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13:02 11/12/2014

regardless of what happens in February, there is always a cyclical upturn in the sp building up to the end of year update. This company is doing better than ever, and I believe that will be represented in the rise in mkt cap and sp over the next 6 weeks. Look at last 5 years 'Dec-Feb' periods. 50+ by update imo. Any other opinions??

16:07 10/12/2014

2 minutes later! :[link]

16:04 10/12/2014

New to this board! : I don't think you can forget that Costis has moved to America for this company, in search of new growth opportunities ie. Sourcebits acquisition. I don't know about the short game, but the long game looks extremely exciting imv.

10:02 14/11/2014

Does anyone have any idea of when we can expect the next update from Costis and co?

14:01 28/10/2014

I'll go for 52p Steptoe. December is normally a positive month for the market so hopefully Globo will benenfit

16:09 23/09/2014

best stock i currently own. seriously considering doubling my position to 100k shares. it's all good from my point of view.

16:24 11/09/2014

aileron - he cannot see your post hes on

15:23 11/09/2014

Ash68, I'm new to this board but have been long since 2009. Presently I hold about 400k shares in GBO. It's a great company with a nice future ahead of it. Some will lose and some will win in this story. Buy at the price you want, hold firm and sell at the price you want. Don't get caught up in the short term. Fundamentally the story is excellent, don't allow anyone to manipulate the shares from your portfolio. There's a flip side to every trade. Be on the winning side. GLA.

08:05 11/09/2014

ready to take off

08:03 11/09/2014