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12:13 31/10/2015

Aha moment! Diotamateous earth - Diamedia, the Diamedia fan complex, I see the reason for the name!

12:11 31/10/2015

The Pacific ice cap 120 million years ago was moved east by the centrifugal force pushing that ice cap toward the ERths Equator when that Equator was down the middle of Africa. It even was , in the north down the middle of the North Sea! Before you leave bored , check that fact about the Cretaceous era "stuff" rocks in the UK. What about your white cliffs of Dover. Every other person that has a backyard pool , knows that Diatomaceous earth from the skeleton of oolitic animals fell to the sea floor during that period.

12:03 31/10/2015

There is a lesson to be learned. I dropped 10 grand on my " great hand" 4 aces and beat by the " quality, quanta, and price of oil , the Saudi's Flood DEVIL."

12:00 31/10/2015

I'm talking to reasonable knowledgeable individuals.

11:59 31/10/2015

All you continental drift / plate tectonics " mis-led " over-educated " Take a walk, your " programmed Wrong!

11:57 31/10/2015

Deep water shallow water? When the actual Falkland Islands ( very ancient rock 350 to 500 million years old) ,pushed from the south west and moved to the north east 120 million years ago at a rate of 6 inches per year. What does that tell you?

11:53 31/10/2015

Live and learn, and the lesson is;

21:29 29/10/2015

A wildcat well,has a 10% chance of success. Does humpbacks crude oil and gas discovery sound like 10% success to you? Nobel knows the basement level for 100 miles of ancient lake oil reservoirs, all connected, true the channels may be narrow, but there connected, by alignment, same evolution of aging as you move east from humpback. Every ancient lake ,oil reservoir is older as you move toward the Herslia fan, starfish, etc. the starfish in the Herslia fan will be 4 or 5 million years older then humpback. Oilmen know old or younger oil, I don't. My geology gives me nothing, it's my 44 years of research that tell me the ancient lakes moved east with the movement of the Scotia Sea structure. I knew there would be crude oil, but I can't predict quality. I'm like the poker player with a could hand, they loose the most money with that confidence. I got burned.

12:58 28/10/2015

Bottom feeders, don't you just love them!

19:13 25/10/2015

Read the Falklands have 30 billion add-on barrels of oil. Academa .edu, ref: John Delano.