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10:36 01/03/2019

Morning Breezy, the silence is deafening. Just looked back over my trading and I 1st bought in Feb and March 2015 - 4 years ago at 1.56 & 1.36. Sadly I topped up on the peaks and not the troughs, thinking that each time this was about to take off. Nothing the BoD appear to do or say as any material affect on the share price. Even the rise in precious metals has no bearing - I'm at a loss as to what will light a bonfire under this share. The BMR debacle didn't help in the short term though hopefully Kabwe and our increased holding will prove beneficial in the long term. I'm going to sit this out until the end of the year and make a decision in Feb after 5 years holding. Wishing you well my friend. idg69