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Ripley94 29 Oct 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXC Falling back again today but still above the recent low.,last post. Not sure I fancy it after seeing the protests.

Ripley94 14 Oct 2019

Open cut & underground development Business As Usual For SolGold Despite Ecuador Fuel Protests from Alliance News | 10th October 2019 14:33 (Alliance News) - SolGold PLC on Thursday reassured operations in Ecuador continue as normal despite protests in the country. The protests were sparked by the Ecuadorean government’s decision, on October 1, to remove fuel subsidies in order to meet International Monetary Fund standards. SolGold expects protests to continue in the short-term, but believes the government should be able to restore order soon. SolGold, making a statement in response to a share price drop, said: "Following recent media reports regarding protests in Ecuador the board of SolGold wishes to inform shareholders that the company’s operations remain unaffected. “The safety and security of SolGold employees is of paramount importance, and the company has taken all necessary precautions and actions to ensure this is maintained.” SolGold is on track for a third mineral resource estimate for the Alpala deposit on the Cascabel project in the fourth quarter, and a pre-feasibility study in the first quarter. Shares were down 4.6% on Thursday afternoon in London at 18.24 pence, though they did dip to 16.23p earlier on. By George Collard; Copyright 2019 Alliance News Limited. All Rights Reserved. sales & productioncompaniesFTSE Main

picstIoup 16 Sep 2019

Rio Tinto Well, the cash went to a mixture of paying down debt, the ongoing share buy-back and that juicy $2.10 special divi. I’m using this Thursday’s juicy divi to top up my Rio stake - my broker won’t do scrip divis.

orsotoro 24 Aug 2019

Open cut & underground development A market is made as there are people with different opinions and outlooks, hence buyers and sellers. I will take my opinion down to Starbucks later and see how much its worth.

Dragonslayer1 24 Aug 2019

Open cut & underground development orsotoro That would be be sound logic if all SOLG copper resources were depleted in the near term but there are many decades of copper resource within Cascabel alone . With electric vehicles , wind turbines , power networks worldwide becoming more dependant on copper in coming years Occams Razors reason for SOLG Market Cap fall just doesn’t add up . If and it’s a big if the G7 force Brazil to stop their deforestation program of the amazon jungle through worldwide sanctions now that would impact across the whole of South America . More likely the G7 apart from President Trumps ( USA ) will impose tariffs that bite anyway including the blocking of the Mercosur free-trade agreement between the EU and South American nations . With African nations such as Zambia , Mozambique , etc … opening up commodity development such as copper mining to China and of course the rest of the world . That might be the cause of copper prices dropping near term but supply and demand will drive prices up eventually without deforestation stopping Africa’s commodity market commercial development . Highest copper price in last 10 years 4.5 US/lb - lowest 1.5 US/lb . Hence 2.55 US/lb isn’t that low it would affect a mine with a huge resource spanning many decades

orsotoro 23 Aug 2019

Open cut & underground development Occams Razer says its the fall in copper prices from 3.10$ to 2.50$ and the weakening economic outlook that this represents. Dr Copper and all that…

Dragonslayer1 23 Aug 2019

Open cut & underground development Ripley94 I’ve been following SOLG for many years as your probably aware . Not invested but did a bit of research in hope of finding an explanation for recent falls and came up with this . Leaders of the world’s major democracies are due to hold emergency talks this weekend on the wildfires engulfing the Amazon, as international efforts to force Brazil to change its deforestation policies gathered momentum. As heads of state and government were due to arrive at the G7 in Biarritz on Saturday, France and Ireland threatened to block the Mercosur free-trade agreement between the EU and South American nations if the government of Jair Bolsonaro does not stop the deforestation of the Amazon, which experts say has fuelled the fires. Other EU members were under pressure to walk away from the Mercosur (Southern Common Market) deal, which is already unpopular among European farmers. You can get more information by watching RT ( Russia Today ) on freeview or a snippet from the Guardian may enlighten you a bit . [link] I haven’t seen anything posted on other SOLG bulletin board but a little research will soon give you answers to SOLG ever decreasing Market Cap . Since these fires have been out of control for more than three weeks already with Brazil government backing . I’m quite sure Market Makers will be covering their positions for G7 reprisals .

Ripley94 23 Aug 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXXX RNS 7am… 12% fall by midday , buys show 22.5p

Ripley94 21 Aug 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXXXX Bought more today @ 26p … recent low.

Ripley94 23 Jun 2019

Open cut & underground development That was just lucky as I read after a court case in Ecuador went there way and was reason for the rise. Also lucky 30% more then usual recent trades put in.

Ripley94 21 Jun 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX Hopefully i am geeing better up yesteryear and big spike this morning @ 8.10 am i could of sold for 37.5p … and of course i should of done fell back after . But not a bad one to hold with Gold up . Sliced PRU on ASX i woke up to find yesterday morning, had set a high limit @ 55c … it gained 21% to 60c .

Ripley94 18 Jun 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX The chart on this site does not show a 24.5 low , it shows today drop to 26.3 as being the recent low.

johnlawsonmoorlandminerals2 14 Jun 2019

Open cut & underground development Lawson 75, I still have faith that this company is a potential big hitter, whether they are so indebted to BHP, that are they able to make the necessary investments to turn one of their prospects into a full blown mine without their Mentor, is a different issue.

Ripley94 13 Jun 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX That was the bottom fell 4% today but still above two weeks back.

Ripley94 30 May 2019

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX Massive drop in share price today to 24p . ( "The see post " refers to thread under this one , on this page )