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19:10 25/10/2015

Ma'am it's 5$ per word for an obituary, with a 5 word minimum. "Ok, them -Mcquire died, Volvo for sale."

19:08 25/10/2015

A joke, told by Valintino Sammarco, West Point ,a vet, a judge retired. "McGuire wrot her husbands obituary, mcquire died."

19:05 25/10/2015

1.5 billion barrels of oil in the ground Fogl sea lion, zee, izzy, humpback, valued @ $3.00 = 4.5 billion $'s /by 500 million shares= $9.00 a share or "sunny days."

18:59 25/10/2015

Dos Equis beer! My prior trip to Cancun 20 years ago is a " omen" that the 2 oil reservoirs stacked one on top of the other is going to make my 56,200 shares a million dollars for me again. The Mexican Peso 1 million worth cost me $307.00, and my $.30.7 cents may be worth 1 million $s with 1 billion barrels of oil in two humpback stacked oil discoveries.

14:49 23/10/2015

Falkland Islands Gross domestic product (2007) was 164 million dollars. Fogl stock price @$1.50 will be equal to 10 times the GDP of the Falklands.

14:38 23/10/2015

Ask Shell ,Royal Dutch they gave up on the artic, and should sue Exxon for bad information.

14:37 23/10/2015

Exxon will be the last to admit failure in oil research in the Falkland Islands. Xom has a Kara Sea Dry hole that they lost 700 million $'s , but what stinks is they lied to President Putin and the World that they have a billion barrel oil discovery.

14:33 23/10/2015

Nbl is finding more oil , thicker oil, in fantastic sandstone with great permeability. The little Islands , the Falklands will become the welalthest nation on planet earth, "without the 100% non-working entitled people of Saudi Arabia.

14:29 23/10/2015

The 30 billion will be discovered when NBL, noble oil figures out the ancient lakes formed as the Scotia Sea structure ,specifically, the northern wall of the structure pushed east toward South Africa. You are in a stock that sits on these resources. Good luck, hold and stay convinced.

14:26 23/10/2015

I have 44 years , 4 books (all unnoticed) in earth science. This BB you people have ?,- a minimum of 30 billion barrels of oil in Fogl southern basin leases.