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Ripley94 16 Oct 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… Wow not often going to see a better RNS than that . BHP biulton buys 45m of them in placing for 45p a 30% premium

Ripley94 06 Oct 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX A lot of excitement on assie site DGR Global about there 12 % holding in SolGold last few days . Its been moving sideways just slightly down since end of September , now 37p . Looks like they are behind the curve as we had the sharp rise middle of last month .

Ripley94 23 Sep 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX Zac Mir called this to keep rising to 55p on his chart blog the day i sold . He did say it was optimistic we will see

Ripley94 21 Sep 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXX Sold today @ 33p … two week since i sliced , and three weeks since the partial top while away . ( 61 % higher )

Ripley94 07 Sep 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… Looks like i got bottom last partial buy. Its bounced off that and back to recent high level 11th April 2018 of 27p

Ripley94 30 Aug 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXXX Topped up @ 20.5p only part lifted on the lower limit . 3 small buys end of day . ( out at Langdon ) All showing as sells.

Ripley94 21 Jun 2018

Open cut & underground development SOLG… XXXXX Just checking this one.

littleham 20 Jun 2018

Is anyone still here? I’ve been looking on this: [link] scroll down a bit and there’s a “regulatory news” section, looks like that ties to RNS releases? Still learning the new layout though so could well be wrong!

RtheHawk 19 Jun 2018

Is anyone still here? Does anyone know how to find thr news feeds or have they gone. I find the site confusing. I suspect there may be an update on SolGold

Guemes 18 Jun 2018

Is anyone still here? Since the merger I have moved pretty much all of my investments out of this broker. Now they have pretty much ruined the portfolio/discussion side.

onedb1 07 Jun 2018

Still Long not moved out Just quiet as for now we are clearly in a consolidation / ranged type area . I felt it wasn't going to last long but it has instead. Timing wrong but don't think this will disappoint . Still nothing has made me change by view that this is the bottom of forming cup . Consolidation is the phase we are in now . Very simialr to Q1 for oil stocks who fell and stayed ranged bound in Feb and March . Copper is FLYING and in rude health again . A big move in Copper has had zero effect on Solg ! Spot the divergence ... Will exit only sub 20p with a 7p loss , and believe the breakout to be at 27/28p ! Being very patient here but given the ever increasing resources ( of gold too) and a very bullish copper chart ( plus what a jump today ) , the 12 bidders will come in with renewed bids soon !Staying long ! Position as usual stuck at 20 and 27.25 ! . Only 2 and will add on breakout

Diggin4gold 07 Jun 2018

Re: Just a matter of time.... …..there be gold in them there hills...………….

Mr Chilligoat 07 Jun 2018

Just a matter of time.... "With this new discovery at Cisne Loja, SolGold's exploration teams led by experienced geologists have now successfully defined targets indicative of large mineralised porphyry Cu systems and /or epithermal gold systems in 10 regional projects. "

Seagull2 07 Jun 2018

oh oh doesn't look good today another rns, so could now have a massive gold mine as well as 3 massive copper mines in the future ! could be heading sub 10p today ! hold on to your hats!

jilted 06 Jun 2018

Rio Tinto [link] that Rio are selling their stake in the Grasberg copper mine for $3.5BN, Indonesia want to have more control of their own assets. Rios divestments this year netting $8bn !They just sold a stake a coal mie in Aus for $200m. Wonder what they're going to do with all this cash !?Market analysts positive on copper.