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14:29 11/10/2016

Dear BB Authors, Please do not postulate the share price post restructuring on 14-OCT-16 as there are several options still open for GKP BOD. No body knows the outcome till it has actually happened. Further, GKP BOD can extend the outcome of restructuring till 14-DEC-16. So I request the BB authors not to spread unnecessary fear or panic to existing share holders. Thanks BBRQ648

09:49 24/09/2016
11:15 07/09/2016

Letter from HSBC being shredded as I type! Last roll of the dice me thinks.

14:08 26/08/2016

JLP slowly creeping up again...

14:05 26/08/2016

AVN bid TALK Avanti Communications [link]

14:04 26/08/2016
10:08 10/08/2016

platinum up massive 2%... platinum producer, SLP, is moving higher. target double digit.

10:01 03/08/2016

Share Question - With regard to the 20 for 9 share offer if I had 1,000 shares would I have 2,222 new shares as well as the original 1,000 shares giving me a total of 3,222?

13:20 02/08/2016

So, if shares are set to slump dramatically on Friday, why is everybody not selling their shares now? Can someone explain this to me please...

07:57 02/08/2016

What is likely to happen to GKP's share price after the SGM on Friday? What are the possible outcomes please? Would appreciate someone's views on this