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18:45 12/11/2015

I continue to believe that SolGold will continue to be on life support until Ecuador starts its mining program with or without China.

11:10 12/11/2015

With those grades on surface, you could expect the 2 rig could be earmarked for Aguinaga??

11:08 12/11/2015

Aguinaga could be a game changer for the project

11:07 12/11/2015

Hello RealPiggle, don't be so negative

15:46 20/10/2015

2.17 - 2.34 sizable spread

12:29 20/10/2015

Hey mcfirth what say a fund raising next rns

10:28 02/10/2015

Nobody seems to have paid any attention to my previous post? Why no visuals below 1000m? And you guys are getting excited because DGR increases loan by US$525k, come on investors you must be smarter than that????

09:54 02/10/2015

Funding sorted? It's only $750,000, US$525,000, how far do you think that will go? Hardly amounts to being sorted?

11:51 01/10/2015

Yes, but we always had lots of visuals when there was lots of copper, anybody else have a view on this?

08:11 01/10/2015

Lack of juicy visuals below 1000m is concerning