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KALAN 20 Oct 2018

RNS - Quarterly update Q3 2018 My time frame for investing is 6 months to two years HPC - so focussed on companies with potentially transformational events in the next 3 to 6 months and being prepared for slippage - hence FRR (2 majors sniffing), JLP (multiple projects coming online), WRES (La Parilla tungsten mine comes into operation), SAVP (reverse takeover completion soon and new well production being brought to market within months). As usual good luck with your investments - if 2 or 3 come good we should both be quids in.

HPC_Follower 19 Oct 2018

RNS - Quarterly update Q3 2018 Hi Kalan, I have also increased my JLP position as there is more certainty in the potential upsides now. Watching closely quite a few other companies but thinning them out as Twitter hype is not being met by actual figures, especially wary of companies with little spare cash & no quick route to bring in revenue. Looking now for reasonable returns in 3 to 5 years, so avoiding very long term projects excepting ones I have been invested in for many years now like NANO, OBT, ZIOC, VOG, FDI, GKP, MCM, OEX & FRR most of which I’ve averaged down on rather than initiated new investments - ALGW being the one exception. Clearly I am hoping that the market price of companies with saleable assets will improve better than most in the future; as such smaller companies are very undervalued at present.

KALAN 19 Oct 2018

RNS - Quarterly update Q3 2018 The market cap is pitiful for the assets and expertise here - going to add more and then some more as funds become available and/or I sell others as they come to fruition.

idg69 19 Oct 2018

A solid and very positive RNS this week. If they do everything they say they are doing the financials will eventually come good. May be 2019-2020. I'd love to see this come good as we all would, patience is continually being tested but the building blocks are all in place and this company is in a far better place than it was 3-4 years back. Frustration is understandable but I feel positive for the future of this company. it was never going to be an overnight turnaround project. All the best idg69

