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14:23 23/10/2015

Norman, cousin of Robin Hood? Nice name, Ihave a new nephew, the name is Griffin, Grifith? What is the background of the name? Anybody.

19:36 21/10/2015

Now, do you see the axis of the Diamedia fan ancient lakes ,and this axis continues all the way to the Herslia Fan complex. I see in this downslope flows , rivers cascading over the northern wall(now underwater mountain) of the Scotia Sea Structure. The river channels are there, the stacked ancient lakes are there, and the words, "like shooting fish in a barrel" is appropriate.

19:31 21/10/2015

Question? The Gharwar , Saudi giant has a shape that clearly show the containment structure is an "Anticline", 120 miles (long axis) , 20 miles wide.

16:28 21/10/2015

Dejaview, if your the detective type, I predicted oil in Zebedee, and oil in Isobel Deep and I am predicting 500 million barrels of oil for Humpback. I may have a question, that this BB can answer. The DNA of the oil shows "fresh water organic material as the precursor " of the southern basin Falkland Islands oil. The other question, is about the Darwin, 120 million years old oil , it's a light condensate. Will the younger oil to the east be thicker? The 15,000 foot deapth is not a hot spot that turns oil to gas. Below 20,000 feet and 457 degree Fahrenheit you get gas unless you have halite salt disapating the heat , and that's found in the santos and campos " pre salt " oil reservoirs of Brazil

16:10 21/10/2015

Dejaview, thank you for the johnnyT comment, he rubbed me the wrong way also. He may be right if no oil is found when Nbl drills deeper. Nbl will hit massive oil, based on my 44 years ,4 books on earth science research. I must look at fogl' balance sheet, and there is No Debt! The oil 261 million barrels before izzy and Zebedee will ad millions of more assets. The oil majors are being watchful of progress and if a blowout like "Macondo" happens in the Humpback well, they consider Fogl expendable, we loose 90%

15:58 21/10/2015

Johnny T , buy sell, make money, always trade the trend, and don't respect the regular , warren Buffet type hold people. Why rattle our cage? We have a plan , an agender. I personally worked many years trying to prove a new geology, and predicting oil in ancient lakes helps me prove my research, and should make me money. I know Nbl will hit massive stacked oil reservoirs below the first. Two more stacked reserfilled with oil according to the 3D seismically. I know the age of the oil reservoirs! The ones down below are older. Daahhh, no big deal, but the oldest condensate found in the Darwin well is older than the oil well drilled toward the east. Darwin is 120 million year old oil. The Scotia Sea structure pushed east at the rate of 6 inches per year. That's 41.3 miles in 413,000 years. Why ? That's my research, and you can see it all on academia.edu, where researchers share information.

14:55 20/10/2015

Fogl up 3.91% on LSE, I should keep on writing! The research is on Academia.edu, ref: John Delano ,author, old guy 3 years older then Albert Einstein when he died. I don't see a connection, but was fascinated by the Genious.

14:52 20/10/2015

That's the 6 inches per year Delano Constant.!

14:51 20/10/2015

That's "every mile east the reservoir is older." In 413,000 years , the M. milankovitch 413K orbit cycle the Scotia Sea Structure advanced eastward 41.3 MILES!

14:45 20/10/2015

Use your childish fascination with water overflowing that northern wall 120 million years ago. DNA of oil in the ancient lakes shows fresh water organic material! That's my research confirming that fact that the Pacific Ocean 120 million years ago was covered with a massive ice cap of FRESH water. You saw it here first. " The Origin of Mountains " John Delano author.