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01:17 20/02/2014

Hi JohnJ, you're probably right, but there is a slim chance that Ecuador may want not to put all their mining eh

13:24 19/02/2014

buys at 9p, good.

15:04 12/02/2014

didn't that court order tell you that you couldn't do that in public anymore?

14:56 12/02/2014

why, bubs, what-ya know?

14:54 12/02/2014

yep, I have

14:19 06/02/2014

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13:10 25/10/2013

Well we just breached it! So much for charts and AIM stocks

04:53 24/10/2013

fellastheres a techie chart guy telling me 9p is going to be hard to breach if it does crack it 11p in no time but charts no not pointing us there yet.hold on for payday fellas