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Thomas Tallis 19 Apr 2018

Last two days - nice rise Good to see it going up.Could this be the start of the big turnaround and back to 13p?

vekta 03 Feb 2018

Re: Gold up but no interst in the shares Thomas, the reason for lack of interest is contained in the statement on their website "The Company is focused on its flagship asset, the New Luika Gold Mine (New Luika), located in southwest Tanzania" it's Tanzania! exactly why I sold out (at a loss!).[link]


Re: Gold up but no interst in the shares Gold Stocks Falling Sharply Following Trump Comments On DollarWASHINGTON (Alliance News) - Gold stocks have moved sharply lower in afternoon trading on Thursday, resulting in a 2.6% slump by the NYSE Arca Gold Bugs Index. The index ended the previous session at its best closing level in over four months.The weakness among gold stocks comes as the price of the precious metal has come under pressure in electronic trading after President Donald Trump expressed support for a strong dollar in an interview with CNBC.


Re: Gold up but no interst in the shares Hi TT, I guess you will see the gold price rise firstly reflected in the large cap gold shares before dribbling down to the small caps. Smith & Williamson fund I follow has risen a little but not much as you say.I also hear / think Bitcoin has seen speculative money go it's way over gold so may take a bit longer (no joke intended) to filter back to large caps.atb

Thomas Tallis 25 Jan 2018

Gold up but no interst in the shares The gold price has gone above $1,350 but the shares of SHG are not rising.Unbelievable!It's not just SHG, other junior PM stocks are equally lacklustre.There's something wrong somewhere.

Thomas Tallis 21 Jan 2018

Re: A dividend but no investor interest ... Thanks for replying IOMINVESTCOM .Yes, you are right. Let's hope any takeover price reflects the true value of SHG.


Re: A dividend but no investor interest - wh... Hi TT,Just so you know you are not alone...80)I'm wondering before then if SHG is in a position to start paying a dividend which is a good thing that a larger company takes them out before next year.atb

Thomas Tallis 19 Jan 2018

A dividend but no investor interest - why not SHG announced that they could be paying a dividend - what great news, so why has there been a lack of interest. The share price is now a touch below what it was before the announcement and no one apart from me has bothered to comment on here.What's up? Do people not believe the board means what they say? Is Tanzania to risky after what the government did to the mining industry?Let's hope that this time next year we are collecting our dividend, a well deserved reward for hanging on in the face of all the risks.

Thomas Tallis 18 Jan 2018

What will a dividend do the the SP? 20p ?

Thomas Tallis 18 Jan 2018

Dividends possibly? likely? From today's RNS -"Q4 2017 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONAL UPDATE...Management to evaluate dividend policy in Q4 2018 following ongoing deleveraging of the Company balance sheet."[link]


Re: Ticking upwards before news Hi JC1973,Yes, good to see some signs of life to the SP.I'm watching if the SP can break above the 200 ema @ 5.75 on decent volume.atb

jc1973 04 Jan 2018

Ticking upwards before news SHG is ticking upwards. I think that there will be news later this month.

Taddish 03 Jan 2018

Re: Value of SHG Gold defied resistance today and despite looking overbought is presently at $1321/oz, well over 1% rise. Would be nice to see some good news on the political issues too.Tad

Taddish 08 Dec 2017

Value of SHG At 5p and roughly 768m shares on issue, the market cap is now £38m. Latest published financials (H1 2017) show a reduction in pre-tax loss to just £0.7m, so all things being equal, we could expect a small profit in H2. Such a recent rise in the share price must be more than simply a continuation of this profit trend. The CEO share purchase is relatively small, so I discount that too, although it could well be a sign that the company has achieved a breakthrough in its dealings with the local government. This week's analyst presentation emphasising the efforts SHG have made to contribute to and comply with Tanzania's government demands, and by implication the uplift in profit that would accrue should the government decide to treat SHG more fairly at last.The most obvious question on seeing the presentation is how close SHG are to getting MDA status and preferential tax treatment. We can only guess how they answered it.Fingers crossed, and a strong hold for me/Tad

monkeynuts3 08 Dec 2017

More Director Buying SP up 15% LONDON (Alliance News) - Shanta Gold Ltd said on Friday Chief Executive Officer Eric Zurrin and Interim Chief Financial Officer Luke Leslie bought shares on Thursday.Zurrin bought 200,000 shares at a price of 4.13 pence each, whilst Leslie bought 765,000 shares at 4.25 pence each.