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stuee123 15 Aug 2018

weeble LOL. Major problems with the license conditions. Old Leon optimistic per usual talks alot but underperforms. I’ll take 12.5% of a big pie for doing nothing PMSL. Share price is falling as leaky leaks are surfacing out of Zambia

trautw 15 Aug 2018

I see platinum down to $760 and palladium $842. Not sure if that is something to do with the decline. Will be totally unprofitable for the big players at this price. Something must give soon

idg69 15 Aug 2018

2.32p oh come on, this is ridiculous, what on earth is going on? Can only think BMR are offloading, Surely no private investor would consider selling up at this stage in the preceedings/

gotreal 10 Aug 2018

weeble Apr 12 From Stueee … You keep coming over to BMR forum to post the same message. It doesn’t matter what you would want to happen. We know JLP would love to have Kabwe but as i have said it simply will not happen. Its impossible until after production then you won’t be able to afford to buy anyone out. Thanks for the comments here as i believe also JP will build the plant and process at year end as alot f the plant engineering works has already been conducted. Thanks How wrong can you be …

idg69 09 Aug 2018

I don't understand the fall back to 2.5p. With the recent good news we should be above 3p and heading back to 4p minimum. This company has and is continuing to make great progress and with over twice the original Kabwe percentage now attributable to JLP we should be on the rise. Any sales are just out of complete frustration at this stage, patience is wearing thin with many.

Crusoe 08 Aug 2018

Webcast- 7 Aug cicsbt01 The webcast is one of the better ones for letting it be known who we are, what we are doing where we are at and where we are going – ‘becoming a true global player in the metals recovery circuit’. Leon Coetzer spoke very well in explaining what is happening and in some detail and more so than some previous talks. Showing that we can do metals recovery to the major global companies and aiming to get them on board will ‘catapult’ them to the next level in my view. A very enlightening webcast for those new to JLP in my view. The mention at the end about the significance of zinc, lead and vanadium for use in batteries was interesting. The demand for more efficient batteries is going to be met by others but through the recovery of the metals needed and increased demand of those metals met with the supply which Jubilee can in part provide bodes well for the metals price

cicsbt01 07 Aug 2018

Webcast- 7 Aug While the value of the Zinc and Lead is substantial. Vanadium is the really interesting one. Vanadium price has increased from $5/kg in Jan 2017 to $18/kg now. And as it is used in battery offers signicant growth. The link below has the BMR estimates in 2017 are in the link below. They estimate 45,000 tons of vanadium with a 65% recovery rate is 30,000 ton. Today’s vanadium price in $60k/ton. That is $1.755 billion. JLP get 92%=£1.614b. Recovery costs if similar to lead and zinc is around $100/ton, so relatively very low. The plant should not cost more than$2m. So all very positive. MorningstarUK – 20 Jan 17 EXTRA: BMR Group To Add Vanadium To Kabwe Lead And Zinc Development LONDON (Alliance News) - BMR Group PLC on Friday said it could potentially recover vanadium from ...

cicsbt01 07 Aug 2018

Webcast- 7 Aug Link on Jubilee’s website of today’s webcast. All very positive. [link] Tiger’s summary on LSE- “1. Leon Coetzer very impressive, especially in the section where he laid out the broad company strategy for Jubilee Metals. The end game would appear to be a metals recovery partnership with a large global diversified mining major - possibly that would involve a buyout. (BTW, copper recovery again received a couple of mentions.) 2. On Kabwe, LC was very clear that the Zambian Government are giving them “full support” and that they have approved the revised project timelines. At one point he made it sound like the Zambian Government may have insisted that Jubilee take full control of the Kabwe project. Jubilee have also set up a technical centre in Lusaka and are involved in training university PhD students. 3. Zinc circuit at Kabwe should be complete by April 2019, and then the lead circuit should be complete 3-4 months after that. Vanadium will come last. 4. Zinc ore from Star Zinc will be processed at Kabwe when it becomes available (good news for GLR!) 5. LC didn’t answer questions about throughput at the new Kabwe plant, but he made it clear that it will be much larger than BMR’s planned plant. No profit estimates or anything like that. 6. LC also made it clear that Tjate was either up for sale or that JLP were seeking a JV partner (presumably with a free carry for JLP). 7. There was also a good deal of useful info on the platinum / chrome projects. 8. Finally, LC made it clear that JLP was following a rapid growth strategy, and that there would be no dividend payouts in the near future (that’s fine with me!)”

stuee123 07 Aug 2018

Jubilee gains full control at Kabwe You guys are being spun a line by coetzer and bird. There are still issues with the license and conditions. The ZG have not nearly authorised the conditions to be removed. Jubilee are playing a risky game in there announcements. They know there are still big problems but are conveying a very positive message. I wouldn’t buy into jubilee still too much risk. This can go belly up next week.

idg69 07 Aug 2018

Would be happy for us to finish on the level today and just tick up quietly every other day would suit me fine. I only caught the last 10 mins of the webcast but it sounded all pretty positive. The money isn't going to roll in overnight but LC is putting the business in a very strong position for 2 to 3 years down the line. I'd be happy to wait that long to see JLP on a really strong footing.

DanDaDan2 06 Aug 2018

Just check out the potential Kabwe profit figures quoted elsewhere. $600m+++

cicsbt01 06 Aug 2018

Jubilee gains full control at Kabwe Here is the full RNS. No longer obvious when we get a RNS on the new ii website… its what i hate about the new site the most. Anyhow very good news. "Jubilee Metals Group PLC said Monday it has gained full control of the Kabwe project in Zambia after venture partner BMR Group PLC faced difficulties. Jubilee initially held a 40% stake in the zinc, lead and vanadium surface processing project, with BMR holding the remaining interest. Last week, Jubilee emphasised the cancellation of shares in BMR on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange on Friday would not prevent progression of the joint venture. Jubilee added it has already been appointed as the project manager and sole operator of the project and the existing agreements ensure the success of Kabwe remains independent of the financial position of BMR. On Monday, Jubilee said it has gained “full control” of the project and increased its interest to 88%. Jubilee also has an option to acquire 100% of the Kabwe project, while BMR retains a maximum 12% interest in the generated earnings of Kabwe. Jubilee continues to hold a 29% stake in BMR. As a consequence, its total effective interest in Kabwe is 92%. "I am delighted by the execution of the updated shareholders’ and operating agreements with BMR. The agreements ensure that Jubilee takes full control of the funding requirements and execution of the Kabwe project," Jubilee Chief Executive Leon Coetzer said. "We have been able to ensure that the success of the Kabwe project remains independent of the financial position of BMR with the option to acquire 100% of the Kabwe project," Coetzer added."

nadendee2 06 Aug 2018

Jubilee gains full control at Kabwe Is this the turning point we’ve been waiting for… Need to do some calculations on the potential but it just got a lot larger… GLA Nadendee

idg69 06 Aug 2018

We just need the Zambian Government to green light the change of ownership and then we're off. Can't envisage why they wouldn't. LC appears to have gained their respect and trust so far. Someone needs to lock CB under the stairs tomorrow for the webcast. He might be good behind closed doors in a boardroom but keep him away from the webcast - Let LC take care of things. I could be back in profit before the end of the day - wow! how quick sentiment can change? Good luck Breezy, you and I deserve a change in fortunes. All the best idg69

breezy 06 Aug 2018

Fantastic news feeling very confident about my investment now. Live webcast 9am tomorrow morning.Wonder if Colin will make an appearance.