jaytee41 17 Oct 2018

RNS - Quarterly update Q3 2018 From the RNS Leon Coetzer, Chief Executive Officer, says: "I am very pleased to report yet another solid performance by the Jubilee team. I am equally excited with the traction gained in the implementation of our global metals recovery strategy. We have seen a growing demand from both small and global mining companies to work with Jubilee in accessing the metals lost in the current and historical mine waste. Our Hernic project has breached our targeted 6 000 PGM ounces produced in a single quarter. The project continues to increase earnings as we focus to further increase the feed rate to the facility. The operational costs for the project remain well contained, delivering a cost of less than USD400 per produced PGM ounce. The construction of our fine chrome recovery plant is well underway at our DCM plant, targeting completion by November 2018. Once completed the fine chrome recovery plant will target the recovery of the approximate 620 000 tonnes of chrome material contained in the existing DCM tailings dam alone. An initial recovery target of 52% has been set. Hernic Project - Platinum and Chrome (South Africa) The Hernic Project delivered another stellar performance for Q3 continuing its performance improvement quarter on quarter since commissioning. Ounces delivered breaks through the 6 000 ounces target set for the project for the first time since the start of production in April 2017. Hernic Project earnings increased by 28% in ZAR terms quarter on quarter. The project further improved on its cost base per PGM ounce producing below USD400 per PGM ounce. Q3 included a new record production of 2 270 PGM ounces in a single month. We expect to further increase this production rate in line with the focussed increase in reclaimed surface material delivered by Hernic. The table below presents the comparative quarterly performance of the Hernic project: Tailings processed tonnes PGM ounces delivered Project revenue (GBP’000)1 Project revenue (ZAR’000)2 Project earnings3 (GBP’000) Project earnings (ZAR’000) Jubilee attributable earnings (GBP’000) Jubilee attributable earnings (ZAR’000) Unit cost / PGM oz (USD)4 Total Q1 2018 110 409 4 897 2,651 44,013 1,141 18,908 1,141 18,908 434 Total Q2 2018 119 479 5 800 3,308 56,761 1,612 27,686 1,612 27,686 397 Total Q3 2018 135 146 6 009 3 356 61,785 1,920 35,523 1,920 35,523 311 Project to date 673 178 24 141 13,361 233,755 6,024 106,247 6,024 106,247 407 1= Revenue from the current project phase - 100% attributable to Jubilee until full capital recovery. Revenue is projected based on latest average PGM market prices and USD exchange rates and results are only final once final Quotational Period has passed 2= Average monthly conversion rates used 3= Project Earnings include all incurred operational costs including management services and mineral royalties 4= Unit cost includes provision for utility overhead. DCM Project - Chrome (South Africa) The construction of the fine chrome recovery project is progressing to schedule. Commissioning of the new expanded fine chrome recovery circuit remains on track for Q4 2018. The fine chrome project is expected to significantly enhance revenues and earnings for the DCM Project. The DCM fine chrome recovery plant targets the recovery of chrome currently lost by the chrome industry in general. This new fine chrome recovery plant also serves as a demonstration plant to the chrome industry. Jubilee has received several enquiries from the chrome industry to also access the fine chrome currently lost by the industry. Production rates at DCM have been reduced to facilitate the construction and tie-in of the new fine chrome recovery plant. The reduced throughput rates will continue during the construction and commissioning of the fine chrome plant. The table below presents the operational quarterly performance of the DCM Project: Chromite concentrate produced tonnes Project revenue (GBP’000)1 Project revenue (ZAR’000) Project earnings2 (GBP’000) Project earnings (ZAR’000) Jubilee attributable earnings (GBP’000) Jubilee attributable earnings (ZAR’000) Total Q1 2018 9 810 1,240 20,628 245 4,080 123 2,040 Total Q2 2018 9 461 1,066 18,297 74 1,264 37 632 Total Q3 2018 8 053 592 10,824 (288) (5,278) (144) (2,639) Project to date3 147 973 15,833 274,211 7,572 130,392 2,674 46,554 1 = Average monthly conversion rates used 2 = Project earnings include project expenditure on plant and equipment 3= Since April 2017 PlatCro Project - Platinum (South Africa) The PlatCro Project remains on track for commissioning in February 2019. The construction of the material reclamation and dewatering plant is progressing to schedule which is targeted for completion during Q4 2018. This plant will facilitate the ramp-up of material delivery to the Eland platinum concentrator targeting a rate 50 000 to 60 000 tonnes of platinum rich material per month. Kabwe Project - Zinc, Lead and Vanadium Project (Zambia) Following a detailed technical and engineering review by Jubilee of the Kabwe Project, its process development teams were able to determine a more suitable process solution for the recovery of lead and zinc in the surface material than the originally contemplated acid and brine solution. The enhanced solution includes a dedicated zinc and lead recovery circuit, initially targeting the recovery of zinc with the discard of the zinc circuit being further processed in the lead recovery circuit. A phased execution methodology has been developed which targets an initial processing rate of approximately 10 800 tonnes per month ramping up to 25 000 tonnes per month over two further phases. The phased implementation of the process solution links in with the completion of the pre-processing of the surface material prior to the zinc recovery plant as well as the implementation of the lead recovery circuit on the back end of the zinc circuit. Pilot runs have indicated that we are able to increase the zinc grade through pre-processing of the surface material by more than 50% prior to introducing the material to the zinc leach circuit. This upgrading of the feed material successfully buffers the project’s economic viability against largely fluctuating acid prices in Zambia. The tried and tested techniques used to achieve the significant upgrade in feed material was developed by Jubilee initially for its chrome and PGM operations. As part of the current strategy Jubilee is reviewing the potential of accessing existing zinc refining capacity located near the Kabwe Project. The relatively limited upgrade required to the refinery would offer the potential to significantly shorten the project execution time line for the zinc recovery circuit. Jubilee has estimated an upgrade period of approximately 4 months to adapt the refinery to the Kabwe material. During the interim period while this potential is being assessed, the implementation of the tailings re-mining facility and the pre-processing plant for the feed material will continue at the Kabwe Project. Jubilee expects to conclude this strategy review during Q4 2018. United Kingdom 17 October 2018 Contacts Jubilee Metals Group PLC Colin Bird/Leon Coetzer Tel +44 (0) 20 7584 2155 / Tel +27 (0) 11 465 1913

