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avno 24 Mar 2018

Re: De-listing They are still listed on the HK stock exchange. News since they were delisted on AIM is here:[link] to confirm all money is lost!

avno 24 Mar 2018

Re: De-listing They are still listed on the HK stock exchange. News since they were delisted on AIM is here:[link] to confirm all money is lost!

whitesnow10 10 Apr 2017

Re: De-listing why not? I've lost over £40,0000 with this bunch of toads. They have never had a credible CFO. Everyone on the Board appears to be called Ng. The company was in my opinion a fraud from start to finish, as are many AIM listed companies. They probably don even have any plantations, have you ever been to check? To join aim you just need to pay a fee. To leave, just stop paying the fee. It's like a golf club. It isn't regulated in any meaningful sense f the word.

john222 05 Apr 2017

Re: De-listing What a load of rubbish here this isnt worth zero they cant just delist and wander off with shareholders cash.............SURELY!

Bowman 24 Feb 2017

De-listing This share definitely looks to be heading to a de-listing from AIM. There is only another 4 weeks to go before the automatic de-listing comes into effect, i.e. 6 months after being suspended, and no news has been forthcoming from the Company.I am expecting a de-listing from the Hong Kong exchange to follow soon after, which will then be followed by a liquidation and "rescue" of the Company that wipes out all existing retail investors.100% loss on this one!

Bowman 26 Feb 2016

Re: ummmm We now have the interim results.I was looking for what will be happening to the Xinfeng Plantation, and found nothing specifically new. However, I did find this statement "The land currently occupied by the Group is leased from independent third parties, and has no commercial value." There were other statements that imply that investments in building and dedicated machinery related to Xinfeng Plantation had been written down (impairments). I could not find a specific statements that the Xinfeng Plantation lease has been or would be terminated, so the future of the plantation and its associated costs appears unknown.The Board is looking at new investment opportunities, so we will have to wait a while to see how the Company can compensate for the loss of its major plantation.The sp reacted nicely early this morning, but we will have to wait to see if it can recover further ground in the coming weeks.

Bowman 19 Feb 2016

Re: ummmm It is only one week until the interim results are to be issued, which will be pretty dire, so I am unsure that now is the time to buy, bearing in mind the last trading update.Hopefully there will be some information on what they plan to do with the Xinfeng Plantation now orange production has ceased permanently, but I am not that hopeful based on previous experience of their information flow It would appear that the typical Broker view is "Hold". Recent volume seems to be fairly low (250k/day for past 10 days compared with 650k/day over past year) so it looks as if that is what most investors are doing.

john222 19 Feb 2016

Re: ummmm well done what now buy at 3.5p?

lambrini girl 04 Feb 2016

Re: ummmm >>>SELL7p......2p target<<near enuff for a BANG ON!!

john222 11 Jan 2016

Re: Results out hmm you just don't feel in control in anyway with this company they could do or say anything certainly not pro shareholder....

LoadsaDosh2 30 Sep 2015

Results out If you can make any sense of them; either way looks horrendous. Loss of 4p or 10p per share !

LoadsaDosh2 29 Sep 2015

Re: Where are the results?? I have been watching the trading since Friday and every single trade has been a sell (based on selling price of 8.5 or so) and yet the price has not really dropped. Strange? Guess it will move tomorrow.

Bowman 25 Sep 2015

Re: Where are the results?? Strange wording. "to verify certain payments made by a subsidiary of the Company to one of its major suppliers, for which goods have been delivered to and received by the Group" seems to imply that an over-payment was made, rather than fraudulent invoicing. It seems what was ordered was delivered, so either it should not have been ordered on behalf of the Company, or their are payment irregularities.We shall see the impact next Wednesday; only another 2 (working) days to wait.It appears the delay and the additional uncertainty has scared a few people today judging by the drop, although the volume was not exactly large.

LoadsaDosh2 25 Sep 2015

Re: Where are the results?? Postponed to 30th; auditors unhappy with something.

LoadsaDosh2 25 Sep 2015

Re: Where are the results?? Strange to be suspended in HK but not here. Not much dealing today and over half of it was mine (not all reported)!