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19:28 24/06/2016

Well done to those who voted for LEAVE. Let Scotland vote to leave the UK if they wish. Don't get me wrong, I love the Scottish people but there is no way they can stand on their own without the financial input from the UK. Just how long will they last I wonder??

12:39 24/06/2016

RNS in OEX !. Bargain. will move soon

21:33 19/06/2016

Topped up Friday

17:04 11/06/2016

Good points pjsaxon. The boris bus should well have Benjamin Frankilin's words on it. If we vote Remain we have voted to be ruled by European bureaucrats that we neither elected nor can remove. We shall have surrendered total control for many generations to come.

15:39 11/06/2016

The UK will lead and others will follow.

15:37 11/06/2016

The EU is broken beyond fixing. The only way forward is BREXIT

12:49 11/06/2016

The EU is like a sinking Titanic. Why do we want to go down with it. If we remain we shall have all sorts forced on us ........... including the euro !!

12:47 11/06/2016

opulentia, I agree with you. My vote is for exit as well. I did not vote 40 years ago to join the common market even. The EU is not about a common market now. They just want a European State where everything is controlled from Brussels. We managed before outside their "club" and we shall do so again.

18:44 07/06/2016

what price per share take over????

20:53 11/05/2016

There is Oil and there is hope but GKP management didn't know how to run the company. It seems they are ignorant. They are just enjoying their huge pay packages and bonuses. If company is in so bad shape why they are still keeping an army of expat consultants in Erbil? Burning shareholder hard earned earning.