Jubilee Platinum - Re: JLP Stream Log - Evening Breezy, we both said...

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18:21 01/03/2019

Evening Breezy, we both said after BHR that we'd never buy another AIM share and look at us - a right couple of numpties 5 years on and still chasing the dream! For all I'm fed up with JLP at the moment I'm going to sit tight as I do believe the future is bright, it's just taking longer than anticipated. BHR never had a future and we were fools to think it did, JLP has a lot of ducks lined up and sentiment can change very quickly towards a stock like this. I'm sat on cash outside of my ISA at the moment so I can sleep easier even if this flatlines another 6 months. Keep the faith my friend, our day in the sun will come - we might be on zimmer frames but we'll get there (eventually) have a good weekend and wishing you well. idg69