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idg69 01 Feb 2019

Morning Breezy, hope you had a good holiday. As you say, a very positive RNS but still no movement in the share price. We were 2.38p back in July of 2015, 2.83 July 2016, 3.75 July 2017 and 2.35 July 2018 and we are 2.35 today. Apart from the spike on the Tjate news this share hasn't really gone anywhere in nearly 4 years. A few false dawns but nothing really. I keep saying it, but they have done some excellent operational work on the ground and the company is so much stronger than it was 4 years ago but to no avail. I might do one more year and if nothing changes by the end of 2019 I'm off. Wishing you well. idg69

breezy 30 Jan 2019

Back off my holiday and i see we have had a good RNS and yet the sp is down again. Not a good start to 2019 this is really testing my patience.

Mushroom_Kept_In_The_Dark 18 Jan 2019

Today’s Update Thanks for the steer I hadn’t seen that either. I noticed the SP dropped 5% this morning on £625 trading and laughed at how bad the MMs are I know nooothing

idg69 17 Jan 2019

Today is a good day - long over due though. Both AFC and JLP release decent RNS's and I'm a few quid up. I'll be happier when BMR finally sell up and we can onwards and upwards.

Mushroom_Kept_In_The_Dark 17 Jan 2019

Today’s Update I saw it as a decent update as well "Jubilee ended 2018 on a high, delivering record production at its Hernic operation and increased operational earnings for Q4 of 2018. This performance was achieved during a period which is generally challenged by the festive period. (well we had a damn burst last year but the shut down for festive period is known about and factored into the year always so its a nothing statement) The DCM, started delivering chrome concentrate to expected spec this month so isn’t included in the results but next quarter it will add on again. Now its proven they will look to implement into all other operations again increasing revenue Good RNS but no mention or progress on Kabwe etc I know nooothing

walrog 17 Jan 2019

Today’s Update Was very positive I thought. Here’s to a positive 2019. ATB WR

Mushroom_Kept_In_The_Dark 11 Jan 2019

Am I a Mug Thanks for the response

dkok 09 Jan 2019

Am I a Mug Mushroom Over on the LSE board there has been comment about a series of matching late trades reported at or just after close where the price between the sell and purchase is wide. This is beleievd to be BMR selling thier holding down in an ordered fashion, with the mm’s doing crossing trades to someone. In order to do this, the mm’s probably need to drop the price at some point during the day to record the trades at the appropriate levels . The sells have been at 2.25p (which is where the big 44m trade was pre-christmas) and the buys have been at a higher price, though the last couple of these trades have moved up to 2.3p on the sell, which is leading some on LSE to believe that we are getting close to the end of the BMR sell off, after which the SP may get a chance to rise, particulalry as we start to get some of the expected updates in the next month or two. glta. dkok

Mushroom_Kept_In_The_Dark 09 Jan 2019

Am I a Mug Is it just me or does anyone else keep seeing the SP drop a disproportionate % with very little volume to recover the same day. Yesterday and a couple of times recently it has done this by 5% ish each time with less than £2k traded I know nooothing

KALAN 03 Jan 2019

Am I a Mug Good to see you back HPC - got a few more than you but at a higher average - can’t see why we shouldn’t get close to 6p this calendar year and with Kabwe hitting targets when announced plus new projects to come we could go 50% higher than that IMO. The cash flow, no placings and progress on timeframe should prove to the market that JLP has arrived. Should platinum follow palladium higher then who knows what the future sp may be. Good luck with your investments in 2019 - got a good feeling.

idg69 03 Jan 2019

Happy new year Breezy, Hope you had a great Christmas and new year break. Let's hope 2019 is the start of something good for us. Wishing you well. idg69

breezy 03 Jan 2019

Happy new year idg69 and to all genuine jlp shareholders.Lets hope 2019 is the year when jlp rises from the dead.

HPC_Follower 02 Jan 2019

Am I a Mug Hi Kalan, I’m now back to fully invested (maximum for risk) in JLP, 360,000 shares at around 2.8p average - so still some way to go to even break even; but time seems right given recent progress. 2019 ought to be a good year for JPL if raw metal prices hold or improve…

KALAN 02 Jan 2019

Am I a Mug In total agreement mushroom - they make money from our trades and they are quite happy to see us buy and sell on whims as long as they get more income. It’s their site and their business - they can do what they want - they may get more trades but from fewer people. As for JLP - got my money fully invested again - the news flow is all lined up as are the profitable ventures - the cash flow situation is critical as you state - hopefully Hernic production increases continue +DCM coming back on stream + fine chrome at DCM + Platcro income will finance much of Hernic fine chrome and in due course DCM pgm’s and make a significant contribution to Kabwe along with debt finance drawdown. Extra’s that can boost the sp include fine chrome deals with bigger companies and a deal to quickly get production up and running at Kabwe. The early production there along with the word vanadium could pull a lot of speculators in. 2019 JLP comes of age?

idg69 02 Jan 2019

A happy and prosperous new year to all JLP holders both short and long term. I genuinely believe 2019 is going to be the year people sit up and take notice of the progress JLP have made over the past 3-4 years. They are a completely different company to what they once were. I don't anticipate it's going to go north in a straight line but I feel more positive this year than at any time in previous years. Wishing you all well and may our patience be rewarded. All the best idg69