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11:35 25/09/2014

If she tries to grab the Falklands, the UK & US will be against her.

11:32 25/09/2014

Cristina's playing with fire by enraging the US courts.

11:22 25/09/2014

Best time of year to go to work down there. Getting warmer.

11:18 25/09/2014

If there's success expect a massive payout!

11:44 05/09/2014

KGB, see my reply on RKH page

09:01 17/02/2014

Multibagger spoke to stockbroker this will be my last move. Last few days bought 100,000 quindell shares, 100,000 coms, 500,000 tower resources and 80,000 tldh today. Im now skint and hoping to watch these all grow. I want 50,000 of these

11:15 12/02/2014

when is this info supposed to be announced?

12:12 06/02/2014

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