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boredofblogs 07 Feb 2018

Re: AMAZING PROSPECTS AND RNS! The last holdings rns shows a mr Zhang Hao increase his stake considerably .. any lth with more have any idea why?

Skint Taff 06 Feb 2018

Re: AMAZING PROSPECTS AND RNS! Please do elaborate on this story!

izzy bear 06 Feb 2018

Re: AMAZING PROSPECTS AND RNS! Just another meaningless RNS, they had a payment from their Nigerian investment months ago, and since there has been dilution after dilution, is it not about time MX sold all it's investments, shared the money, what is left of it, around investors, and call it a day, as I feel this company is going nowhere,

alltold9 06 Feb 2018

AMAZING PROSPECTS AND RNS! Forget all the doom and gloom in the markets today and the sea of red, look at the blue MXO, that tells a story in itself.

podgy1 15 Sep 2017

Broaden the market Well he new sweet nothing about oil and i should imaging he knows sweet nothing about anything else......... Except fund raising and that only bough profits and wages for them and the 10% mark up. seems History is repeating itself a third time, Lol.

izzy bear 29 Jun 2017

Well they were a big improve on last year, and i'm thinking, had they not had a problem with the Nigerian Field that stopped production, then maybe MX would have made a profit, now it's up and running again, then hopefully income will start to flow..We also have the investment in Grenada, which could increase income in the months ahead, so fingers crossed.I feel it's far to early to write off yet as the Nigerian asset does hold a certain amount of value. so has to be a "Hold" for me.Hope your well Podg

podgy1 23 Jun 2017

Re: where is the Hey Izzy. Ever get a feeling you have been here before? Sameo sameo. why invest 5 mill in their wages and and a field we/they see nothing out of? $43 a BARREL Bear market go figure?There must be something to these people paying a premium for shares not worth 0.7p now. i Recon it will go private once enough % has been accumulated and they will get the rest for .1p?

izzy bear 11 May 2017

Re: where is the and where is the money from the Nigerian oil field, as we have received no news on payments, only the one for $1,2 six months ago, and what is happening in Grenada, is the company finished in Mexico, We need some information, and soon

one4all 11 May 2017

where is the economical with the truth Stefan

one4all 03 Mar 2017

question nobody has answered what is the production cot per barrel

izzy bear 17 Feb 2017

Re: 1.5billion shares Yes it's been a long time since the days of WV and PPA, so hoping there are better things to come from MX, I have a good holding in Metal Tiger and Amedeo, which i feel could produce good returns in the future, as both seem to be going the right way, both debt free with good investments and cash in the bank,Now hoping MX comes up with the goods, Have a good w/end

podgy1 16 Feb 2017

Re: 1.5billion shares Izzy

podgy1 16 Feb 2017

Re: 1.5billion shares Glad to see your still about Izzi............ How long have we been here now? 9-10 years.Ascent, 88e and sound been multi baggers for me and now only 5k shy of 2007 now lol.PRS AND Red Emp, Roxi only15% 30% 30% off now which would clear the 5k Lol.

izzy bear 16 Feb 2017

Re: 1.5billion shares Hi Podgy....The placing could have something to do with their MoD (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Government of Grenada, Although they are getting payments from their Nigerian asset, the deal with Grenada may need some funding, if, and it's a BIG IF, they get licences and strike oil, then the 1.5 billion shares could be worth quite a bit, just have to wait and see what happens, sometimes you have wait for the ink to dry before news is released.but would be nice to hear something in the near future,Like you it must be a hold for now.

podgy1 16 Feb 2017

1.5billion shares Still cant work out why anyone would pay over the top for a company earning what is it 200-250k a year for their % of PR Investment? The No of shares has over quadrupled in a year. No news for months on income or what they received from PR? Unless I MISSED IT?