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14:56 29/10/2015

gallant02 Re:Class Action: count me in

10:51 27/10/2015

..EXCELLENT RNS just now IN WRES.... will rerate like AFPO a week after RNS IMHO

10:39 26/10/2015

WRES about to move....

08:42 26/10/2015

Sue the auditors!!

13:19 23/10/2015

is anybody aware that there is an article on the Financial Times backing the report and making some worrying allegations of its own?

11:00 23/10/2015

There is an article just appearing in the Financial Times

11:00 23/10/2015
22:34 22/10/2015

I just read it. It seems quite substantiated actually. Hard to disproof outright

21:44 22/10/2015

piltick from what you say it sounds like it's credible or am I reading you wrong?

21:40 22/10/2015

yeah but how is this report? have you read it? is there any substance to it? I am on a mobile so can't read it now