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17:19 14/12/2015

Serious BS going down here about ER.

09:48 24/11/2015

There's no RNS from FOGL?

09:44 24/11/2015

Good deal for FOGL

00:23 22/11/2015

ER stationary, we could have a spud by Monday am.

12:16 18/11/2015

ER should be over new wellhead(Isobel?) in 36 hours

12:07 18/11/2015

ER On the move at last.

13:15 12/11/2015

APC stock very very tight and undervalued at the Emex in London for the last 2 days.BIG TALK. A look into the future 14th NOV no less [link] To frack or not to frack: investing either way Hot tips if UK shale gas exploitation powers ahead... and if it doesn’t Robin Andrews 14 November 2015 APC Technology Group (7.25p) declare themselves to be a ‘provider of technologies developed to reduce energy consumption’: their time could be now. The group is profitable, although recent acquisitions have not worked well and will impact full-year results. But this seems to be recognised by the market, which only two years ago valued the shares at 65p. Following the appointment of a new managing director this looks like a recovery situation. And in such a confused energy landscape, we all need one of those....

18:41 05/11/2015

ER on the move North West?

12:26 31/10/2015

Any suggestions? I know my "Ice Flow Theory" can figure out the reason for the illogic of deeper water moving southeast from the Falkland Islands toward that massive underwater mountain, the northern wall of the east ward moving part of the Scotia Sea Structure. Excellent question. And I will think about it. If any of you rich oil companies want to pay me for my knowledge , read "The Origin Of Mountains" free at Indepent.academia.edu. Ref: John Delano. I leaned quite a lot from you people on this bulk ten board. I think Gclark may be my age 78, and Borgo a retired English professor, very intelligent. Good by, and I am moving my remaining 10 grand to rockhopper exploration. The southern basin is Dead for crude oil, and I and you missed it.

12:16 31/10/2015

Sorry for the "bad results of humpback, and I am working on why the ocean water gets deeper from the actual Falklands islands southeast toward the northern wall of the Scotia Sea structure, now a n underwater mountain!