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20:50 11/05/2016

Can anybody help me understand why CEO and CFO got bonuses for 2015 while the result of their great job is that company is suffering?

20:44 11/05/2016

Shareholders are suffering while management enjoy bonuses at GKP.

20:44 05/05/2016

MA: Please state the book order as buy or sell so as we all can understand without ambiguity.

21:09 26/04/2016

Directors talk sunday-times-explorers-face-debt-deadlines-gulf-keystone

15:42 15/04/2016

look at those buy in WRES

14:53 15/04/2016

SBLM JLP are cheap now. huge potential to multibag compared to GKP. yesterday was RPO, today GKP...

13:30 14/04/2016

This company is another Aim mess with false expectations there is no oil, that's why no company is prepared to come on board. I should have sold out when I had a chance. No hope left in this dog.

15:24 13/04/2016

Buy Volume 13,530,167 Trade Low 6.50 Sell Volume 5,142,241 Trade High 7.50 ? Volume 43,063 VWAP 7.05 Total Volume 18,715,471

In the BB state clearly that April 2016 Bond Interest payment. It is due on 17 Apr 2016.

19:36 23/03/2016

At this critical stage, GKP BOD should call for an “Emergency meeting” in London to discuss with available options with IIs and PIs.
In this meeting, GKP should come up with PROS & CONS against each of the available options.
Prepare an agenda for an “Emergency Meeting” and allow for AOB for participants to say other options that were not considered by GKP BOD.