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Ripley94 14 Mar 2018

Winnifrith Interesting time for him to ramp on his blog with Theresa May expelling Russians in parliament statement.35p 8th Dec 2016 five year low.Jumped to 165p 27 April 2017 .Falling back to 60p 4 Jan 2018.Then 121p by 21 Jan 2018 .Appears was some sort of consolation as well. Down 15% to 85p today .Talk about risky.. lol

Skint Taff 06 Feb 2018

Re: NEWS IMMINENT? BIDDERS? Still watching!!

alltold9 24 Jan 2018

Re: NEWS IMMINENT? BIDDERS? Watch late trading!

alltold9 23 Jan 2018

Re: NEWS IMMINENT? BIDDERS? Agree, knockdown price to get a takeout at bargain basement price. Punters have seen through the smokescreen and onwards and upwards to £2+ imhho

woodcroft53 23 Jan 2018

Re: NEWS IMMINENT? BIDDERS? All IMHO of course and forgive the predictive text 'so' should read 'sp'GLA

woodcroft53 23 Jan 2018

Re: NEWS IMMINENT? BIDDERS? Just be careful as this dog is still 50% shy of its pre- consolidation so from 6 months ago and the so has been manipulated beyond belief imo to accommodate a TO at a knockdown price without having to pay a premium on the pre-consolidation price

alltold9 22 Jan 2018

NEWS IMMINENT? BIDDERS? Well worth watching. With a M/c of only £12million and a p/e ratio of 1.35 this could be a little gem an bag in multiples. High risk high gain!!

MartinRTucker 21 Sep 2017

Re: Wait for it! I'm out of UEN now, I may regret it but took 50% loss. This was before yesterdays 17% rise. In my honest opinion, yesterdays rise was probably a pump and dump, next few days will make this obvious.

woodcroft53 21 Sep 2017

Wait for it! Have I been right in that this share has been hugely manipulated to walk down the price for a cheap takeover (by our current majority shareholder even?)Remember that the correct current price should be around GBP1.60 i.e. pre consolidation price 8p x 20. The rise can't be on the back of the second tanker shipment as that is at least a month away so lots of shenanigans going on. - Funny that the volume increases 20 fold and no announcement from UEN? - Lets wait and see

MartinRTucker 11 Sep 2017

Re: What a Joke Im going to be honest, I have sold today. lost more than 50% of my initial investment. This has really become a joke. When it was a penny share, it was ok, it fluctuated all the time., but its not a penny share anymore, but probably will be again soon. Good luck all. Moved into SOLO, hoping to make up the loss there...

woodcroft53 11 Sep 2017

What a Joke 3-1/2 grands worth of shares traded can manage to wipe 10% off the value of the company and not a peep from the joke board of directors . Time to do some digging into Mr Shragers past directorships I think - more to follow!

woodcroft53 08 Sep 2017

Worth Noting from their own website in bold letters;UK City Code on Takeovers and MergersAs an AIM traded company incorporated in Cyprus, Urals Energy is not subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation.

woodcroft53 05 Sep 2017

Re: Nearly 60% Down Seen it far too many times with AIM listed companies - The directors are all in it to take the cream off the top and don't give a stuff about joe bloggs investors like us . AIM listing means very few regulations to comply with and easy to manipulate the share price . This lot promising dividends but paying for it with our own money after the sp dropping 60% since they consolidated the shares. I said it would happen but unfortunately didn't heed my own warning . If it turns out that Impex are manipulating a cheap takeover attempt I will go on a one man crusade and make their life a misery. End of rant (for now)

MartinRTucker 05 Sep 2017

Re: Nearly 60% Down Im still here too, I too have sent numerous emails asking whats going on where has my investment gone.... But alas, no response...

woodcroft53 04 Sep 2017

Nearly 60% Down Since consolidation 1.60 to 70p and not a single explanation given by the poor excuse for directors of this company . How can 2grands worth of trades drop the value of the company by almost 3% other than pure underhand manipulation. I have written to UEN via the Nomad as UEN themselves make it impossible for shareholders to have direct contact. I have also written to AIM investigations team who have at least acknowledged my correspondence which is more than I can say for Shrager and co. the pure lack of any posts on here I have the feeling that I am the only PI left. If there is a takeover attempt on the cheap by our 48% majority shareholder I will make it my life's ambition to investigate by all means possible what has been going on behind the scenes over the past 6 months.