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11:59 19/02/2014

this one should boom like Quindell

11:58 19/02/2014

what have I said? 60 now. It will be going a lot up.

10:40 19/02/2014

this one will go up very high coming months

07:54 12/02/2014

to jackCarter : expected return for 2014 is 18 % if you buy now. and EPS is going up.

14:35 11/02/2014

KLOEFKAPPER - How so sure?

12:30 11/02/2014

This one is going to boom

08:10 10/02/2014

there is no reason why this should go down. I think this will boom this year.

15:02 07/02/2014

very undervalued. bought some today.

15:02 07/02/2014

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