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MXO Stuartyboy999 18 Nov 2014

Or should I say our year!!

MXO Stuartyboy999 18 Nov 2014

Happy days are coming All our hard earned dosh ins with Stefan now, he's back on the 26th.. News flow will start soon and like all other AIM Comps, when news comes this price will fly and momentum will build and we will be off.. So much to come psa news , licences etc etc.. I have invested HEAVY in MXO like many other.. Our day is A COMING!!!!

FENR JoseFrio 18 Nov 2014

Re: Today Not aware of any comment. The share is in a downtrend since the last results. I'm gambling that it is significantly overshot and will soon start creeping up. The biggest problem is that the low oil price must be affecting coal production. Nevertheless they seem cheap to me at this price.

AFCR More4us 18 Nov 2014

AFCR institutions still loading up 57m friday/10m yesterday and 3m so far today @0.63..

ARMS one4all 18 Nov 2014

could see a rise if they sort out finance waiting for NR to deliver some news

TPET zombynation 18 Nov 2014

TPET are trying to turn this around and looks like have learned the hard way. The price and mkp provides vast upside and certainly is not a sell at 0.5 of a penny. Its a screaming buy for a big recovery. Even if the price hits 4p you will have made nearly 800%.

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

strange jump

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

7.4 paid and then sells down to 7p

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

PTV money moving this way?

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014


UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

BBY Butterflybill 18 Nov 2014

Re: I don't care... Disbursement to shareholders?

APC II Editor 18 Nov 2014

NEW ARTICLE: The week ahead... "Monday 17 NovemberFollowing the G20 summit in Brisbane, we expect to hear about any progress regarding the G20's competitive growth strategy, which aims to lift global growth by at least 2% above its current path. Japan will announce its ..."[link]

BBY Field Marshall Lodl 18 Nov 2014

Re: I don't care... Indeed. Yes, answer that one BB.

UEN BuyBAO 18 Nov 2014

time to buy/add?