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14:40 20/10/2015

Nbl is smart to dig to the basement. Every oil reservoir is stacked as the overflow of fresh water organic flowers over that northern wall of the eastward heading Scotia Sea structure.

14:38 20/10/2015

Here comes the sun, I like that , Fogl is rising. The people that sold are dumb, or playing with, "rent" Money.

14:35 20/10/2015

That Scotia Sea structure, the northern wall, now east west facing underwater mountains, has a progressive age as we go east. The ancient lakes now oil reservoirs get older as you head east. Darwin well is the oldest 120 million years old. Gas and condensates, light oil easy lie converted to fuel. It's needed to mix with any heavy oil to move it through a pipeline. It's valuable the 250 million barrels in Darwin. Every mile to the east makes the oil reservoirs 100,000 years older. 100 miles And the oil is 1 million year older. That's the facts.the oil in starfish is the oldest oil.

14:05 20/10/2015

efagie , I want to congratulate you. Your reading of River channel, delta fans into lakes and ponds, and seeing attachments is astounding. You have a focus that grown ups loose at 13! Let me add to your analysis, I'm 10! This plate tectonics is Nonsence. The Scotia sea structure proves it. The " graben Nonsence " they preach for anything downslope is there solution of a low area. That northern wall of the Scotia Sea structure moved, pushed by ice cap that covered the entire "fresh water " Pacific Ocean, 120 million years ago. It took 30 million years for that Scotia Sea structure to form. Your downslope flows , rivers , created, delta fan structures , that carried fresh water organic material to settle in lakes now oil reservoirs. The entire Fitzroy, Diomedia fan all the way to Herslia , starfish, are repetitive stacked ancient lakes filled with oil sands. Nice of you to read the 3D details. Good job! John Delano, author Academia .edu

13:50 20/10/2015

They hit giant oil at Tiber ,well in GoM @ 37,000 feet ! Your knowledge is 1970's smarts. The secret is in the salt, the halite, it disapates heat. Rewind history and travel on the Transsiberian Rail road. At the station bags, ,burlap bags of "rock salt" is heated and placed under your seat, in winter " nun---, and the heat from the salt releases the heat slowly.

13:45 20/10/2015

No oil at 5,000 meters is "rubish ." What the Macondo blowout was @18,000 feet.

15:33 16/10/2015

You didn't read the RNS from give away of an additional 32% is for the DEEPER oil only. Our guy said quit I'll take what we found , but noble oil knows the oil is deeper and the discovery will"unrisk the hundreds of miles to the Hersila fan complex.

15:26 16/10/2015

Make that 20% says Fogl after noble read Donald Trumps "Deal" book.

15:24 16/10/2015

Your Noble oil and someone offers you 32.5%(humpback) , what good is the treasure (oil) if was another situation. A dry hole has no value, so why even get a deal for 32.5% of nothing? Noble ,' sidetrack is a drilling problem. The tools are jammed. You cut them loose , cement them in a drill around the problem, the "Sidetrack." Keep going, says Fogl! Are you going to pay says noble? Alright take 60% of whatever humpback hits' and leave me with 29%, says our leaders.

08:41 16/10/2015

SBLM moving up. hugely undervalued.