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Ohtaxes 27 May 2018

Re: FOGL .

ISAsensing 11 Apr 2017

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Molar man 22 Aug 2016

Re: FOGL Thank you for your kind response.

Kildonan01 22 Aug 2016

Re: FOGL If they were paper shares you should have had them converted, if electronic they would have been converted for you. Hope that helps as this BB is now "dead"

Molar man 22 Aug 2016

FOGL I had a few of these and failed to keep up with events! Do I now own shares in RKH. Or is it all lost?

psych8 02 Mar 2016

Rockhopper Exploration i made money out of Desire Petroleum, selling in small lots around a quid. unfortunately, i can't say the same about FOGL although i could have if i sold on the Zebedee result.now the Desire discussion is no more on iii unfortunately. i remember the day it took off, it was a Thursday in September in 2009, more accurately 10 September, on RNS that Desire Petroleum had contracted the Ocean Guardian oil rig.

videodawn 25 Jan 2016

Re: Last call from Sharkeys "Here comes the Sun !" says BorgoThe sun has set m8, everyone lost their shirt. Even Garbled is bust. If ever a lesson was to be learned eh?I will now go to the fuseboard and trip the circuit breaker. Come back in 2020 and tell us about it.

borgo22 23 Jan 2016

Last call from Sharkeys Goodbye FOGL and thanks for the ride !What an incredible experience - pre Liz who would have visioned Desire and FOGL both gone, Borders as near as gone and Rockhopper being king with a billion barrels in the bank. More practically who would have visioned after all of that, a Rockhopper share price of about 30p !FOGL played a great game and if Humpback had come in stronger, things would be very different. The southern basin will have its day, I am confident of that, but that day is for another decade unfortunately. On the bright side, those FOGL shareholders are hopefully still in the game with Rockhopper. Rockhopper were fortunate to have a strike with their first well and fortunate to agree the Premier deal in a different oil price era. They pulled a master stroke buying FOGL.The price of Rockhopper will be many multiples of where it is today, that's for sure. In the meantime, thanks to all the staff and contractors at FOGL. Thanks to all who posted on this and the Desire board ( a personal plea to OilBrat - come back mate ! ). Let's look forward to many more tales from the Barman and to success with Rockhopper. The King is dead, long live the King !!!Here comes the Sun !

luckyman2 20 Jan 2016

Re: So long fogl...hello rhk! It was exciting at times .A new beginning with RKH beckons.

Finners01 19 Jan 2016

So long fogl...hello rhk! Well, the last four years were ...interesting, if not good for my wealth. Better things to come with Rocky though. A good merger that should, when the PoO rises, bring the rewards that we all seek.Good luck to all contributors on this board. I've enjoyed reading your opinions... even those of Borgo..!!

gunggerdin 19 Jan 2016

Goodbye...... ......old friend.

Rikman63 19 Jan 2016

Scam Calls Hi All.Had a cold call from a foreign fella trying to buy my FOGL / RKH shares last night ! Listened to him for a while for amusement then asked him to keep talking as I was recording it for the police. Hung up ! R.

fecm 18 Jan 2016

Re: Vote? Yep, I no longer hold FOGL shares in my IWeb account (currently now called temp code 4317). I expect that close to 8am tomorrow my RKH holding will have significantly increased. I may also have made a small amount during the conversion.Looking forward to a brighter future with RKH who should be a pretty strong presence in the NFB.GLA.

Morforus 18 Jan 2016

Re: Vote? Too late to worry about it, it's all done and dusted. You should however, receive notification of your new Rockhopper shares or equivalent, in the near future.

dohms 18 Jan 2016

Vote? I have a small number of FOGL shares, and even less experience in the market.. However I haven't received any correspondence, snail mail or electronically, about the takeover/merger, nor any invitation to vote, one way or t'other.Should I have??