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11:46 16/12/2015

Another good hole and this counter is back at 2 p, that's a pretty good return from these levels?

11:45 16/12/2015

That's how RIO got into Oyu T, by buying in to Freidland's Ivanhoe Mines

11:36 16/12/2015

Perhaps we could see RIO take a cheeky 10% placement and the Shorters will hav to run for the hills and back, yippee!

11:34 16/12/2015

Hi bdog51, nice to say hello, yes certainly one for the LT, but they need funding or a big brother, let's hope they can do a sweetheart deal with a major

10:08 16/12/2015

hi bounce, hope we see a rise from here. It's definitely one for long term hold. still great potential

10:01 16/12/2015

3 or 4 rigs next yr and 20 p here we come?

09:53 16/12/2015

Hello hello come in Solgers, are you still there?

09:45 16/12/2015

But probably only upside from here right?

09:37 16/12/2015

Surely RIO's first site visit will be Cascabel?

09:36 16/12/2015

Is there anybody out there ???