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10:10 19/06/2014

Going down. Why?

08:12 04/06/2014

looks as we are moving up today

08:39 27/05/2014

hey, we're green today. didn't expect that today.

08:04 22/05/2014

globo breaking out

14:26 28/04/2014

Whats the reason for the jump today? Is it ahead of results in 2 days?

19:58 22/04/2014

In the light of what happened to QPP this share is very vulnerable in my view.

18:01 18/04/2014

Many people have lost vast sums of money following tipster websites. These people tipped a lot of mining stocks which have crashed.Best research is which you do yourself. I personally think reading too much tipster websites can seriously damage your wealth.DYOR. GLA

13:44 17/04/2014

The price at the time of lst results was almost at peak for up to that time. This time its almost half the previous high of 88p reached in October 2013.DYOR.

10:45 17/04/2014

This share may trade above one pound before the end of May.The results are for 2013 are going to be announced on 30th April and the forecast is that profits would have been increased by two thirds. DYOR.

21:17 15/04/2014

This share may trade at 1£ or more after the results in my opinion.