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13:55 28/07/2017

@ShareTips6 @ais84 @investorman_9 Quadrise Fuels (QFI) BREAKING NEWS Energy and Environment [link] ….

13:40 29/06/2017

Chris,check out ECHO ENERGY it could be about to fly on a take-over of ANDES ENERGIA who have just been suspended ! was hinted at by fat malcy a while back and seems to be a blinder of a play !

11:57 09/05/2017

@ShareTips6 #DRILLING #PET #CLON talk drill ship has been hired from Tullow in Ghana and ratification will be announced..

13:17 02/03/2017

news coming soon at CLP 14% up within 2 hr

15:31 28/02/2017

John ,checkout MAYAN ENERGY ( LON:MYN ) about to go on the move ,potential huge re-rate from current well testing !

12:05 19/01/2017

ANGS moving up

11:29 13/12/2016

GKP now getting abit of support which is good to see ! Kodal Minerals looks like breaking out shortly as I said earlier

10:30 13/12/2016

pleased I added more at 120p has been a seat of pants ride lately but maybe the future is brighter now ! also buying Kodal Minerals at moment as could be a tasty gainer on new lithium assets

12:53 09/12/2016

getting quite tight now on L2 so could be in auction soon IMVHO

12:45 09/12/2016

decided to add to my holding after the consolidation ! also going to buy a big chunk of Kodal Minerals later - new junior lithium play about to get moving !