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Ripley94 18 Nov 2017

Re: ophir I have been buying more OPHR recently .on 24/11/14 Shareholders got 0.5719 OPHR shares for every 1 Salamander. ( that's how i got in )OPHR were worth 202p then ... Salamander were worth 115.9pOPHR shares have dropped to 61p now.

Ripley94 08 Mar 2015

Re: ophir I brought back in Oct 2011 having held a few years before . must of taken a rights up May 12. topped up twice DEC 14.Do not know much about ophir they seem to have a chart going back only to June 2011.I have worked out that if i had invested the same amount of money in ophir at the time of investing in smdr i would have fewer shares then i have now .so maybe it was not so bad for smdr ???Am i correct ?

chummer 03 Mar 2015

ophir My smdr shares value does have a small figure but no ophr value showing in my share trading account. Any news why this discrepancy?Others have same issue?

Panofscouse 03 Feb 2015

Re: Share Price If the deal with OPHR goes through, then each Salamander share would be worth 80p at today's price of Ophir (140p). The offer is for .5719 Ophir shares for each Salamander share (or cash), therefore valuing SMDR shares at a fraction over 80p - hence the upward movement of Salamander shares over the last few days which reflects the market's confidence that the deal will happen.

botmzup 02 Feb 2015

Re: Share Price well I was looking at the chart and a distinctive 123 reversal pattern has now developed, so maybe short term traders driving the sp which case we would be due a drop when this little spike fizzles out.There`s been some high volume numbers of late so could be seeing the bottom being established.OPHR has the same pattern so I`m wondering if the deal goes through whether its going to be a good thing for everybody concerned.Forgive my ignorance but both OPHR and SMDR have quite significant interests in gas, and does that not `miss the bullet` of the falling oil price to some extent because gas hasn`t lost the same kind of value???Can someone more in tune with the oil and gas market please enlighten me!Thanks

Chrissp 02 Feb 2015

Share Price Anyone got a theory for the sharp rise of 7% this morning?

Panofscouse 01 Feb 2015

Re: quiet Where are we going next? Straight into the arms of Ophir Energy, mate.

chummer 31 Jan 2015

quiet Bit quiet here despite fact that this share had moved back a bit upwards. where are we going next?

HamptonCaught 21 Jan 2015

Just had my notification of the offer which if nothing else, at least puts a timescale on things. 0.5719 Ophir shares for every Salamander share. Deadline is 3rd February, new shares will be active from 2nd March.,

ashershares 15 Jan 2015

Re: Ophir deal profitable? Cheers for getting back to me, the SMDR board seem pretty confident - confirming they turned down the previous offer - Letters of intent (all be it not huge percentages, are definitely swing votes and enough to convince other investors to follow suit). However, given the market differential between the two markets currently, that would suggest to me the market isnt confident.

gisajob 15 Jan 2015

Re: Ophir deal profitable? A cunning plan, ashershares.I don't think you need to do much calculating. Just compare the Salamander share price with 0.5719 x the Ophir price.As you suggest, the danger is that the proposed takeover fails, resulting in a fall in Salamander and a possible rise in Ophir.You need to take a view on the probability that the proposed takeover deal fails. And you need to decide how much money (if any) to risk.Hope it goes well for you.

ashershares 15 Jan 2015

Ophir deal profitable? Afternoon Guys, was hoping to run through some numbers with you all please. Looking at this from a trade at current prices - so take it from that respect. This is a short term trade around the take over of Salamander Im not sure Im right here - hence why I could do with someone else running the numbers too please. So I am Thinking of going long Salamander and Shorting Ophir of the same notional ValeSalamander Notional £1000Shares 1677Conversion rate given 0.5719Ophir Conversion Shares 959So I calculated that once the new shares have been introduced we get Ophir Market Cap at roughly (736m + 154m = 891m) - with conversion shares of 148.2m - giving total issued shares of 723.76m and a POST MERGER THEORETICAL SHARE PRICE of £1.23(I have a current conversion share price of 73.2p and thus Salamander are trading at 59p - thus potential profit if the merger goes through.)So i would have 959 shares @ £1.23 = £1181 = 18% profitOPHR Notional -£1000Shares -728 Price £1.28So these would also profit 3.8% from the fall. If Ophir continues to rise, the value of my Salamander shares also rises and actually increases the profit on the trade according to my spreadsheet. Obviously the time when I loses is when Ophir Rises and Salamander falls - but I see this as the only risk, with the assumption the deal goes through ....Peoples thoughts and corrections certainly welcome.Many thanks in advance and I hope this contributes to the discussion too Ashershares

jakartasaint 15 Jan 2015

Re: thatt SONA deal looks good now!! The SONA deal was based on over $100 a barrel! At $40 they surely cannot be interested in offering the same deal?

yancy 14 Jan 2015

Re: thatt SONA deal looks good now!! seems that SONA are still interested. our stuff must be pretty good!

chummer 13 Jan 2015

Re: thatt SONA deal looks good now!! ...and we are even bigger ones