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09:13 13/02/2020

brand new updated broker note [link]

12:11 07/02/2018

I was hoping the lloyds fall would continue towards 60p so I could top up ... I have a significant holding with a buy in at 52p, keeping hold for dividends, not too worried about short term share price moves. Lloyds continues to cut costs, PPI will eventually shake out, dividend only going one way.

22:18 23/08/2016

It looks as though Lloyds SP is creeping up again. But this is just a sprat to catch a mackerel. As soon as the government gets its money back, it will dump its stock on an unsuspecting public. Then, within 2 months, the global markets will be rattled, and the stock will be lucky to find buyers at 20p. Wannabe millionaires, beware. For the rest of us, don't gamble your mortgage or rent on this one!

12:31 25/07/2016

I would not hang around for a (Lloyds Bank) dividend. Extricate, and rejoice that you are a survivor. Lloyds is a "dog". Get out whilst you still can.

11:51 25/07/2016

When is the government going to off-load its Lloyds stock on the unwary? Post-Brexit the SP was 47p. Today it's 53p and that is with a Footsie ot 6,700. If the Market falls into a nosedive, I suspect that the 47p price will be sliced through like a hot knife through butter. If this be the case, it could be dangerous to take any stock above 40p. When Wall Street wobbles, and comes crashing down later this year, it will suck in all the global economies in its wake. How then would Lloyds stand up to a Footsie at 4,500? How about 15p to 20p? Lloyds is just so wrapped up in the UK with massive exposure to the UK economy. I'd much prefer to take my chances in gold. If we are sucked into this economic vortex, gold prices may go up 500% over 24 hours. I see huge losses ahead for Lloyds but security in gold. But investors must feather their own beds accordingly.

09:55 07/07/2016

I'm in LBG for the long-term, the Bank of England has said that the major British banks have been tested to withstand way worse scenarios than Brexit: [link] - I think it's a great opportunity for mid-long term investing, and why I added to existing position.

10:36 15/06/2016

They sell less than 10% of their stuff to us, we sell more than 40% of our stuff to them , who will get hurt more if we stop trading?

10:57 02/05/2016


21:36 14/03/2016
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Is it just me, Is this a Lloyd's message board or a referendum message board

23:14 22/09/2015