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the_old_trout 02 Dec 2019

New broker note So is that the real reason for the recent placing then I wonder? Anyone know the identity of the elderly gentleman standing next to the Minister ? And before anyone mentions it… I do realise that’s CB on the other side of him.

mccarthycraig256 02 Dec 2019

New broker note LusakaTimes.com – 1 Dec 19 Zambia : Investors in the UK need to know about Zambia’s gold Lusaka - Zambia: Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Hon. Richard Musukwa has said that Government is confident that gold mining in Mwinilunga and other potential

the_old_trout 19 Nov 2019

New broker note I must have listend to the wrong bearcast then. Can’t disagree with what he said about junior mineral explorers in the one I listened to, but I find his overall tone and character pretty nauseating.

whittaker.family 19 Nov 2019

New broker note Nothing new to report from Tom’s waffle. He repeated the point about the timing of the placing which numerous bulletin board participants had already made and that it had shafted some who had bought at 4.7p straight after results announcement. Fair enough, but he seems to have a gripe with Colin as he made him look a fool a few year’s back over a placing. Yes placings can create an issue of trust, but this one was done for the right reasons and for anyone who had done proper research was not totally unexpected as a potential cash squeeze was developing in the first quarter of 2020. That was it. Nothing about the remarkable turn round story that appears to be developing here, or anything of substance. As it turned out a waste of time even bothering to listen to his comments on Jubilee , and I am in general a supporter of Tom Winnifrith and the work and his writers do on the Shareprophets website.

the_old_trout 19 Nov 2019

New broker note You don’t have to be a member to listen to it but whilst the arrogant pri*ck and failed fund manager waffled on ad nauseum about junior minerals and oil explorers I could hear no reference to JLP. On the other hand there were some nice late reported buys this afternoon including the three copied below which are shown as sells on lse board, but if you check the spread at the time they took place and the trades just around them simply have to be buys, and that explains the tick up just after they took place. 18-Nov-19 15:20:39 4.10 500,000 Sell* 4.05 4.15 20.50k O 18-Nov-19 15:20:33 4.10 500,000 Sell* 4.05 4.15 20.50k O 18-Nov-19 15:19:12 4.10 600,000 Sell* 4.05 4.15 24.60k O Hopefully we have seen the bottom of the pullback today and might see a bit of blue sky tomorrow. Tot

breezy 18 Nov 2019

Hi idg69 Hope you are stil still in AFC as they have gone through the roof in the last two weeks and Fum as recovered well to.Its still not to late to buy in to JLP again as i think next year shareholders will be rewarded.All the best breezy.

mccarthycraig256 18 Nov 2019

New broker note ShareProphets FREE Podcast: ShareProphets Radio Edition EIGHTEEN with Tom Winnifrith: stick... There are no guests in this week's show which is sponsored by Open Orphan PLC (ORPH). It is just me and I start with the tale of Lyin' Chris Cleverley, the lying fraudster cousin of Tory Party chairman James. Lyin' Chris runs listed companies and... apparently JLP are mentioned in the first 11 minutes, I am not a member to cannot listen to the podcast

the_old_trout 18 Nov 2019

New broker note Couldn’t agree more Gotreal. I’m standing firm here in the expectation that positive sentiment will return upon the next RNS and the next leg up will commence. The company will not want to go into the AGM on December 6th on the back of a falling share price, so I think some news can be expected prior to that, probably in the form of a comprehensive update on the Windsor project. We should also get a TR1 form sometime this week confirming the identity of our new institutional investor. ATB, Tot

gotreal 16 Nov 2019

New broker note For those who have been here for some years and hold some stock bought in the 7s, as irritating as the latest dilution is I am not aware of another opportunity like JLP, currently. What they have done is classic business development through cautious upfront investment in the belief that the business model is both sound and hugely profitable. Now generating net earnings, the risk of the initial investment has been removed and its payback time. The 30 minute video here [link] gives a brilliant insight into the business and its strategy and I have to say that Leon comes across as such a credible character. With a recent oversubscribed offer it seems the city is now waking up to the potential. All we need now is a recognition reflected in the share price of just what the future earnings potential is and how it should be valued bearing in mind that with many of the new tailings streams the only cost is the variable one associated with the increased throughput as the capital costs have already been accounted for in the plant. What multiple do you ascribe to a low risk business with a high barrier to entry in its marketplace and up to 75% margins? It’s a cash cow.

iRed 15 Nov 2019

hi does anybody remember how long it took them to get the FC plant up and running at DCM

the_old_trout 15 Nov 2019

New broker note That was so much better than the Director’s Talk interview. Just added some more at 4.199

mccarthycraig256 15 Nov 2019

New broker note

the_old_trout 14 Nov 2019

New broker note You forgot to mention the cost of servicing debt Kalan. That will be considerable and then there’s the timetable for paying off the Kabwe debt. It was the inability to service the debt which brought GKP and many other companies down, so to be frank I am glad they are not increasing it at this stage. I know that the Kabwe equity raise went to fairly sticky hands, so hopefully that is again the case this time and with the fund raising being over subscribed I think the excess demand will put a floor under the share price. Buyers were certainly emerging when the bid went down to 4p so that gives me some confidence that it will find support there. One thing I would say is that they need to slow down their rate of acquisitions for now until they can be funded solely from earnings and I hope to attend the AGM to get that point across. ATB, Tot

KALAN 14 Nov 2019

New broker note I don’t think you will regret that purchase ToT - JLP will thrive. My language may not be accurate - the point I am making is that I thought we were generating enough cash to meet our development costs - we have 18 million in the bank (10 million is debt) and owe 21 million plus Kabwe costs. 3 million is easy as we are generating cash as you say so Hernic is covered probably by now. My point is that we are not generating enough to pay for Kabwe development - we are still a cash raising company - and need to get cash in to meet current project commitments - it’s my belief that the recent rise is due to folks believing that cash raises were a thing of the past - they could have borrowed the new money - they chose not to - why? I have my theory. They are favouring institutions over the loyal shareholders. The placing gives ii more shares and pulls back the price so they can mop up shares sold by disgruntled long term holders. a win win for the ii. So buying up the cheaper shares is probably a wise move - I just think it’s a bit rich. Also think this has put the expected shareholder value realisation back by 4 to 6 months. Will buy as and when it looks cheap and gradually myself.

the_old_trout 14 Nov 2019

New broker note How can you possibly say that the company is not a cash generative business when today’s results speak for themselves Kalan? This is a not a ‘keep the lights on’ placing to cover salaries etc it is to help fund the next stage in the company’s growth. Looking back at the placing to fund Kabwe back on 21st March the share price increased by around 50% within the next fortnight, and I think this one will be shrugged off pretty quickly as well. That is why I added another 70k about twenty minutes before today’s close. ATB, Tot