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Kingel 20 Mar 2018

Re: Previously undiscovered Just thinking of ways to add to value to shareholders before someone takes it out for 40p a share. (at todays price)

Diggin4gold 20 Mar 2018

Re: Previously undiscovered ... and .....???

Kingel 20 Mar 2018

Re: Previously undiscovered From 2016SYDNEY (Reuters) - SolGold Plc (SOLG.L) on Thursday approved a financing proposal by Australia’s Newcrest Mining (NCM.AX) to help it develop a giant copper mine in Ecuador, after the board rejected an alternative package offered by BHP Billiton (BHP.AX) (BLT.L). SoldGold said a shareholders meeting in Australia voted in favor of the board’s preferred deal with Newcrest and also with private investment firm Maxit over BHP’s offer, which would have diluted SolGold’s ownership in the Cascabel project near the border with Colombia. Based on early exploration work, SolGold believes it may have made a major new high-grade copper and gold find to rival some of the largest existing mines, such as Grasberg in Indonesia, controlled by Freeport McMoran Inc (FCX.N), and Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia, controlled by Rio Tinto <RIO.AX,> (RIO.L).

Diggin4gold 20 Mar 2018

Re: Previously undiscovered We are not a mining company. WE go prospecting, find and evaluate. Then sell on to the Big Boys. Solgold will never be a mining company. Did you not know that?

Kingel 20 Mar 2018

Re: Previously undiscovered What about stop drilling and start mining!We know what’s there

les paul custom 20 Mar 2018

Re: Previously undiscovered The power of manipulation right before our eyes...

Diggin4gold 20 Mar 2018

Previously undiscovered blah blah blah 10km gold veins blah blah blah undiscovered blah blah blah blahShare price falls on such bad news blah blah blahSame old same old.

onedb1 15 Mar 2018

24p chart resistance should get tested Lots of resistance levels but passing the next at 25 may lead to 30 retest . Much will depend on whether it moves up slowly building and gathering support or rushes up ( the unsustainable way ) My preference is for slow and up ward trend .

Seagull2 13 Mar 2018

Re: Tuesday 13th - Anyone for an RNS...? Yep think we all know that a disconnect between sp and company at the moment and been suggested due to share overhang of 180m shares in recent rights issue. Been suggested that finance houses etc will have to come clean before end of March so, hopefully once these off the book deals come to light then sp will be on an upward trajectory again. That's just my take on things reading the bb's. Hopefully, they will have made their money and will move on and manipulate another companies sp instead of ours.So not expecting any significant movement in sp until April regardless of what company announces great results hole 37 and rigs mobilised at new site.Just keeping the faith and being patient. All my own view.Seagull

Diggin4gold 13 Mar 2018

Re: Tuesday 13th - Anyone for an RNS...? But do we want good news???Good news = sp fall

skint architect 12 Mar 2018

Tuesday 13th - Anyone for an RNS...? For a bit of fun ......I will predict a RNS for tomorrow 13th March. I may be right - but even if i am wrong - it will only be by a day or so - and when it comes - it will be ........... a belter. "she is a belter" ByGerry Cinamon could be the new Solg tune for us all. Skint.

Seagull2 02 Mar 2018

Re: Potential Last update 19th of Feb below. I hope don't get the next update till after the 180 shares thing comes out into the open in 2 weeks time and then sp will fingers crossed will reflect progress the company is making. Fingers crossed hole 37 delivers they seem to be attaching alot of importance to that.Ø Drilling intersections, awaiting assay results, expected to add significantly to the existing December 2017 Alpala Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE), include:Hole 36: Approximately 568m of visual copper sulphide mineralisation (1432-2000m);Hole 37: Approximately 222m of visual copper sulphide mineralisation, open at depth as drilling continues (1620-1842m). This hole is particularly important, implying major system extensions northwest towards the Trivinio prospect;Hole 39: Approximately 205m of visual copper sulphide mineralisation (665-870m);Hole 42: Approximately 602m of visual copper sulphide mineralisation, including bornite, open at depth as drilling continues (309-911m);Hole 43: Approximately 205m of visual copper sulphide mineralisation, including bornite, open at depth as drilling continues (665-870m).Ø Hole 37 (in progress) at Alpala Northwest intersects primary Bornite-Chalcopyrite-Magnetite assemblage, characteristic of the rich centre of many porphyry copper-gold systems.Ø Drilling costs more than halved from USD1,100 per metre to USD500 per metre.

Diggin4gold 02 Mar 2018

Re: Potential wheepo, welcome on board at Solg. Good to have new blood.I have been invested here for 6 or 7 years. I first saw it on the day the sp rocketed from 20p to 90p and then fell back to around 60p I think. I made £7k in 3 hours and watched the share with keen interest ever since. My average was sub 10p, but having sold a decent chunk during last years rise towards 46p, I have then bought back in and now hold around 475k at an average somewhere around mid teens.The resource in Ecuador has grown and grown during this time. Recently, not just Cascabel but further out. Then we have the award of new concessions. You seem to have come on board with quite a day-trader mentality - nothing wrong with that, so your sp expectations are quite prudent and shorter term than mine. IMO. The longer term holders here might challenge some of your statements about rampers, but I for one am backing my belief with significant funds, that we will see a re-rating of the sp and I am targeting 80p - £1 before I start to take decent profits and move elsewhere.I have other mining shares. I don't see any with the potential Solg has. Copper is fast becoming the demand commodity and the copper prices have shown that very clearly. The rigs on the ground are higher in number than ever before, and the efficiency of extraction and speed with which the samples are being evaluated is ahead of even Solg's own expectations. New MRE's are due in the coming 2 months or so. You take your position. I will take mine.M and A activity will surely send the sp 2 - 3 times where is it now. We are told this activity is very real right now. Revised MRE's I would suggest should see it back into the mid to late 30p's - still well below levels reached in April / May 2017. I will hold for 2020 - 21 timeframe after which I need funds. I am a holder until my target is reached and I am very confident that the company will deliver.Diggin

Seagull2 01 Mar 2018

Re: Potential Read the MRE we are very undervalued imho, the grades on the MRE were a tad low but, this is only the start and fingers crossed will be significant uplift in resource both in quantity and grades imho, summary below of MRE excludes GoldSolGold has released a maiden mineral resource estimate for its Cascabel copper-gold project in Ecuador.The estimate across both indicated and inferred classifications stood at 1.08 billion tons at 0.68% copper equivalent, the company said."This maiden estimate is a tremendous start and in our view by no means represents a final size or grade because the deposit is still growing," managing director Nick Mather said.At 89am: (LON:SOLG) SolGold PLC share price was +2.7p at 31.05p

wheep0 01 Mar 2018

Re: Potential Hi nicname,That is great buying. Well done.Must admit, I only came aware of this with in the last few weeks or so, however after seeing the first post being ramped of the globe at a certain £2 a share by DISORDER, I very nearly shut it down before I even looked into it.I’m looking for a rise into 26 - 30 p ....I will likely trade it from there as absolutely nothing is certain here and anyone just waffling spurious ramping unfounded garbage about bhp or Rio Tinto taking is out for £2 a share needs to be certified in my opinion.Happy here to be apart of this now..