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16:59 12/02/2014

FTSE Listing - I read somewhere that there are quartlery meetings to decide on companies to include in list and next one is in March... Just wondering if GKP could aim for that

16:57 12/02/2014

FTSE listing - statement at end of Dec said they would be pushing for ftse listing for early 2014 or as soon as possible

16:56 12/02/2014

Anyone with guesses as to where GKP is with its goal of getting FTSE listing? Looked at listing rules and says company must pass "liquidity tests" - is that a problem for GKP??

13:54 10/02/2014


14:13 06/02/2014

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14:09 02/08/2012

Hi Utd0Leeds10 welcome to the forum and congrats for being the first to post in the shiney new forum here!

Lots of oilies have been hit this year. Im looking for an entry point a bit lower than this. If I miss it, my bad, but willing to risk it.

Good luck!