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17:09 20/09/2019

is this Mr 34c

17:08 20/09/2019

absolutely correct koos.

11:44 20/09/2019

Is the train leaving for real this time? Just asking because I heard those words many times.

17:08 17/09/2019

Interviewer to Leon,so what can we expect from Jubilee over the next 6 months/ Leon: You can expect a declining share price,massive share placing and lots of smoke and mirrors financial reporting and production updates,so as you can see a very busy period of shareholder shafting for Jubilee in the next 6 months,

14:16 12/09/2019

Must say these comments below from ADVFN are highly alarming if you consider and look at it from that point of view! Sounds like we are being used and abused...? Not trying to be negative but have to at least consider that possibility. Anyone care to share more detail...? "This is the thing here,no one has figured it out yet that Jubilee is being used as a vehicle to promote/enhance this consulting company that gets payed up to 6 times more than Sylvania platinum consultants. Share price performance is irrelevant to the Jubilee board( clearly evident for all to see).What was the name of Colin and Leon's consulting company that disappeared of the net?" "This so called consulting company is where the real money is. Jubilee is nothing without them, but they also need Jubilee to get free money from placings to build these demo plants and show the bigger industry what they as consulting company can provide. Wait for the 2019 consulting fees,its going to be big, like i said share price performance is irrelevant to Leon, why do you think he never buys shares,LOL!!! You all been taken for a one up LOL" "Jubilee is the only producing pgms company in the WORLD(suppose to be the cheapest producer in the world) that share price goes down, while all the other current producing pgm companies go up. What more evidence do you all need that you been taken for a one up. Remember the share price never lies!"

11:06 20/08/2019

Hi Breezy, I not doing too bad thanks. Business is quiet and a little hand to mouth but I've got some cash reserves to tied me over into 2020. I'm please you got out of SXX, very good move and congrats on the UJO profits - don't forget to take them though. I wish I'd cashed out of JLP at 6p after the Tjate license news and not looked back. FUM 'could' be a game changer but with Brexit around the corner and a world recession looming it could put the brakes on things - who knows? I'm 50 at the end of the year and was hoping to be mortgage free. After 9 years of self investing I'm further away than I ever was before I started. This time next year though - we'll be millionaires! Where have I heard that before - aha ah. Wishing you well my friend, keep in touch. idg69

15:41 19/08/2019

Jonathon you are right the share price as been desroyed.

15:32 13/08/2019

Colin Bird uses the word "soon". is this the same meaning as Leons "imminent". They are both a bunch a CONS.

13:23 13/08/2019

Colin the jubilee dividend bull s*****r

17:47 12/08/2019

Share price