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arry the accountant 22 Apr 2018

Re: UKIS 21st April 2018. This looks good.Never knew we were in Madagascar?Australia is a growing marketing let hope we recover the £5m we lost.Hernic Positive project earnings from June 2017 (or July 2017 take your pick) - I thought we had spent £13m and had a big pile of PGM rock.Tjate NPV of USD 1.1 billion (2012) - -should see the share price of £1 tomorrow .

One day Roderz 22 Apr 2018

Re: UKIS 21st April 2018. Posted by Moneyhawk on LSE:Just seen this, makes for some good reading and a few extra details for our projects, some very promising including a bigger project than first appears for Platcro, and a plan for Tjate starting to emerge:[link] Hernic pgm cost per oz $382 excluding one off costs;- 700,000 tonnes of enriched pgm material at DCM;- JLP has rights to all pgms from future mine production at DCM;- Platcro, rights to all pgms at surface AND future, growing at 12,000 tonnes per month. So it would appear that the tailings we purchased isn't as limited as we thought and its actually a longer term project;- Kabwe plant construction to commence in May and take 5 months;-Tjate mining target 2.4m tonnes per annum with 270,000 ox pgms;- Map at the start suggests multiple projects being targeted in south AmericaMakes for good reading.OD

DanDaDan 21 Apr 2018

UKIS 21st April 2018. Anyone going to the show in London today?It looks like LC and CB are in attendance.Do they trust the BoD of BMR at Kabwe? Cross the contract t's and dot the i's, IMO.Do not overlook anything. Due diligence needs to be applied very carefully.(Keep an eye on TOXIC TED at BMR and do not catch anything nasty).Now how about a Tjate deal with the Chinese...Your assets compared to your sp make you vulnerable, IMO.The JLP Mcap is just TOO LOW. Any posted comments from JLP watchers will be useful.GLA.

MutleyWalters1 21 Apr 2018

Re: 20sma - Jam Sale Arry, I am encouraged by the fact that a realist/sceptic like your good self contemplates that we might see 50% over the short to medium term. Like yourself I would take 50% uplift today as 3 years of holding as left me weary I am sick of unexpected negative news and over optimism.We should see upside from here - even as stopped clock is correct twice a dayAt least we got the bad news delivered honestly in the last RNS Sounds to me that Leon has matured and now rules the roost

arry the accountant 20 Apr 2018

Re: 20sma - Jam Sale Fingers crossed for a bid.There should soon be 40m of assets as the stockpile get bigger, kabwe comes closer, chrome plus plant and tjate.... so you never know...i will take a 50% premium on todays price.

DanDaDan 20 Apr 2018

Re: 20sma - Jam Sale SLP may seem tiny but they know how to produce a profit.They are in bed with Samancor. Now who own Hernic?Funds and contacts are also in the right places to take this out without even blinking an eye lid.All you need is to fit the jig saw puzzle together, but some bits may need a trim....Where are the City M & A people. Still in the pub after a liquid lunch in the sun....GLA.

seakelp 20 Apr 2018

Re: 20sma - Jam Sale I don't know why you always go on about SLP, DDD? SLP cannot affordJubilee. Not a cat in hell's chance. SLL is tiny.

One day Roderz 20 Apr 2018

Re: 40% of BMR He probably meant 40% stake in Kabwe directly. We hold around 29% indirectly through our holdings in BMR, maybe only 25% after fund raise unless we participate.OD

MutleyWalters1 20 Apr 2018

40% of BMR A point for discussion. I picked up from research on BMR that Borrelli said the project belongs to BMR there is no way JLP can have more than 40%Why would he say that unless there is a deal being prepared for JLP to increase its share to 40%.I must confess to being mighty pi**ss**ed off post the DCM news that pushed Weeble out.

DanDaDan 20 Apr 2018

Re: 20sma - Jam Sale The Jam I am waiting for is the JAM-boree.Come on SLP or Northam you must be tempted by this lowly JLP sp.The Mcap is just too low with all of these assets.It must be time to make a move.A Tjate sell off could more then pay off any costs incurred.Where are those M & A people ? Surely they have not gone to sleep in this nice April sunshine weather.The JAM on the shelf and in the stock room, must be worth more than double this current sp.GLA.

KALAN 20 Apr 2018

Re: 20sma Have been mulling that over Roderz. If you look closely the 20 day is just starting to flatten out and will probably cross the 50 day at a much shallower angle than it appears at first glance.If the gap wasn't there then a quick drop to the very strong support of both the 20 day and 50 day MA before swinging up would be highly likely.However, the stochastic measure has turned down, RSI is falling and the gap does exist so on balance I think the gap will be closed with resistance slowing the decent so need to be patient.Looking at volume - many happily bought weeble's and other's shares but most of them are holding as the volume is low - the sp should drift lower until new buyers enter the fray (me for one) once the gap is closed. Thereafter we will have to wait and see.Just done 2 dummy trades 2.88p buy and 2.8p sell so inching lower but sitting on the 20 day and 50 day moving averages.Back to those averages - if you look back to the last exhaustion gap in August last year the 20 day crossed the 50 day and tangoed for a while up to and after the gap closing but both edged upwards and accelerated as news came through. banking on a repeat performance. 20 day crossing the 50 day upwards is usually a good sign of a change of direction but not always.

One day Roderz 20 Apr 2018

20sma & 50sma about to cross! Kalan.What is your view on this chart now, wrt the simple 20 & 50 day MA's.I've change my javachart after our last chat ref: EMA's not relevant to JLP.TIAOD

KALAN 20 Apr 2018

Re: Jubilee Jams: Ah yes Alpal - the fabled Tjate 'Jam Butty Mine' twinned with Knotty Ash - no-one knows whether it really exists as ken Dodd has taken the secret to his grave - bless him.

alpal 20 Apr 2018

Re: Jubilee Jams: Kalan: Very well put! But , with all the jam on you plate [tomorrow], you forgot Tjate. This is a jam that needs to be matured for a long time. But even then, not quite sure whether it will be edible.

WISEGUY 20 Apr 2018

Just a touch concerned about the jams shelf life