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09:12 13/02/2020

brand new updated broker note [link]

20:24 18/11/2019

Hi idg69 Hope you are stil still in AFC as they have gone through the roof in the last two weeks and Fum as recovered well to.Its still not to late to buy in to JLP again as i think next year shareholders will be rewarded.All the best breezy.

15:55 15/11/2019

hi does anybody remember how long it took them to get the FC plant up and running at DCM

03:47 05/11/2019

Edz, calm down. I'm the secretary not the original. Someone left the front gates open at ADVFN and I've been sent out to find you.

21:24 04/11/2019

Dear trout what arogent idiot you must be when someone asks a perfectly honest question and you can't answer it without being rude.if you have been in this game for so many years I would of thought a responsible answer would have been given. God forbid anyone else who asks a question.Have a good life Good Luck

21:18 04/11/2019

Dear Trout

00:38 03/11/2019

Dear edz, thank you for your question. The Old Trout is out of the office for the weekend. However, it might be worth noting that he's been in this game for many a year and is well advised to make such decisions. Please can you stop asking daft questions on every single forum you post on. Good luck. TS

00:31 03/11/2019

Dear edz,

12:10 02/11/2019

posted with interest.I have quite a few million of these shares and I'm now in profit but I'm just going to hang on in there knowing that shares don't go up in a straight line and ebbs and flows. With JM the news out in the next 9 months will be good and there should be a steady rise so what is the point in going in and out as you may call it wrong

12:08 02/11/2019

Hi Trout