transformational?!

12:48 27/12/2017

SOLG's last RNS on the subject of MRE was that it was due before the end of last week. This management team does not seem to take their own deadlines seriously enough.

14:41 27/07/2017

what are you waiting for?

14:40 27/07/2017

Coome on the old solg

11:53 07/12/2016

Wonder if we will breach this before Christmas?!

08:30 11/03/2016

Nick "Mates-rates" Mathers

07:11 11/03/2016

Have a look at Solgold on Wikipedia for NM's nickname

08:08 07/03/2016

NM wants eight rigs on the ground at site soon. How is he going to pay for this?

18:53 04/03/2016