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06:23 01/03/2016

Nick M has pulled off some of the best negotiations in tuff economic climates. I'm sure we will hear of a big deal soon that will surprise everyone.

14:16 29/02/2016

Looked over the half year financial statements. Not looking good at all in terms of cash. They only have $109k at end of Dec and have drawn into their overdraft. Net current liabilities are $3.9m. They REALLY REALLY need to raise more cash somehow or other if they are to keep drilling more. Equity issue coming?

12:29 13/01/2016

Nobody have anything to say to MM

11:44 13/01/2016

Mighty Mouse also worries he won't get a maiden resource topped with his favourite Swiss Brie for Christmas!

11:38 13/01/2016

A mouse told me not to expect any cashflow for at least 10 yrs, me thinks he's right on the cheese!

22:37 22/12/2015

Bad news. Ecuador and China starting billion dollar cooper mining venture. Looks like Solgold was left in the dirt. See news link [link]

11:28 17/12/2015

So call me old fashioned, but is that my friends a great success story?

11:02 17/12/2015

On Armour, stock listed at. 50c, now less than 15c, excuse my high school math but has this company created shareholder value??

12:00 16/12/2015

Both SidKnee and JimmySt are short

11:59 16/12/2015

The guy calling sub 1p is probably short