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BUY by jaja on 03 Nov 2019 10:05

Price at rating: , now: …

palladium, platinum and rhodium rising - bottom line profit will continue rising which worth multiple mcap. Add that to massive Tjate mine that worth NPV 2bn! punters were chasing EUA but they forgot that JLP is the real gems.

10:05:21 3 Nov 2019

BUY by jaja on 08 Apr 2019 13:17

Price at rating: , now: …

#JLP revenue increased, ebitda increased and applying similar multiple, mcap should be multiple from current level. billionaire and fund managers taking large stake recently. this will rerate ala #BMN

13:17:49 8 Apr 2019

BUY by jaja on 24 Jan 2019 13:40

Price at rating: , now: …

vanadium and palladium

13:40:26 24 Jan 2019

BUY by jaja on 05 Dec 2018 21:58

Price at rating: , now: …

-currently 8m gross profit pa -Palladium price increasing -production doubling next mth -zinc and vanadium production to start Apr next year - NPV projects $2bn vs mcap 30m, fully funded.

21:58:39 5 Dec 2018

BUY by jaja on 12 Dec 2017 01:08

Price at rating: , now: …

mcap very low at 40m despite Hernic result due shortly and profitability expected approx 12m per annum, with multiple of 10x, it should be 120m mcap. Not to mention deal with Glencore (yes, you heard it right, #GLEN) to be announced soon. BUY before the crowd will realise what they have been missing out.

01:08:34 12 Dec 2017