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16:04 03/01/2019

Happy new year Breezy, Hope you had a great Christmas and new year break. Let's hope 2019 is the start of something good for us. Wishing you well. idg69

14:43 03/01/2019

Happy new year idg69 and to all genuine jlp shareholders.Lets hope 2019 is the year when jlp rises from the dead.

14:41 02/01/2019

A happy and prosperous new year to all JLP holders both short and long term. I genuinely believe 2019 is going to be the year people sit up and take notice of the progress JLP have made over the past 3-4 years. They are a completely different company to what they once were. I don't anticipate it's going to go north in a straight line but I feel more positive this year than at any time in previous years. Wishing you all well and may our patience be rewarded. All the best idg69

18:22 20/12/2018

We're holding up pretty well in the current climate me thinks. Let's hope this is a good omen and we move onwards and upwards in 2019. Glad I'm in JLP and not Bitcoin that's for sure. Good luck all. idg69

18:10 17/12/2018

Cheers JaJa, they must have been desperate for the cash to sell at this stage in the game. If the money starts rolling in next year as many on the BB's are predicting, this share will be worth many multiples of what it's worth now. Retail shares and the house builders are falling out of favour, let's hope the money gets re-invested in mining and precious metals in the coming years. Would be great to see some momentum behind this share in the coming years. Good luck all, we deserve a change in fortune. idg69

15:17 17/12/2018

BMR out. those sells were from BMR... see LSE BB

12:35 17/12/2018

Hi Breezy, holding up nicely my friend. Not sure what all those big sells were last week but don't seem to have had a detrimental affect in the price. We are teetering on the edge of much success with JLP I firmly believe. I just don't want a global slowdown next year to take the wind out of the sails just as we hoist them high. LC has done formidable work over the past few years and he deserves some success and we could do with some reward for our patience too. Keeping the faith. idg69 ps I need a little more than 8p to recoup my losses. We live and learn!

12:29 17/12/2018

Hi Breezy,

22:39 13/12/2018

we should be adding more in JLP, at least we know the sp is around the bottom and several projects coming online soon

21:22 13/12/2018

Hi idg69 the shareprice is holding up very well considering all the big sells in the last two days, we might get a RNS soon telling us who the seller is. I bought some BST shares a just over a year ago and i am now 84% down so i really do need JLP to come good. 8p should recoup all my losses on BHR and BST and i think it will happen next year,if Jlp get to 30p it will be life changing for me and probably many other JLP shareholders. All the breezy.