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SMDR city watcher 18 Nov 2014

Re: RNS -Whoops! Surely this is a gift now with all the excitement of some more bidding to come. But only from companies that have done their sums right and CAN afford this prestigious oil exploration company.May not be rewarded fully in time for Christmas though![link]

3IN alpal 18 Nov 2014

Re: Investment in la Sante prison PPP There's a gremlin that grabs my mouse and makes me buy shares in AIM companies. My latest brilliant investment is in a company where the directors 'bought' shares but it turned out they had actually sold 10 times as many in a 'structured' deal. The shorters are having a field day!

PTV pelleas 18 Nov 2014

Rise continuing Could this be a classic case of buy the rumour and sell the news?

LVD oldjoe1 18 Nov 2014

LVD Broker Posts BUY....... David Buik ‏@truemagic68 15m15 minutes ago ScotlandPanmure's Paul Jones posts a 'BUY' recommendation for LAVENDON GROUP

UEN TassOil 18 Nov 2014

Re: We have lift off!! probably close at 12p today like last time, so few shares in issue it can only go up from here

IRG More4us 18 Nov 2014

37k buy big JV talk with DNO

EMED davegrace 18 Nov 2014

something afoot, 1ml traded 1st 3 mins?

SMDR Noddy 18 Nov 2014


MWA Rogen83 18 Nov 2014

Gold on the move back up $1192 oz last

SHG Rogen83 18 Nov 2014

Gold on the move back up $1192 last

ACHL Vincentinvestor1 18 Nov 2014

P/B ratio During the past 13 years, the highest P/B Ratio of Asian Citrus Holdings Ltd was 1.98. The lowest was 0.16. And the median was 0.74.Asian Citrus Holdings Ltd's P/B Ratio of today is 0.16.12 x current SP would give you 98 pence / share ( the highest P/B Ratio )4.6 x current SP would give you 41 pence / share ! median P/B Ratio )I will settle for a quick 100% gain from current P/B Ratio of today is 0.16 imo

UEN rapid ranger 18 Nov 2014

We have lift off!! Urals Energy Public Company Limited ADRA dismissed by 2nd Court of Appeal in Moscow RNS Number : 2508X Urals Energy Public Company Limited 18 November 2014 18 November 2014 Urals Energy PCL ("Urals Energy" or the "Company" ADRA dismissed by 2(nd) Court of Appeal in Moscow The Board of Urals Energy (AIM: UEN), the independent exploration and production company with operations in Russia, announces that it has received notification from the Moscow Court of Cassation (the 2(nd) level appeal court in Moscow) that the Company has won its case concerning Urals Energy's appeal against the ruling of the 1(st) level appeal court in Moscow to grant Russian court jurisdiction in respect of the claim by UEN Cyprus Limited to recover the sum of US$41,652,000 from Urals Energy (the "ADRA". Further details of the ADRA have been announced previously, including on 23 July 2014. Urals Energy is also pleased to announce that it is in advanced discussions in relation to the withdrawal of all litigation between the Company and Mr. Viatcheslav Rovneiko and further announcements will be made at the appropriate time. - Ends -

MCR coolblues 18 Nov 2014

Robust delisted from ASX yesterday, will they now look to list in the UK on AIM via Mercer?

ACHL Vincentinvestor1 18 Nov 2014

ACHL at 9p: free lunch! you get everything for free, more than 4 million citrus trees ( all capex spend ) + 70 million pounds( diference between cash (180)and current market cap (110) )

CRA borgo22 18 Nov 2014

A glimmer of hope Credit, where credit is due - very good RNS this morning. Substantial order and good affect on the bottom line in due course hopefully.I had such high hopes for Corac and although good news today, at 4p the share price and market cap is so, so low.Perhaps this is the start of something. Had really about given up on Corac. Sleeping dogs and all that !Whatever happened to ENI, LOL.Back to putting head in the sand again with this bad boy ....