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Jonathon 20 Sep 2019

is this Mr 34c

Jonathon 20 Sep 2019

absolutely correct koos.

koos 20 Sep 2019

Is the train leaving for real this time? Just asking because I heard those words many times.

KALAN 19 Sep 2019

Lift off! JLP train leaving the station right now?

koos 17 Sep 2019

Interviewer to Leon,so what can we expect from Jubilee over the next 6 months/ Leon: You can expect a declining share price,massive share placing and lots of smoke and mirrors financial reporting and production updates,so as you can see a very busy period of shareholder shafting for Jubilee in the next 6 months,

the_old_trout 17 Sep 2019

RNS Sable Well strangely enough I freed up some cash only yesterday dk but stupidly dithered before putting it in here. By the time I got online this morning I could not get a firm price for even 100k so I took the risk of going to negotiated trade for only 50k. That went through at 3.1p so I again tried to buy another 50k through the normal route but again it went to negotiated trade. Now I wouldn’t normally put myself at the mercy of the market makers but I am now so convinced that the time has come for a major re-rating that I again bit the bullet and now see that the trade went through at 3.224. I would have bought a much larger tranche if I hadn’t been so pre-occupied yesterday but it does now look like that train is leaving the station, so a big well done on your 300k top up. You must be a happy bunny this morning!

koos 12 Sep 2019

Must say these comments below from ADVFN are highly alarming if you consider and look at it from that point of view! Sounds like we are being used and abused...? Not trying to be negative but have to at least consider that possibility. Anyone care to share more detail...? "This is the thing here,no one has figured it out yet that Jubilee is being used as a vehicle to promote/enhance this consulting company that gets payed up to 6 times more than Sylvania platinum consultants. Share price performance is irrelevant to the Jubilee board( clearly evident for all to see).What was the name of Colin and Leon's consulting company that disappeared of the net?" "This so called consulting company is where the real money is. Jubilee is nothing without them, but they also need Jubilee to get free money from placings to build these demo plants and show the bigger industry what they as consulting company can provide. Wait for the 2019 consulting fees,its going to be big, like i said share price performance is irrelevant to Leon, why do you think he never buys shares,LOL!!! You all been taken for a one up LOL" "Jubilee is the only producing pgms company in the WORLD(suppose to be the cheapest producer in the world) that share price goes down, while all the other current producing pgm companies go up. What more evidence do you all need that you been taken for a one up. Remember the share price never lies!"

dkok 09 Sep 2019

RNS Sable ToT Unless we get something out of the blue, I think there is a month or so before we get updated financials, so you may well manage a further top-up before the guard blows the whistle for the JLP express to the leave the platform.

the_old_trout 06 Sep 2019

RNS Sable Well done dk. I’m constrained from adding any more right at the moment but I have a few other stocks which are moving in a northerly direction and intend to shift some of my profits into JLP when I slice. I just hope I have the opportunity to do so before the JLP train leaves the station.

dkok 06 Sep 2019

RNS Sable ToT Final 300k purchased. Brought my average down a tad, so just about at break even now, so any firming up from here is positive. Confident that we wont be at this price by year end, and maybe JLP will buy me a few sherberts for the New Year celebrations?

dkok 05 Sep 2019

RNS Sable Hi ToT Agree with you generally. Not got my additional 300k yet, was holding out for today and hoping that it would just drop off a small amount to enable me to reduce overall average, but Leon just put paid to that with this mornings RNS. Not complaining, and if all follows the usual pattern, then maybe I will manage it early next week. May just need to be watching the screen in readiness to jump in on any intra-day minor weakness to snap them up. PGM basket prices are improving nicely almost on a daily basis, so if current strength persists, then the half yearly numbers should be starting to look very good, which may then be the catalyst to finally get us out of this current malaise. It will be impossible to keep it down here for too much longer when the financials start to kick in.

the_old_trout 05 Sep 2019

RNS Sable I think it was just down to PI fatigue dk, and the fact that I was not expecting significant upside until Kabwe comes on stream and the results in November, but today’s excellent news on Windsor has certainly rekindled interest and I’ve added a few more to the pot. All PGM group metals now on a tear with that eight year downtrend in the platinum market now broken, so I am thinking that JLP will at last become hot to trot in the last quarter of this year. Hope you got your additional 300k. Tot

dkok 04 Sep 2019

RNS Sable Hi ToT Any views on current price fluctuations on the SP? Seems to be being pushed down any time it starts to get to move past 3.2p? Personally not sure whether it is just a case of manipulation to just get more II’s on board before a concerted effort to push SP up with news etc. Share volumes are still pretty low at the moment, so again, if we get more news out over the coming month or two, coupled to the general pick up in the market after the summer holybobs, then maybe we will start to see a move forward. I am picking up a few more in this process though to bring my average down a little further, and hopefully I will get another 300k this week before things start to move on up.

the_old_trout 24 Aug 2019

RNS Sable Hi dk, Busy day for me so just catching up, but I did manage to make a small top up this afternoon. I think JLP could well go off on a decent run in the autumn with the news flow to come and a new broker on board to promote it, so it remains a firm hold for me. ATB, Tot

dkok 23 Aug 2019

RNS Sable All RNS for completion of Sable purchase and appointment of WH Ireland as joint broker with stated aim of increasing JLP’s Iinstitutiuonal Investor base. All good as far as I can see, and market seems to agree at the moment, though usual dementia will probably kick in after a few days. glta