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idg69 17 Dec 2018

Cheers JaJa, they must have been desperate for the cash to sell at this stage in the game. If the money starts rolling in next year as many on the BB's are predicting, this share will be worth many multiples of what it's worth now. Retail shares and the house builders are falling out of favour, let's hope the money gets re-invested in mining and precious metals in the coming years. Would be great to see some momentum behind this share in the coming years. Good luck all, we deserve a change in fortune. idg69

jaja 17 Dec 2018

BMR out. those sells were from BMR... see LSE BB

idg69 17 Dec 2018

Hi Breezy, holding up nicely my friend. Not sure what all those big sells were last week but don't seem to have had a detrimental affect in the price. We are teetering on the edge of much success with JLP I firmly believe. I just don't want a global slowdown next year to take the wind out of the sails just as we hoist them high. LC has done formidable work over the past few years and he deserves some success and we could do with some reward for our patience too. Keeping the faith. idg69 ps I need a little more than 8p to recoup my losses. We live and learn!

idg69 17 Dec 2018

Hi Breezy,

jaytee41 17 Dec 2018

RNS - Jubilee acquires major chrome processing operation I agree but looks as if the markets as a whole have woken up with a hangover. All the stocks I follow are red, but yes good news for jlp

HPC_Follower 17 Dec 2018

RNS - Jubilee acquires major chrome processing operation Excellent news today and the JLP share price drops 1%… one day the profits will start flowing through though:- Highlights At PlatCro · PlatCro’s pre-classification and dewatering circuit commences production of PGM rich material for refining at Northam’s Eland Platinum plant · Production at PlatCro will be ramped up, targeting the production of 60 000 tonnes per month of PGM rich material, more than doubling Jubilee’s current PGM processing rate At DCM · Jubilee’s state of the art DCM fine chrome plant commenced commissioning · The DCM fine chrome plant will be ramped up to 25 000 tonnes per month of additional capacity over the next 4 weeks targeting the production of 8 000 tonnes per month of fine chrome concentrate. Leon Coetzer, CEO says: "I am extremely pleased at yet another leading performance by the Jubilee team delivering the PlatCro pre-processing circuit and the DCM fine chrome plant on-time and in budget. Both projects involve leading edge processes as we continuously strive to deliver industry leading solutions to the benefit of all our stakeholders. We have recently announced our acquisition of the PlatCro chrome beneficiation operation which we intend to integrate with our current PlatCro PGM project, forming a fully integrated operation to further streamline costs and optimise metal earnings. The addition of the PlatCro pre-processing plant to produce PGM rich material for further refining at the Eland Platinum plant, is the first of a number of processing improvements targeted for the integrated PlatCro operation. I am particularly pleased with the implementation of our industry first DCM fine chrome plant. Our ability to target the recovery of the fine chrome element of existing mine waste material opens tremendous opportunities to Jubilee for further growth in the chrome industry. We will target to roll out this solution at our existing operations at Hernic and PlatCro, as well as the wider chrome industry."

jaja 13 Dec 2018

we should be adding more in JLP, at least we know the sp is around the bottom and several projects coming online soon

breezy 13 Dec 2018

Hi idg69 the shareprice is holding up very well considering all the big sells in the last two days, we might get a RNS soon telling us who the seller is. I bought some BST shares a just over a year ago and i am now 84% down so i really do need JLP to come good. 8p should recoup all my losses on BHR and BST and i think it will happen next year,if Jlp get to 30p it will be life changing for me and probably many other JLP shareholders. All the breezy.

idg69 11 Dec 2018

2.25p finish which ain't great - I'll be interested to found out who sold 44 million shares after the closing bell. I wonder what we'll open at in the morning?

dkok 11 Dec 2018

44m Trade Late trade of 44m shares just come up! Looks like this is possibly BMR exiting. If so, that should be good in terms of getting them off the books and then maybe we should be able to get the SP going in the right direction to where it should be based on the companies performance. The price is showing as low at 2.25p, but it could well be that this has been going through the books for a few days and has now just been logged, the shares having been sold at a good profit to the MM’s over the last few days with the newsflow. Onward and upward, and we should get an RNS notifying BMR’s sale in the morning. glta dkok

idg69 11 Dec 2018

Trautw - i suspect you are not an idiot and you do know what you're doing. When it comes to AIM shares logic doesn't apply. If talk of JLP gets out in the wider markets the pump and dump day traders will be over here like a shot spouting off nonsense. We want a nice steady and sustainable rise up to and beyond 30p please. Went to lunch and we were 2.25p back from lunch and we are 2.6p - I'm happy again and pleased with my 2.45p yesterday.

trautw 11 Dec 2018

Yeah it really makes no sense to me. Are we missing something or is this being manipulated somehow. Or maybe I am just an idiot and have no clue what I Am doing

idg69 11 Dec 2018

I am staggered that someone is selling down such big volumes at a time when JLP really are coming good on their words. Every time I buy on what I think is a dip the share price goes even lower within 24 hours - unbelievable!

idg69 11 Dec 2018

Good morning Breezy, I'm sticking now with my holding - 500,000 at 2.79 should serve me well over the next 2-3 years. I could put more in but I want to keep some cash back with Brexit (or not) around the corner. I'm 60% down on AFC and wished I'd never gone there but eh oh, it is what it is, they might get bought out for the technology somewhere down the line. I don't feel like averaging down on AFC as it could drop much lower than it is. JLP have a lot of projects in place now that look like delivering good earnings in the coming months and years. Kabwe should be massive if they can get all the permissions in place to proceed. I do think our patience is going to be rewarded. It might not be another Bushveld Minerals but I think there is some good profit ahead. Wishing you well and all the very best. idg69

breezy 10 Dec 2018

Hi idg69 I agree a great RNS this morning,just a bit surprised the the price as dropped below the placement price of 2.50. I have the same average as you 2.79 and i had a small top up at 2.20 a few weeks ago. Iam hoping to be in the black before christmas and i think next year JLP shareholders will be rewarded for our patience. All the best my friend and lets hope we can get rich next year.