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Ripley94 18 Nov 2018

Toped up. What a twerp Kryptes is ( used to post as orchard Gate lol )

Rhino1958 15 Aug 2018

Great results Leo Quinn, Group Chief Executive, said, "All our businesses are now either achieving industry standard margins or on track to do so in the second half. The disciplines installed under Build to Last are also enabling us to increase the order book with key infrastructure projects to translate Balfour Beatty’s expert capabilities into future profitable growth. “Given the strength of our balance sheet and the Board’s confidence that the Group’s full year earnings will meet expectations, we are raising the interim dividend by 33% and plan to repay the outstanding convertible bonds this year.”

II Editor 08 Jun 2018

NEW ARTICLE: Trends and Targets for 8/06/2018 " FTSE FOR FRIDAY (FTSE:UKX) When the London exchange managed to sleep in for an extra hour on Thursday morning, we'd hoped to see the market essentially give their intentions away with some "surprise" movements. Instead, it experienced a ..."[link]

Flashboy 30 Apr 2018

Re: Any Ona Know Ex-Divi Date

aimforthesky 29 Apr 2018

Re: Any Ona Know Ex-Divi Date 2.4 p ex 19/4 pay 6/7

Special A Gent 17 Apr 2018

Any Ona Know Ex-Divi Date Had a look on BBY website but could not find a dateLast year it was 20th April so assuming the same for this year Regards S.A.G.

viko 08 Mar 2018

Bca marketplace share look cheap Bca on the bounce worth a look

Didledum 02 Feb 2018

Re: BBY BBY has been shorted for a few days !It is not another Carillion !!

kryptes 23 Jan 2018

Re: stropped up. What a clown

Ripley94 17 Jan 2018

Re: Toped up. Kryptes aka TW.Upset about Tung we will not be seeing you there again i ques lolTake a look at sound moneys post on SHP bb yesterday.sums you right up .

frog in a tree 16 Jan 2018

Re: Toupée'd up. It seems to me that the collapse of Carillion takes out a major competitor. There is now the possibility that bidding for contracts will be less cut-throat in the future. I think that BBY may profit from this mess.CheersF

kryptes 16 Jan 2018

Re: Toped up. Another brilliantly useful post from Ripley. Can't remember if he owns the share, can't remember the failed bid from Carillion, can't even spell either Carillion or 'topped' and brags about 'topping up' just before BB's JV partner goes well and truly bust, leaving a £45 million loss for BB to fill.Some village must be missing him.

axolotl 16 Jan 2018

Re: Toped up. Toped up? Carrilion's downfall was triggered by hedge funds, not topiary.

Ripley94 15 Jan 2018

Re: Toped up. Lucky they were not taken over by carrillion just a couple of years ago .Share price fell 3.25% because of that collapse of clln into administration.

Ripley94 14 Jan 2018

Re: Toped up. Could recall if i held this share ( W ) more transferred in .Do i recall correctly these being in trouble a couple of years back and Carrillion making an offer ?They are the biggest construction group carrilloin ( if they survive today the second )