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02 Apr 2014
11:06 20/08/2019

Hi Breezy, I not doing too bad thanks. Business is quiet and a little hand to mouth but I've got some cash reserves to tied me over into 2020. I'm please you got out of SXX, very good move and congrats on the UJO profits - don't forget to take them though. I wish I'd cashed out of JLP at 6p after the Tjate license news and not looked back. FUM 'could' be a game changer but with Brexit around the corner and a world recession looming it could put the brakes on things - who knows? I'm 50 at the end of the year and was hoping to be mortgage free. After 9 years of self investing I'm further away than I ever was before I started. This time next year though - we'll be millionaires! Where have I heard that before - aha ah. Wishing you well my friend, keep in touch. idg69

17:23 08/08/2019

Hi Breezy, thought I'd pop my head in and say hi. Whilst I sold out at 3p I'm still watching JLP in the hope that it comes good for you (though I would seriously kick myself if it does) The markets are all over the place, look at poor old SXX (are you still holding them) back down at 9p, unbelievable when you think what an asset they have under the ground. It's shameful that our shambles of a government can't underwrite the £500 million bond at 10-12% to support this company. The largest civil engineering project in Europe and where are are government? nowhere to be seen - who would have ever thought they could be so low. I nearly loaded up at 15p thinking they were cheap. I've put some of my cash back in with FUM - Futura Medical who have a phase 3 trial running with a revolutionery ED product - a real Viagra killer if ever there was one. Good luck with your holdings and hope life is treating you well. Keep in touch from time to time. idg69

10:26 30/05/2019

Cheers Breezy, thanks for your kind words. I'll be OK long term, it's just a bump in the road. Business has been pretty good for 18 years so I was due a set back at some stage. Once you're invested in something like JLP you become emotionally attached (worst thing you can do) and you hang on in there despite the pitiful gains year after year. I still think 2019/2020 will be transformational for the company but I see a strong headwind coming in the form of a global stock market correction. 10 years of growth artificially funded by quantitive easing is coming to an end. Trumps trade wars, UK housing & retail slow down, Brexit shenanigans and the threat of a Labour/Corbyn government don't bode well. I want to sleep well so for me cash is king over the next 12-18 months. You can probably tell that I'm wearing my cautious trousers at this moment in time. Wishing you well. idg69

17:42 29/05/2019

Hi Breezy, despite saying I was happy to hold for the next 2 years, I have reluctantly sold all my JLP holding. Circumstances dictated they had to be sold I'm sorry to say. I'm self employed and I have just lost a big contract which will put pressure on finances in the near term. I cashed out whilst I had some profit to take, I couldn't afford to see this fall back to 2.5-2.25p and then need my cash out at a loss. I'm also very twitchy the world markets are going to start a big fall in the next 6 months and as good as JLPs prospects are, they won't be protected. If JLP booms in the short term then I'll regret it but I can't take the risk of loosing any profit at this moment in time. I'm sickened to have to do this as I've been patient for over 4 years and JLP are on the cusp of making it but needs must. I'll keep posting from time to time and I wish you well my friend. Signing off for now idg69

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