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FFRREEDDYY 07 Nov 2017

Grant Thornton. Anybody heard anything about the investigation?

Richygm 24 Apr 2017

Grant Thornton again.... [link]

GCCR 23 Dec 2015

Where does he live? I can't believe that nobody here is interested in finding out where this ****er lives. Surely one of you is man enough to want to inflict some physical penalty for what he's done to us all.

TX2 21 Dec 2015

FRC investigation into Grant Thornton. The Financial Reporting Councils decision today to investigate Grant Thornton's conduct re its audit of Globo may give some very slim hope to Globo shareholders of getting some cash from them in the distant future.........If negligence is shown.

Ripley94 27 Nov 2015

This site users consensces Annual SB 67 SS 13Quarter SB 64 SS 20Month SB 50 SS 50

Gooffy 16 Nov 2015

Re: Lawyers? Very Cryptic, care to explain?

Gerald99 16 Nov 2015

Lawyers [link]

Mpg1 14 Nov 2015

Re: fao mpt1 Cheers mike I'll take a look

gallant02 13 Nov 2015

Today's RNS I see the last of the rats jumped ship...Wonder if that frees Ariko to front a bid for certain US assets....?

Andy Reilly 13 Nov 2015

Re: fao mpg1 B2 - It wasnt me, but I'll certainly check it out, as I wasnt aware of it! Thanks

Bigmike2 13 Nov 2015

Re: fao mpt1 sorry mpg1

Bigmike2 13 Nov 2015

fao mpt1 I think it was Andy some time ago put me onto "come into my trading room" by Alex Elder its a good read.

JakNife 13 Nov 2015

Re: Who owns the subsidiaries? It is assumed that there is some value in the subsidiaries. Not a great deal of value but some value. That "value" will be returned by either the subs being sold or liquidated. The cash from such sale or liquidation will be returned to the holding company and used to repay the bank debt. If there is any money left over after that then it would go to shareholders. But it's already been indicated that there's no expectation of any money being left over and the suggestion appears to be that the banks will not get all of their money back either.

winningstreak 13 Nov 2015

Re: Who owns the subsidiaries? That is to assume that there is no net value in the subsidiaries?ws

Mpg1 13 Nov 2015

Re: Globo's subsidiaries Andy just a couple of questions if you don't mind! would you usually use a yearly chart or a monthly?