KALAN 11 Oct 2018

New revenue stream opens up Wish I wasn’t already fully invested jaytee. The reported stock market ‘bloodbath’ is quite probably nothing of the kind. Bonds were sold off which raises the interest on them which makes them competitive with shares - especially low yiled and high p.e. shares. one of the major American investment groups said at the weekend that a tipping point had been reached and it was sensible to sell the darlings of the s and p500 and move cash into value shares - those who’s assets are worth far more than their market caps. the effect of doing this is to hammer the major world indices but should be good for companies such as miners which are undervalued relative to their assets. In short the market turmoil should see money move into commodities and undervalued companies. the problem is that everyone gets nervous and this leads to panic selling - my 4 shares are barely moved today - 3 a low percentage down and one a low percentage up. Platinum has risen about 2.5% on the day and could be the start of a significant move. There will be turbulence ahead but low market cap shares with good assets should outperform - we will see.

jaytee41 11 Oct 2018

New revenue stream opens up Rejoined the club again to see if i can take advantage of this low price and the anticipation stated on another thread.

KALAN 09 Oct 2018

New revenue stream opens up Should get Ops Update a week on Friday - maybe BMR news and a possible interview with Leon on progress. Time ticking on - work going on in the background - should be getting closer to a run of updates and milestones which lead to bottom line profits!!!

Jonathon 09 Oct 2018

Tick rock tick tick Mr Leon coetzer from jubilee metals. I hope you deliver this time. If not, I think you may have quite a few questions to answer. Maybe the Contoast is over?

jchopper2705 08 Oct 2018

Leon Coetzer from Jubilee Metals is is no rush to deliver news. Why is that guy taking so long? Have things back fired again from the Kabwe deal? Did Leon and company overlook something on the kabwe deal.....again? Clown

Jonathon 03 Oct 2018

Take your time on reporting back to shareholders Leon. The more time you waste, the more you kill the share price. It's that simple. But You already knew that. Clown

smuckeroo 28 Sep 2018

New revenue stream opens up Like most of you in here I was always in it for the long haul although it would be nice to make money on the way up. I think the results due out shortly with be the final throw of the dice. I’m happy with double 5’s if LC can’t up with a pair of 6’s. Just don’t want snake eyes. GLA

Mushroom_Kept_In_The_Dark 28 Sep 2018

New revenue stream opens up Ditto My share capital is now ties into 2 shares Here and Versarien (VRS). Both are longer term plays I had an original 3 year plan and tbh I had expected this to be more advanced than we are ATT. I’m in no hurry to free up capital here and would like to add however my other share has a lot more potential longer time and I would be just shuffling money which would mean I would get caught out like every other time I have tried to do similar. Part of me wonders when II are going to realise they are not driving people to their site by creating an awful forum solution I know nooothing

KALAN 27 Sep 2018

New revenue stream opens up Yes still got all my shares here - given up on re-entry with FDI HPC - it just seems like it was always un-economic which is not what I expected there to be honest - it has turned out to be a well managed version of the last site where they crushed the diamonds getting them out. Got a bit of FRR as a gamble - been trading it for about 18 months - left a bet on that something will happen with the majors. Also got SAVP which is just nudging up and well set to go from high 20’s to 40 and then maybe onto 80 IMO - taking longer than expected there too. Just added to my WRES holding, currently just above 40 and expecting 60 then 80 and 140 if all goes well - that one is on track time wise and budget wise. Would like to add more here but fully invested at the moment. Good luck, be patient and be lucky.

Jonathon 21 Sep 2018

I wonder if Leon will report before the end of September? If he doesn't he may have answered his question why shareholder value has been crushed.