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11:44 01/08/2016

154 signatures to date

11:43 01/08/2016

GKP Petition Please sign

11:42 01/08/2016
08:40 01/08/2016

Can anyone explain what's going on with GKP? I have shares bought at 5.00. What are the possible scenarios and likely events that will move the share prices? Should I sell or hold?

07:47 01/08/2016

Hi, I'm holding share in GKP which I bought 5.00. Could someone briefly explain in layman's terms what's happening with GKP and what this is likely to mean for its share price? Am I best off selling them now? Or should I hold on to them? Would appreciate some thoughts on this please

21:27 31/07/2016

GKP Petition

21:26 31/07/2016
21:26 31/07/2016

Everyone please sign

19:30 24/06/2016

Reality needs to kick in just like it did yesterday in the UK and Wales.

19:29 24/06/2016

Had they voted to leave the UK last time round they would be bankrupt by now.