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15:12 04/01/2018

is 2018 going to be transformational?!

12:48 27/12/2017

SOLG's last RNS on the subject of MRE was that it was due before the end of last week. This management team does not seem to take their own deadlines seriously enough.

14:40 27/07/2017

Coome on the old solg

08:30 11/03/2016

Nick "Mates-rates" Mathers

07:11 11/03/2016

Have a look at Solgold on Wikipedia for NM's nickname

08:08 07/03/2016

NM wants eight rigs on the ground at site soon. How is he going to pay for this?

18:53 04/03/2016
06:23 01/03/2016

Nick M has pulled off some of the best negotiations in tuff economic climates. I'm sure we will hear of a big deal soon that will surprise everyone.

14:16 29/02/2016

Looked over the half year financial statements. Not looking good at all in terms of cash. They only have $109k at end of Dec and have drawn into their overdraft. Net current liabilities are $3.9m. They REALLY REALLY need to raise more cash somehow or other if they are to keep drilling more. Equity issue coming?

12:29 13/01/2016

Nobody have anything to say to MM