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11:53 23/05/2019

Hi Breezy, disappointed to see the fall back to 3p but the fundamentals are still strong for JLP and the future 'should' be bright. I'm back in profit if only 10-15% which is comforting in these uncertain times. WIshing you well my friend. idg69

17:41 03/05/2019

Happy days for JLP holders,roll on tuesday morning when hopefully the RNS will land with some good news.Have a good bank holiday weekend everybody.

08:40 20/04/2019

Does anyone have the video link for jubilee metals at UK investor show

15:13 08/04/2019

Well done Breezy, I sold my 2.4p buy at 2.7p to see it sail on to 3.45p today, I'm not too miffed as it was only a grands worth. Your 2.25p top up was very well timed and you deserve some change in fortune. My Jubilee profits now cancel out my AFC losses, but I won't be selling any JLP for at least 2 years - unless we get a silly spike to 20p+ and then I just might.

13:16 08/04/2019

so, can we get to 15p by end of 2019 ?

13:20 05/04/2019

Hi idg69 I am so pleased you got it wrong about the shareprice dropping back to 2.50. Exciting times for JLP holders and our patience is about to be rewarded yhis year. Might be a big RNS coming Monday and hopefully get the shareprice above 4p. I had a top up at 2.25 while i was on holiday very unusuall for me to time it right. Have a great weekend and roll on Monday. e

13:47 03/04/2019

Hi Breezy, I'm delighted to be back above my average and in profit for the first time in a while but I'm not counting my chickens just yet. I think this is a temporary rise and we'll drop back to 2.5 before the next RNS, then I think it will start a slow steady rise.

11:33 03/04/2019

Back in profit here happy days. I wonder if we have some big news coming our way.

16:33 21/03/2019

Good afternoon Breezy, That was a cracker of a RNS. I know it brings dilution but the longer term gains far out weigh any short term blip in the price. I really do think JLP could be a 20, 30 or 40p share in 2 to 3 years. It can be done, I look at Solgold and Bushveld Minerals and if LC get's it right, and he appears to know his stuff, it's definitely possible. Could be a real life changer for both of us. Enjoy your time in Spain and all the very best. idg69

15:24 21/03/2019

Good afternoon idg69 Great news today and the future now looks very bright for JLP. Well done for topping up today you are a brave man.I am off to Spain on Sunday for 8 days so will try and forget about jlp until i get back.All the best breezy.